Minutes of Watab Town Board Meeting

October 3, 2006



The regular monthly meeting of the Watab Town Board was called to order by Chair Craig Gondeck on Tuesday, October 3, 2006 at 7:00pm. All board members were present:Supervisors Gondeck, Brad McIntosh, and Lloyd Erdmann, Treasurer Eileen Saldana and Clerk Pat Spence. Those present in the audience were: Walter Jansen, Earl Harden, Rosie Johnson, Kurt Mayer, Jim Schulz, Maureen Graber, R. Popp, Kevin Johnson, Douglas J. Boser, Mr. & Mrs. George Mastey, Jim Christensen, Chris Appert, and Ronald C. Hommerding.


Chair Gondeck announced that the meeting is being held in honor of Merna Burton who is moving to Waite Park; a proclamation will be prepared for her lifelong residency of 83 years. The board extended appreciation her for all she has done for Watab Township. The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was given.


Supervisor McIntosh made a motion to approve the minutes of the September 5th Public Hearing and regular meeting of the town board; it was seconded by Supervisor Gondeck and passed. The Chair noted that we would not close the meeting.


Treasurer Eileen Saldana gave her monthly report; there were no questions. The report was accepted through a motion by Supervisor Gondeck and second by Supervisor McIntosh; the motion passed.


Citizenís Issues included:


  1. Vacation of Peace Rock Road:Jim Christenson & Chris Appert told the board that they would like to make the road private and have the township vacate it. The road in The Cove project butts up to their road and many people come down Peace Rock Road to look at the river. Four property owners own all the property on the road. Supervisor McIntosh commented that the county has set a precedent and he supports this request. Supervisor Erdmann said that he supports the request, but he feels there should be an easement for public utilities. The Chair clarified that the entire road was being requested to be vacated.He asked about fire truck access.Supervisor Gondeck said he is not in favor of closing the entire road, because he feels that property owners on the south should have access to it. Supervisor McIntosh feels that Peace Rock Road is a driveway because it is a dead-end road that can never be extended. The Clerk clarified that we need to accept a petition to close the road, have an on-site inspection and call a public hearing to act on the closure. It must be properly noticed. Supervisor Erdmann asked about what the survey shows as right-of-way: it is 33í right of way.Supervisor McIntosh moved to follow the road vacation process; motion was seconded by Supervisor Erdmann, and the motion passed with Supervisor Gondeck opposed. A public hearing on the road vacation will be scheduled for November. The Clerk will notify all of the date and time.
  2. Kurt Mayer and Jim Schultz of SEH introduced themselves; they represent a firm of 90 engineering, architectural and planning professionals in their St. Cloud office. They are interested in working for Watab Township.They left a folder with information on surveying and other engineering and planning services with each board member and stated they would be happy to come back for future discussion.
  3. Rosie Johnson asked questions about private roads in new plats.
  4. Maureen Graber questioned if the properties on Peace Rock Road might be subdivided in the future. She liked the clean up day sponsored by Watab.


A motion to approve payment of all the monthly bills and to withdraw funds from the appropriate accounts was made by Supervisor Erdmann, seconded by Supervisor Gondeck, and passed.


The Clerk was asked to bill Lake Andrew Plat for the Geyer sign bill.


Old Business included:

  1. Chair Gondeck reported that 138 people came through on clean up day. Total debris was: 1 dumpster tires; 2 scrap iron, 1 appliances, 1 construction debris, and 2 filled garbage trucks. Flyer was effective. He recommends that we continue having an annual cleanup day. We should use the website to promote it. Also, next year weíll send out a flyer one week before the day. He thanked Doug Boserís dad for picking up tires in township ditches and bringing them to the Clean Up Day.
  2. The Clerk and Chair Gondeck gave a report on the Benton County Association of Townships Meeting.
  3. The primary election went very well; Chair Gondeck said he had plans for the town hall in the parking lot; everyone was in favor of building.
  4. Update on Russ Pikus land issue: Chair Gondeck said that on July 6, 2004 the township adopted a resolution accepting frontage roads turned back from the Commissioner of Transportation to the township by Frost Road .The board wants to walk the road; Clerk should check the Frost Road file; Mr. Pikus wants to buy about three acres of land south of Benton Drive.Supervisor Erdmann moved no action at this time; it was seconded by Supervisor McIntosh; motion passed. This will be on a later agenda.
  5. Platting process:Clerk made changes as recommended by Bob Erickson and the board following the last meeting. Bob will bring recommendations back to the clerk for distribution ahead of the next meeting and he will also consult with other townships. We need to do a five year road plan; the board will work on it this winter and then have a road tour in April. It will also tie in with MS4.


  1. Noble Homes Issues:Bob Erickson & Supervisor Erdmann reported. Bob showed the board a final plan of recommended road drainage improvements for Norway Pine Estates. It was not constructed exactly as shown.Currently, on the west side drainage flows over lots toward the highway. Bob suggests a ditch that slopes to four feet towards the golf course; we need to check where the services are located.Bob recommends six culverts. No building permits will be granted until the road is corrected. There will be two driveway culverts and four roadway culverts. Bob was asked to meet with Burskiís to show them the new plan. Cost should be borne by Noble and Burski and Bob will meet with them; he will also consult with MnDOT.
  2. Doug Boser asked about warranties on road work and township liability.Duane Popp asked about the sewer design for Lake Andrew Development.


New Business included:

  1. Construction quotes update: Ron Hommerding discussed excavation: MTD Excavating and Morrison. Morrison did not get back to him. MTD is at $29,037; Bauerlyís is getting back with the deduct for the class 5 and bituminous. Doug Boser is coming in tomorrow with some reductions. Total cost should be at about $100 per foot. Benton Co. zoned the town hall property as R-1; they are looking at changing it in November. We canít get a building permit without the land use permit. Craig will contact county commissioners tomorrow. Craig moved that MTD has the contract for the excavating; seconded by Brad; passed with Lloyd abstaining.The new building will be five feet closer to the old town hall. Craig will work on the land use permit tomorrow.
  2. Kevin Johnson asked to see all the quotes. Ron will fax them to him.
  3. Supervisor McIntosh made a motion to renew the contract with Joan Spiczka for website management at $30 per month and to renew the annual subscription to Homestead. The motion was seconded by Supervisor Gondeck and passed. The board is extremely appreciative of Joanís work on the website.
  4. The Benton Co. Water Advisory Committee has an opening. The board received a thank you from Sanbur Trail residents for the road sealcoating.
  5. Mark Hendricks would like a guard rail on West Lake Road to keep ATVís off private property; this was tabled until the next meeting.
  6. The parking lot at Gordon Bridge is finished.
  7. Fire Report: rescue call for 2 car accident in northbound lane of Hwy 10óno information provided for billing by Rice Fire Dept. The attorney general says that they need to provide us the information.We should get an agreement within the next two weeks.
  8. On motion by Supervisor Gondeck and second by Supervisor McIntosh the election judges were appointed: Head JudgeóDonna Poganski;Eileen Saldana, Mary Przyborowski, Libby Levinski, Jan Solarz, and Pat Spence. The motion passed.

Supervisor McIntosh talked to Red Barn Ridge regarding the MS4 form; it should be done by the end of this week and submitted early next week. He contacted MPCA to let them know of our progress.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:25pm on motion by Supervisor Erdmann and second by Supervisor McIntosh.



††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Respectfully submitted by Pat Spence