Watab Town Board Special Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2006



The Watab Town Board held a special meeting at 8:00 a.m. on January 17, 2006 to review the preliminary plat of Paradise Development. Present at the meeting were Supervisors Craig Gondeck & Lloyd Erdmann, Clerk Pat Spence, Marty Reker, Bob Erickson, and Linda Braun.


The plat now shows 17 homes on larger lots. Marty Reker said that the septic system designer (A & B Design) is recommending individual systems. He was asked to do further investigation on the best way to design the system for this particular development. He was reminded that two treatment sites need to be available on each lot if there will be individual systems. Two lots might also share one septic system.


The supervisors recommended that the 100’ right of way for the road be reduced to save trees and to let the county know that there is no benefit to the township to have more than the 66 foot of right of way. Craig noted that the county is going to eliminate this requirement. They also recommended that the hammerhead at the deadend of the private road be moved further south for greater access and turnaround for fire and emergency vehicles.


Finally, the supervisors noted that the private road could be plowed by the township and billed back to the homeowner’s association.


                                    Respectfully submitted by Pat Spence, Clerk