Minutes of Watab Town Board Meeting

May 2, 2006


The monthly meeting of Watab Township was called to order at 7:00pm on Tuesday, May 2, 2006 by Chair Craig Gondeck. Other board members present were Treasurer Eileen Saldana, Clerk Pat Spence, and Supervisor Lloyd Erdmann. Those in the audience were:Lloyd Hammerel, Traci Balder, Carol Schmitt, Rosie Johnson, Roger Peterson, Marlen Johnson, Marcy Johnson, Elisa Stacy, Duane Popp, Louie LeBlanc, Del & Donna Rothstein, Brian Schoenherr, Ed Kacures, Rand Schaper, Kevin Johnson, George & Taunya Mastey, Jana Gondeck, and Brian Erdmann. Following the Pledge to the Flag, the following additions/changes were made to the agenda:

  • Renewal of liquor license for Oak Hills Golf Course by Roger Peterson


The minutes of the regular town board meeting, minutes of the April 11th road tour, and the special town board meeting at Oak Hills Estate were approved on motion by Erdmann and second by Gondeck. The Treasurerís Report was given and approved on motion by Erdmann and second by Gondeck.


Citizenís Issues included the following:

  1. Rosie Johnson asked about the location of the road for Pirates Cove. Cra
  2. Marcie Johnson asked if County Road 79 would be closed. Lloyd thought for a short time when surfacing is done, but he hoped through traffic would be allowed.
  3. Rand Schaper said that a unique thing is happening with Pirates Cove development and new town hall construction happening at the same time. We should consider master planning and access control. Consider safety and have a single access. There might be a way for the township to save money if Pirates Cove builds the road. Look at whatís best for the township and put aside bitterness.
  4. DelRoy Rothstein recommended that we keep all options open at this time.
  5. Pines Edge Liquor License Renewal : Motion was made by Lloyd and seconded by Craig to approve the renewal, and the motion passed.
  6. Roger Peterson for Oak Hills Golf Course liquor license renewal: Motion was made by Lloyd and seconded by Craig to approve the renewal, and the motion passed.
  7. Building Committee updateólater on agenda.


After review of the monthly bills, the motion was made by Craig and seconded by Lloyd to pay all the bills and to withdraw the funds from appropriate accounts. The motion passed.


Old Business:

  1. Craig read Resolution 2006-6 Requiring Two Exits from All Platted Developments. Lloyd said this has been the safety benefit the board has considered for quite some time and feels itís important; he moved approval; Craig seconded; passed.
  2. Consideration of fuel adjustment for snowplowing. George Mastey provided a copy of his hours. Craig spoke with the township attorney and said that he advised that nothing be given because itís not in the contract. Lloyd felt that there should be an adjustment. Craig said there should have been a fuel surcharge in the contract. Lloyd suggested that we table this until Brad is here next month.
  3. Review of snowplowing Resolution 2006-2 regarding proof of insurance. Craig moved that the statement on page 6 regarding insurance be deleted because of the new contract and Lloyd seconded. The Clerk will provide the corrected copy, and the motion passed.
  4. Gordon Bridge Parking Project Ėapproval of Resolution 2006-7: Benton County commissioners approved the Gordon Bridge parking lot construction for this summer if the township keeps it clean. Craig has worked on this project for over a year. Motion was made by Lloyd and seconded by Craig to approve the Resolution, and the motion passed.
  5. Fifth Avenue Extension was tabled until next month to determine how Lee Hanson wants to proceed.


New Business:

  1. Traci Balder: would like to make a proposal for the assessment contract. She gave supervisors samples of materials she leaves with home owners. She would meet with the town board before the board of equalization to give an overview. She is certified for commercial assessing and has a contract with Minden Township, Langola Township and Sauk Rapids Township. She worked with Bob Pazdernik, our current assessor, as an apprentice. The Clerk will make copies for the board and take it under advisement.
  2. Craig made a motion to change the title for Bob Erickson from Township Engineer to Township Road Consultant. The motions was seconded by Lloyd, and passed. The motion passed.
  3. Lake Andrew Developerís Agreement: Pat was asked to copy it and distribute it to all supervisors for consideration at the June meeting. Craig read portions of the agreement when questioned by Brian Erdmann about why specifics are in a Developerís Agreement. Brian Erdmann also wants a copy.
  4. Pirates Cove Development report: Craig & Bob Erickson met for three hours today with New Pirates Cove representatives. We should have copy of the Agreement to review for the next meeting. Many things are done by the county and were deleted from the Agreemnt. One big question is whether or not there should be two lines of credit. Watab can enter agreement with Benton County that we wonít sign off on anything that we have in our authority. This was tabled until next month.
  5. Park Department Update Report: Craig has good information from Livonia Township. Lloyd spoke in favor of starting our own Park Board. Craig moved that we adopt the same ordinance as Livonia; the Clerk will type it; and there will be a public hearing on the ordinance on June 6th. The board would like the homeownerís association to maintain the park in their development. The motion was seconded by Lloyd. Rand asked about walkers on River Road and if park money could go to build walking paths. Parks and trails would be considered. The Township would become the park authority. A park board would get set up and they would make recommendations to supervisors. Residents would control the levy for park maintenance if needed. Twenty-five percent of the park dedication fee, capped at $150, would go to Benton County; the rest of the park dedication fee would be kept in the township.The park dedication fee per lot would be set at $600, with is the current county rate. We will consider that some small platís fee would be allocated toward adjacent developments.The motion passed.
  6. Craig provided a report on the April 11th Road Tour by the Supervisors. Saldana Excavating is willing to do road patching. Craig also has done a sign inventory. He will approach homeowners on Ferry Point about their mailboxes on the road right of way. Norway Pinesí illegal dumping has been cleaned up. Francis Rupp suggested that the board fix the dip in Plaziak Road. Ed Kacures suggested an overlay on Saldana Road between Hwy 10 and the railroad tracks. Lloyd will look at it. Craig will meet with Saldana Excavating and ask them to do patching as they did last year. Motion was made by Craig and seconded by Brad to approve the above-named work. Motion passed. The STS crew will trim trees on road right-of-way. Craig and Lloyd will look at possible locations for road overlay. Lloyd will take a look at Saldana Road.
  7. Consideration of implementing a town ordinance to require community water and sewer in plats of 4 or more homes: Lloyd said county is dropping all requirements for community sewer. So far all plats in township have a central sewer system. Craig moved that Lloyd come up with a plan for community sewer for the next meeting.We need to answer some questions before we write the ordinance. This will be on the agenda for our next meeting, and we will study community wastewater recommendations.
  8. Craig will talk with Bob Erickson about drawings needed for Resolution 2006-3 on Plat Process.


Craig said that snowplowing contract is up for review. Scott redrew it.


Ed Kacures asked about the action on the Planning Committee on the duplex proposal for Lakewood Shores. Don Zieglmeier will repay the money owed the township. Rand Schaper said that Kingís Inn has been taken off the marketbecause the asking price is too high. Rand would like to build on the same footprint but the current owner needs to sell it. Benton County will not exercise eminent domain. He wants the town board to talk to the assessor about raising the value of the Kingís Inn property by lakeshore frontage. It could be generating a lot of tax revenue for Watab Township if it was redeveloped.


Rand asked about the town hall building. He recommends that an RFP be put out to ask folks to design the building and to get competitive proposals. Louie said that he likes Ron Hommerdingís plan; he offered his services free of charge. He added that Ron doesnít want to be the contractor.


Ed asked to let the building committee meet with the town board as a committee of the whole for Tuesday, May 9th at 7:00pm. All meetings are open to the public. The meeting will be noticed. A motion was made by Lloyd and seconded by Craig to adjourn the meeting at 9:30pm. Motion passed.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Respectfully submitted by Pat Spence, Clerk