Minutes of Special Meeting of Watab Town Board

August 15, 2006


A special meeting of the Watab Town Board was called to order on Tuesday, August 15, 2006 at 7:00 p.m. at the Watab Town Hall. The purpose of the meeting was snowplowing contractor selection; roadwork on a township minimum maintenance road; storm water runoff issueóMS4; town hall construction quotes; and the first meeting of the park board. All board members were present: Supervisors Craig Gondeck, Brad McIntosh, Lloyd Erdmann, Treasurer Eileen Saldana and Clerk Pat Spence. Audience members present were: Michael P. Mohr, Kaye Krych, Ed Kacures, Ron Hommerding, Scott Hamak, and Bob Erickson.


The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.


  1. Snowplowing Contractor Selection: Lloyd Erdmann recused himself and left the building, because his involvement in selecting a snow plowing contractor could be perceived as a conflict of interest as he occasionally does work for George Mastey. Supervisor Gondeck said that we need to do more evaluation of snowplowing and that people are very satisfied with the work George Mastey has been doing. Supervisor McIntosh said that a resident had called him and recommended George. The Clerk was asked to check if the price is cheaper for salt/sand mix through Minnesota CPV. Supervisor McIntosh made a motion to select MTD (George Mastey) for snowplowing. Supervisor Gondeck seconded the motion. Motion passed. The Clerk is to prepare the contract for the September 5th meeting.
  2. Supervisor Erdmann returned to the room but stated that he would not vote on work on the minimum maintenance road for the same reasons stated on issue one. The other supervisors wanted him present for advice. Supervisor McIntosh reported that he spoke to George Mastey about transferring garbage from along the minimum maintenance road to the town hall property. George should bill cleanup, blading and mowing separately. The garbage pickup can be reimbursed through our SCORE grant on township cleanup day. Cost is $1,300, which is a $200 deduction for the garbage.The two supervisors also decided to have it surveyed, which Supervisor Gondeck will arrange. Supervisor Erdmann suggested that the garbage be deposited on the blacktop so itís easier to cleanup. Supervisors McIntosh and Gondeck will coordinate this between MTD and BFI. Supervisor McIntosh made a motion to have MTD pickup garbage, blade and mow the minimum maintenance road for a cost of $1,300. Supervisor Gondeck seconded the motion. The motion passed with Lloyd abstaining.
  3. Storm water runoff issue:Supervisor McIntosh reported that it is a huge project. He would like to have the township work with Red Barn of St. Cloud because the company owners live in the township, they do the policing, and have the ability to fill out the MS4 application, which is a 40-50 page document. Owner of the company is Paul Schwinghammer. We are on two impaired waterways so we need to meet special requirements. We should implement a plan that is an example of how to do something correctly. Supervisor McIntosh is willing to take some classes to become certified to do inspections. We need to report to the MPCA in early September on compliance. A large part of MS4 is education. The clerk asked if we can use Road and Bridge funds; Supervisor McIntosh will check. We should sit down with the Central MN Builders Association and inform them when we accomplish this. Supervisor Erdmann moved, Supervisor Gondeck seconded to bring in Red Barn for a proposal. Motion passed. Supervisor Gondeck appointed Supervisor McIntosh to take the lead on this and make our township a model and reimburse him for all his expenses and time working on this. Supervisor Erdmann said if there is any schooling, all the supervisors should take it.
  4. The township attorney, Scott Hamak, reviewed his recommendations on the process of accepting quotes for construction of the new town hall. It must be a public process. The township should agree in advance on the process for negotiation so everyone is on an equal playing field. A record should be kept of why each contractor is selected, especially if it is not the low quote. Ron Hommerding can come and tell the board which quotes he has in a reasonable range and then the board can select the contractor based on pre-arranged criteria. Supervisor Erdmann said he felt there should be three criteria for consideration; low cost; experience; and reputation and expected quality of workmanship.He made a motion that Ron negotiate with contractors to get them in the range that he budgeted for each part of the town hall. There was considerable discussion.Plumbing quotes are from Kiffmeyer, Kemens, Zieglmeier, and Simonson. Supervisor Erdmann made the motion to accept Kemens quote because the dollar amount is lowest and he has a good reputation. Supervisor Gondeck would have the authority to sign the plumbing contract for the drawings and permit submittal fees to the state. The reason for selecting the plumbing contractor is that there is a six-week time frame for getting the state plumbing permits. Supervisor Gondeck seconded the motion. Motion carried. Supervisor Gondeck moved that all quotes be closed on September 1st at 2:00pm at RHA office, Supervisor Erdmann seconded. Motion passed. Consideration of the parking lot quotes was discussed. The Chair tabled this because Supervisor McIntosh had left the meeting.
  5. Park Board meeting:It will be important to establish a comprehensive park plan. Supervisor Gondeck stated that Minnesota Statute 462.358 says that park dedication fees need to be used for the development where they are assessed. Scott Hamak said that the statute is not clear. Supervisor Erdmann moved to have Clerk Spence visit with Benton County officials about part of the park dedication fees going to the township (ask CMBA if they would help us) and part to Bend in the River Park as stated in our Park Ordinance. She agreed to do this.


Supervisor Gondeck adjourned the meeting.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Respectfully submitted by Clerk Pat Spence