Special Board Meeting Minutes

June 20, 2006



A special meeting of the Watab Town Board was called to order at 7pm on Tuesday, June 20, 2006 by Chair Craig Gondeck. Board members present were Chair Craig Gondeck, Supervisors Lloyd Erdmann and Brad McIntosh and Clerk Pat Spence. The Chair asked to have the meeting held in thoughts and prayers for Patsy McIntosh’s health. Audience members present were: Ron Hommerding, Doug Boser, Rick and Nancy Schaefer, Tonya and George Mastey, Rosie Johnson, Rand Schaper, Kay Krye, Bob Erickson, Ed Kacures and Scott Hamak. Following the Pledge to the Flag, the Chair asked for approval to amend the agenda and add Bob Erickson, Road Consultant on questions regarding the road specifications for the Plat Policy. Approval was given by the Board.


Bob Erickson discussed with the Supervisors specifications as follows:

  • Keep road right-of-way width at 66ft.
  • Use a 2-inch base coat and 1˝ inch top coat for road surfaces
  • Build all roads to a minimum of 9-ton specification
  • Curb style: B curve unless otherwise approved by the board
  • Discussion about rain gardens: generally favorable if designed properly
  • Build 2˝ foot deep ditches unless otherwise approved by the board for special circumstances
  • Same cul de sac specifications: turning radius of 90 feet
  • No poly aprons on culverts

Bob will have the drawings and specifications read for review and approval at the July 11 regular town board meeting. Bob recommended that the board develop a five-year road plan. They agreed and will invite him to join them on next spring’s road tour.


Ron Hommerding presented the changes on the town hall building design. Doug Boser suggested stubbing in power for a future maintenance building. Supervisor Brad McIntosh moved to adopt the design; motion was seconded by Supervisor Lloyd Erdmann. The motion passed unanimously. Supervisor Brad McIntosh moved that the town hall be placed in the vicinity of the existing town hall based on setback requirements and to save trees, moving it as far north as possible on the site plan. The motion was seconded by Supervisor Craig Gondeck, and the motion passed unanimously. Supervisor Lloyd Erdmann moved that the plan include a proposed future storage building of approximately 40 x 60 feet. The motion was seconded by Supervisor Craig Gondeck, and the motion passed.  Supervisor Craig Gondeck moved that the parking lot be designed for 50 cars with a  1 ˝ inch wear course in the fall and 1 ˝ inch wear course in the spring and use money from the road and bridge fund for the parking lot if we need to. (300 sq. feet per car). Cost would be approximately $45,000. Lloyd asked if it would be legal. Attorney did not know. Lloyd seconded the motion with the stipulation that our attorney check its legality. The motion passed. Ron Hommerding will prepare the working drawings immediately. Construction completion is scheduled for no later than the end of October. Supervisor Brad McIntosh moved to hire Ron Hommerding as the contract administrator. The motion was seconded by Supervisor Lloyd Erdmann subject to preparation of a contract by our attorney. The motion passed with Supervisor Craig Gondeck opposed because he wanted others to have a chance to do the work. He stated that he was very pleased with Mr. Hommerding’s work.


Attorney Scott Hamak was asked about supervisor conflict of interest on bidding for town hall construction work. It was determined that Supervisor Lloyd Erdmann will recuse himself from the discussion on the dirt work and abstain from voting on the contract. The board also will need to unanimously pass a resolution if Supervisor Erdmann submits the lowest bid for the dirt work allowing him the contract. Supervisor Erdmann would also have to submit special affidavits for payment on the contract. This follows state law.


The board then considered final approval of a basic snowplowing contract. Exhibit B needs to be prepared and added to the contract before quotes can be sought. The board reviewed the proposed Resolution 2006-9: Criteria for Awarding the Snowplowing Contract. Supervisor Gondeck moved not to adopt the resolution; the motion was seconded by Supervisor McIntosh and passed. There was considerable discussion about whether salt is considered a pollutant and, if so, the township’s liability. U.S. Salt has provided the township a document that states it is not a pollutant. Our attorney will complete the contract document with the following additions based on a motion by Supervisor Brad McIntosh and second by Supervisor Lloyd Erdmann:

  • The contractor will provide storage for the salt at his property for a fee of $500 per year.
  • The contractor will provide indemnification for the township from liability resulting from the storage.
  • The contract will be for two years beginning November 2, 2006.
  • Contractors providing quotes should supply the township with their hourly rate, equipment list (make & model year), insurance coverage, experience, salt/sand costs, and references.
  • Opportunity to reopen the contract for fuel adjustments.

The motion passed. Clerk Pat Spence was asked to check on costs for salt through the MN Cooperative Purchasing Program and George Mastey will let her know the price he can get. Invitations to give quotes on the snowplowing contract are to be on Channel 3, our website, and posted on the town hall board, Supervisor Craig Gondeck will also have copies at his house. Quotes must be returned by July 26th to 8900 Lakewood Shores Rd NW, Rice 56367; they will be sealed until that date; then copied and mailed to the supervisors for action at the August 1 meeting. The attorney will provide the contract language to the clerk within the next few days.


Rick Schaefer appeared before the board to ask if he can put a private water line in the road right of way on Jasmine Loop (first part). The township can allow this, but is not required to do so because it is not a public utility. The attorney advised that we should issue a right-of-way permit rather than an easement. He advised that the permit include a time schedule, repairs, location, indemnification from injury, notice of digging to appropriate utilities, address relocation in the future if necessary. Supervisor Lloyd Erdmann moved that Scott Hamak draw up an agreement for a permit based on the above plus a bond requirement for restoration.  Supervisor Craig Gondeck seconded the motion. Supervisor Brad McIntosh asked if a public hearing is needed; the response was, “No.”  The motion passed. Bob Erickson will provide inspection, and photos should be taken before the project begins to make sure that road is restored to as is condition. Doug Boser asked if property owners along the road will be notified. Rick Schaefer said he has talked to all of them except one and will re-contact them. This issue will be on the July 11th agenda for review and approval of the permit.  Rick Schaefer will cover the legal and inspection costs.


Supervisor Craig Gondeck moved approval of publication of a summary of Ordinance 3 in our legal newspaper and posting places. The motion was seconded by Supervisor McIntosh and passed.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:20pm.


                                    Respectfully submitted by Pat Spence, Clerk