Watab  Town Board Meeting Minutes

December 6, 2005


The regular monthly meeting of Watab Town Board was called to order at 7pm on Tuesday, December 6, 2005 by Chair Lloyd Erdmann. The entire board was present. Following the Pledge to the Flag, the minutes of the November 1st meeting were approved on motion by Craig Gondeck and second by Brad McIntosh. The Treasurer reported a $459,968.80 cash balance. Craig moved, and Brad seconded approval. Motion passed.


Additions to the Agenda: Lloyd Erdmann stated that the Benton County Planning Commission is considering the plat for Lake Andrew on their agenda this evening and he would like it moved ahead on this agenda, so that a call stating the board position can be telephoned to the planning commission. The Clerk asked that Marty Reker be added under Citizen Issues. The amended agenda was approved on motion by Craig, second by Brad and passed.


Bills were presented for authorization of payment. Craig moved, Brad seconded approval to pay the bills and to authorize the treasurer to withdraw the necessary funds for their payment. Motion passed.


Lloyd reported that the Lake Andrew Plat is being considered tonight by the county planning commission. The owner did some land swapping with an adjoining land owner to accommodate a new sewer system. He has been told that the roads within the plat are not changed. It is going back to the Planning Commission as a new preliminary plat at the same time that the town board is meeting tonight. Craig asked permission from the board to sit down with other urban townships about their road policies and he will contact Minnesota Association of Townships for sample road policies. The board will meet at 10am on December 13th at Rumors to begin work on a town road policy. Lloyd wants to go on record that we still have a problem with Fifth Avenue servicing the development; Chelle Benson of the Dept. of Development says that there are no changes in the road, but the board would like to see the new plat. Brad moved that we call the county and say that as long as there have been no road changes within the original plat as reviewed by the town board, the board has no objections. We still have not had a response to our August letter asking the county for financial assistance to upgrade Fifth Avenue as a result of their approval of this development (which was not approved by the Benton County Planning Commission.)  Brad would like the letter faxed to all the county planning commission members and commissioners. Craig seconded the motion. Lloyd suggested an amendment asking why the planning commission and commissioners were not aware of this letter. Motion passed.


Marty Reker brought a new concept plan with 18 lots proposed for the former Plaziak farm.  He wants to drill 18 wells on the property. The homes will have to be spaced further apart if there is no central fire protection (hydrants). The board recommended that Marty talk with the Sauk Rapids Fire Marshall for further clarification. He is also planning a central sewer with a large drain field.  The board wants an alley for emergency purposes. Brad said he has a huge issue with the Lakewood Shores Road traffic increase that will result from this development.  He suggests that we get a current traffic count on that road. Marty will come back to the board with revisions after he talks with the Sauk Rapids Fire Dept., and he will address the Lakewood Shores Rd. traffic issue. He will need a public hearing.  Lloyd moved that the board give Brad permission to meet with Marty and come back to a future meeting with revisions; the motion was seconded by Craig. Motion passed. Craig offered to meet with the Sauk Rapids Fire people on a dry hydrant system and the setbacks.


Old Business:

  1. Speed limits on Plaziak Road extension: Craig met with Gerry Hovde, Benton County Engineering Dept. He set the speed limit at 30mph because of all the curves on the road; Craig met with Ray Thompson to give him the reasons for the speed limit and he is satisfied.
  2. Web-site results are positive. Craig shared the number of “hits” and Pat reported positive comments from some on the e-mail list.
  3. Certification of town road mileage to county is not yet resolved; all the supervisors will see that this is complete within a week.
  4. Rice Fire Board meeting report: Craig and Brad attended this meeting. They requested information from the previous meeting, but the minutes of the last meeting are lost. Scott Hamak, our township attorney, is going to talk to Rice’s attorney. Craig informed the board that Rice is going to ask for $2,100 for the pump test—they forgot to put it in the budget this year—

and will also be asking for an hourly increase in pay. They project a $10,000 increase in personnel as well as other large increases. Lloyd moved that our attorney review our fire contract to see if there are any options for us and to request an audit of the Fire Department accounts; motion was seconded by Craig with a request of Pat to draft a letter ; the motion passed unanimously.

  1.  New town hall furnace: Dave Heinen and Don Zieglmeier suggest using the northwest corner of the hall for a furnace room; cost would be $2,500 to $3,000; Craig moved to have it done by Don & Dave at a maximum cost of $3,000. Brad asked about air conditioner possibility and seconded the motion; motion passed. Don Zieglmeier will donate a coil for future air conditioning.


New business:

  1. January 3rd to the 17th is the filing period for the town clerk’s and supervisor’s  position. Pat Spence and Lloyd Erdmann’s terms will be up for election at the March 14th annual election.
  2. Fire Report: Rice provided an address for a car rollover on Hwy 10. The clerk will send the party a bill.
  3. Correspondence: the clerk reported on inaccurate tax settlement paperwork from the county and the request for the final levy certification. The clerk believes that the amounts for the revenue and road and bridge funds are interchanged on the settlement report from the auditor.
  4. Lloyd Hammerel asked if the town hall task force should continue with their work. The answer from the board was affirmative.
  5. Supervisor Issues: 
    • Lloyd moved that the board offer a stipend to the town hall task force at $10/meeting/person and get the issue resolved; motion was seconded by Craig, and passed. The task force will report at the annual meeting.


    • Craig: Sucker Creek Bridge is done. Our cost will be $1400.00;  insurance will cover the rest. We have $1,400.00 of improvements to the bridge, which is the reason for our cost.


    • A motion by Brad and second by Craig was offered to have the clerk and treasurer transfer funds back to appropriate accounts before year end. Motion passed.


    • SCORE grant complete; our share of the cost will be $500. Lloyd moved, Brad seconded to have us and Langola Township apply for our own SCORE grant. Motion passed


    • Craig reported that a letter of agreement has been executed with Lee Hanson for costs associated with extending Fifth Avenue onto his property.


Don Zieglmeier asked the clerk to provide him the address for the town hall. Brad moved to give Don $1,500 to purchase the materials for the furnace installation, seconded by Lloyd, and motion passed with Craig opposed because he did not want dollars advanced.


Ed Kacures asked about the Benton County Comp Plan meetings. Craig said that he participated and gave the results of our survey. It does not appear that the county officials listened to our input. Others in the audience expressed their disappointment with the process. The feeling was that our input was not valued or used in the decision making process. Our township has many unique circumstances that need to be addressed in the comp plan.


Lloyd adjourned the meeting at 9:20pm.


                  Respectfully submitted by Clerk Pat Spence