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Watab Township is located on Benton County's west central border, and is one  of the County's most urbanized Townships. Although there are no cities or rural centers located in the Township, due to its proximity to Sartell, Sauk Rapids, and St. Cloud, as well as such residential amenities as the Mississippi River and Little Rock Lake, Watab is experiencing increased pressure for further development. 

Watab is also the least agricultural Township in Benton County. With 8,596 acres, only 63.1 percent of its land area is designated as Agricultural. Residential development is the second largest land use category in Watab.  Consisting of 3,094 acres or 22.7 percent of the total Township land area, most of these residential areas are located around Little Rock Lake and the Mississippi River. In addition, there are a number of scattered small lot farmsteads as well as larger lot rural residential estates located throughout the Township. According to the most current data, the population of Watab is approximately 3,200 people, which is greater than the cities of Foley and Rice combined.

Due to the location of U.S. Highway 10 in Watab, commercial and industrial development comprises a larger share of its land area than other townships. Comprising 464.4 acres or 3.4 percent of Watab's land area, commercial and industrial development is focused on providing goods and services to the surrounding area as well as to the traveling public. As the Watab area grows, commercial development will continue to be located along this regional highway.

Official notices can be found in the Sauk Rapids Herald, the official newspaper for the township, as well as on Benton Cable Channel 3.

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Rent your Town Hall. Cost is only $50 for township residents and $75 for non-residents. See the Town Hall Rental Page of this website for further details or call the Township Clerk, Pat Spence, at 255-8916.

Watab Township is a member of the Central Minnesota Water Education Alliance (CMWEA). Visit the website below to take the Clean Water Pledge and find tips for homeowners.


Watab Township requires Building Permits and Land Disturbance Permits for construction projects.

See the Contact Page for further information.

Todd Waytashek was appointed a Supervisor of the Watab Township Board to complete the unexpired term of Ed Kacures, Jr., which goes through the last week of March 2017. Todd lives on 5th Avenue Northwest and can be reached by phone at 320-266-4909. Please contact him with any concerns and welcome him to township government.

Congratulations, Todd!

Thank you, Ed Kacures Jr. for your 8 1/2 years of dedicated service and leadership on the Watab Town Board!

We also thank all the residents who came to the meeting!

Watab Township was awarded the Grassroots Government Award at the Minnesota Association of Townships Annual Banquet at Arrowwood Lodge in Alexandria on Friday, November 20th. Pictured are the board members who were present with the award of original artwork and plaque that will hang at the town hall. The theme for this year's Grasroots Government Award was Public Safety-A Township's Highest Obligation. Click Here to Read the Application for the Award

We have recently had communication with the daughter of a former teacher of the Watab School located at the town hall site. The teacher's name was Mary John and she is now 93 years old. It was on her bucket list to see the building again, but it was torn down to build the current town hall in 2007. 
She is interested if there are any of her former students living in the area. If you know of anyone, please contact the Town Clerk, Pat Spence, at 320-255-8916. Attached is an article that Mary wrote for Reminisce magazine in 2007 about her experience teaching here. Click here to read it.
Rice Emergency Calls in Watab Township

Jan: garage fire on West Lake Road; medical call in Ferry Point and Rockwood Estates
Feb:  2 medical calls Rockwood Estates
March:  2 medical calls Rockwood Estates; 2 medical calls Sharon Place
Apr:  grass fire on Havlet road; report of one-car rollover on Hwy 10
May: medical call to Little Rock Road-released by Gold Cross on arrival; 3 medical calls Rockwood Estates; car fire on Hemlock Rd; medical call on 105th St; medical call Sharon Place, cancelled fire call for car fire on Holly Place; medical call Little Rock Road
June: two-car accident Little Rock Rd; one-car rollover near Rice; medical call to Sharon Place; 4 medical calls to Rockwood Estates
July: 2 medical calls to Rockwood Estates; medical call to 15th Ave NE
August: medical call to West Lake Rd; 6 medical calls to Rockwood Estates
September:  5 medical calls to Rockwood Estates, 2 lift assists to Rockwood Estates, 1 lift assist at Sharon Place, and 1 rescue call for Hwy 10 accident, 1 medical call 15th Ave NW