Minutes of Special Meeting of the Town Board

Tuesday, August 1, 2006




A special meeting of the Watab Town Board was called to order at 6pm by Chair Craig Gondeck. Present were Supervisors Craig Gondeck, Lloyd Erdmann and Brad McIntosh, Clerk Pat Spence and Treasurer Eileen Saldana. The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance. Bob Erickson was present to discuss road specifications. Resolution 2006 – 3 was previously approved except the document needed the drawing specifications from Bob. Livonia Township’s specifications and those outlined in Resolution 2006-3 were used for discussion.


The board recommended a change on page 8, #7 for all roads to “meet 9 ton design…” and a change for #6 to “all cul de sacs shall have a 100-foot diameter paved service.” An addition will also be made to require a tarp over dumpsters to prevent construction refuse from blowing around; the contractor will be responsible if garbage flies around.


Bob will continue to review the policies and make further recommendations.

Lloyd Erdmann moved to close the special meeting at 6:55pm; the motion was seconded by Brad McIntosh; and the meeting was adjourned.


Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Town Board

Tuesday, August 1, 2006



The regular monthly meeting of the Watab Town Board was called to order at 7:00pm by Chair Craig Gondeck. Other board members present were Treasurer Eileen Saldana, Clerk Pat Spence and Supervisors Lloyd Erdmann and Brad McIntosh. Members of the audience present were: Ed Kacures, Karri Thorsten, Rosie Johnson, Rod Bunting, Delroy Rothstein, Jeff Hanson, Mr. and Mrs. George Mastey, Ron Hommerding, Mr. and Mrs. Brian Erdmann, and two other individuals whose handwriting on the sign-in sheet was non-intelligible. The Chair invited everyone to join in the Pledge of Allegiance and then noted that the Lake Andrew Developer Agreement would be deleted from the agenda because of a family emergency for the developer.


A motion was made by Supervisor Erdmann and seconded by Supervisor McIntosh to approve minutes of both July meetings. The motion was approved.

The Treasurer’s report was given by Eileen Saldana and approved on a motion by Supervisor Erdmann and second by Chair Gondeck.


Citizen Issues:

  1. Rosie Johnson asked about the road condition by Pirate’s Cove development.  It will be about 3 more weeks until it’s completed. She asked that a road sign be moved so no one hits it.
  2. Carrie Thorston came to introduce herself. She is running for Benton County Auditor/Treasurer.
  3. Del Rothstein asked for repair of 5th Avenue; there are large holes in the road, and one hole covers the entire roadway width. Supervisor McIntosh will go out and inspect it tomorrow.


The July bills were reviewed and approved for payment with the adjustment for the Rice Fire Payment to a 3% increase over last year’s contract cost rather than the 12% billed. The Clerk is to send a letter with the payment requesting a meeting with the Fire Board and noting the violations of the contract with the City of Rice for fire and emergency protection. Motion for the above was made by Supervisor Erdmann, seconded by Chair Gondeck and passed.


Old Business:

  1. George Mastey provided an estimate as requested to clean up tires, a furnace, and garbage on a minimum maintenance road in the township between River Road and Saldana Road. Supervisor McIntosh had reviewed the road with George Mastey and he recommended that it be cleaned of all garbage, the brush cut, and the road bladed. Supervisor Gondeck said that at the MAT conference Troy Gilchrist, Attorney, said that if a minimum maintenance road is going to be part of a future development, it is best to turn it back to the adjoining property owner. Otherwise, if people petition for upgrade of the road, the township has to pay for it. The estimate for the cleanup and blading was $1,500; if 10 loads of recycled road material are put on it would cost another $1,000.  Supervisor McIntosh said that if the road is more open perhaps as many people won’t dump garbage along it. Supervisor McIntosh made a motion for George Mastey to clean up the road, blade it, and cut the brush for a cost of $1,500.  Supervisor Erdmann thought he might have a conflict of interest on this because he does some road work for George Mastey. The board reviewed a Conflict of Interest document that had been e-mailed to the Chair from the town attorney. The attorney was not present at the meeting to advise Supervisor Erdmann, and there was no second to the motion. Motion failed.


  1. Establish Park Board Meeting Date:  A developer is giving its park allocation dollars to the township rather than the county so that some of his park dedication money can be spent on park amenities adjacent to his development rather than all the dollars going to the Bend in the River Park. On a motion by Chair Gondeck and second by Supervisor McIntosh the first Park Board meeting will be August 15th at 7pm. The motion passed and the public is invited.


  1. Snow and Ice Removal Quotes:

The board received five quotes for snow and ice control. Supervisor Erdmann was uncertain if he can vote on this and wants the township attorney’s opinion before doing so.  Supervisor McIntosh said that he is in favor of accepting George Mastey’s quote, as he has been doing an excellent job for the township and his quote was very competitive. George stated he will pre-buy the salt/sand as requested by the town board. Supervisor Gondeck said that 3 quotes are very close, and he did not identify which quote he supported. He made a motion to table the contract approval until the August 15 meeting so that it can be determined if Supervisor Erdmann can vote on this contract. The quotes were summarized by Clerk Pat Spence both in verbal and written form and placed on file.


Because the town’s attorney and financial consultant were unable to be present for the meeting, the Clerk was asked to set a meeting with the attorney and Ehlers Financial Consultants.  Construction quotes were given to the supervisors by Ron Hommerding.  He had all the quotes summarized on a spread sheet. Total estimated cost for the new town hall is $340,801.00 or $105.64 per square foot.  A $10,000 contingency fund is probably needed to cover unanticipated expenses.  Asbestos abatement is budgeted at $5,000 but it will probably cost $2,000.  Ron said the longer we wait to build the hall the more it will cost. There could be a 2 to 4% increase by next spring.  There was a question about whether or not we have to pay sales tax on the materials.  Permits are included in the estimate, we don’t need a storm water permit, but we do need insurance (cost $200). We should look at $370,000 as a total project cost to cover all contingencies. Craig moved that we delay construction until next March. The motion died for lack of a second. Supervisor McIntosh moved that the board try to get the project moving forward if financing can be put in place for this year’s construction; Supervisor Erdmann seconded the motion stating that the people elected the board to make decisions and that the overwhelming number of residents at the annual meeting wanted us to go forward. The cost is considerably less per square foot than projected at the annual meeting. The Clerk is to set a meeting of the board with Ehlers. Supervisors McIntosh and Erdmann voted in favor; Supervisor Gondeck voted against the motion, because he wanted to wait until spring. The motion passed.


Little Rock Lake Treatment agenda item was tabled for further information.


The Clerk presented the list of election judges recommended from the precinct caucuses. We are required to use judges from this list unless they are not available. Supervisor McIntosh moved to approve the election judges; Supervisor Gondeck seconded; and the motion passed. The Clerk will contact judges about required training.


A letter was received from MPCA stating that the town is in non-compliance on administration of storm water runoff for construction sites. Supervisor Gondeck made a motion that Supervisor McIntosh go to MPCA and clear up the storm water issue and approve reasonable expenses; Supervisor Erdmann seconded the motion and it passed.


The Monthly Fire Report included 3 medical calls and 1 presumed car fire by Rice Fire Department. The medical calls report that the department is sending 11 to 16 people.  We need to know if this is how many people are reporting to the hall or reporting to the scene.


Supervisor Issues:

Supervisor Erdmann asked about the quote from Aztec for seal coating Sanbur Trail.  Bob Erickson said the amount sounded correct at $22/square yard. He also stated that it is a reliable company. Supervisor Erdmann moved to approve the work; seconded by Supervisor Gondeck. Motion passed.


Supervisor Gondeck said he has a quote for 1 ½ inch overlay of Riverview Loop. Supervisor Erdmann said that it needs to be ground or the cracks will re-emerge. Supervisor McIntosh said that he would like 5th Avenue fixed along with the minimum maintenance road and Riverview Loop. Kevin Johnson also needs improvement on his road.  Supervisor Erdmann moved that Saldanas be contacted to fix the 5th Avenue potholes; the motion was seconded by Supervisor Erdmann. Bob Erickson recommended putting a fabric mesh down. He will look at the road and make recommendations to Saldanas on how to fix it. Motion passed. Supervisor Erdmann estimates $800 for the cost. Bob Erickson was also asked to look at the frost heave and make a recommendation.


Supervisor Erdmann asked if Bob would look at Riverview Loop to see if it is on center line. If it is within right of way, ask for quotes from Harddrives and Bauerly’s. Also, we need to ask our attorney for our rights on easements if the road is off 10 feet. The board decided we need to reclaim the material and get the blacktop even with the cement driveways. Bob recommends that he talk with the contractors about the way to do it.


Supervisor Gondeck has a request for pedestrian signs on town line road. Supervisor Erdmann will see if we can get used ones from Pirates Cove.


Rick Noble called Supervisor Gondeck about road issues. They have to fix the road before the moratorium on construction is lifted. They also have problems with their septic system that need to be fixed.


Lloyd asked for a written conflict of interest statement.


The meeting adjourned at 9:25pm.

                                                                        Respectfully submitted by Pat Spence