Watab Town Board Meeting Minutes

January 3, 2006



The monthly meeting of Watab Town Board was called to order at 7pm on Tuesday, January 3, 2006 by Chair Lloyd Erdmann. All board members were present: Supervisors Lloyd Erdmann, Brad McIntosh, and Craig Gondeck, Treasurer Eileen Saldana, and Clerk Pat Spence. Following the Pledge to the Flag, the meeting was dedicated in thought to the trapped miners in West Virginia. Craig moved, Brad seconded approval of the December 6th minutes. Motion passed. Craig moved, and Brad seconded approval of the special meeting minutes for December 13th. Motion passed.


The Treasurer reported a balance $420,910.06. Craig moved approval of the report, seconded by Lloyd and passed. The agenda was amended to replace Rick Schaefer with a presentation by Dan Lieser, County Commissioner on the new county comprehensive plan. Motion was made by Lloyd, second by Brad, and passed to amend the agenda as noted.


Bills were presented for supervisors’ approval. Motion was made by Craig and seconded by Brad to approve the bills and authorize funds to be withdrawn from the appropriate accounts for their payment. Motion passed.


Citizen Issues:

  1. Rosie Johnson asked why fire trucks were recently lost on River Road. Craig said that a problem exists that fire numbers don’t always correspond with the resident’s address. He will be meeting with the Sauk Rapids fire chief to work on this.
  2. Doug Boser asked about the Fifth Avenue road bump. The area is marked with flashing lights, and the board will have warning signs put up on each side of the heave.


Old Business:

  1. Certification of town hall roads still not done. Lloyd and Craig will do this at 8am on Friday morning, January 6th.
  2. Marty Reker was present to request preliminary plat approval for Paradise, which is located on the former Plaziak Farm.  Craig asked if Bob Erickson, the township’s engineering consultant, has had an opportunity to look at the roads in the plat. He has not. Craig said that the Sauk Rapids Fire Department demands 9-ton roads. A question the developer is struggling with is the open space requirement for the outlots. The ordinance requires 50% open space for the total project. Chelle Benson wants this requirement to apply for the first tier of homes. Marty Reker, developer, said he will present two different plats to the county commissioners to see if they will accept their staff’s recommendation. Brad insisted that the roads meet the legal requirements for township road specifications. Brad reminded the developer that all the developments need two road exits and must meet specifications. The town board is calling it an emergency access road, but the snow plow wouldn’t be able to get down a 16-foot road. The supervisors would like our engineer to look at the preliminary plat. Lloyd said that all our other new plats have fire hydrants. He asked Marty what has been done on the plans since the last meeting. Craig asked if Marty would be willing to pay for a dry hydrant system to pump water out of the channel. Marty said he is willing to study that. Lloyd asked what the plan is for water. Marty responded that he is planning on 18 individual wells. Septic will be a community system with individual tanks at each house. There are still questions about what it will be. Ron Hommerding asked what the size of the homes will be. Marty said between 3,500 and 4,400 square feet. Ron said he doesn’t believe that the setback requirements are being met.  Marty said that with the size of the lots community water lines could be added in the future. Brad said that we are trying to get a traffic study done on Lakewood Shores Rd and are having difficulty getting it done because of the time of the year. Brad added that he is stilled very concerned about the additional traffic that will be added to Lakewood Shore Road. Lloyd suggested that rather than a cul de sac at the southern end of the development, they put in a hammerhead or tee for greater ease in snow plowing. Craig reiterated that he wants the plat shown to the engineer before any action is taken. Brad seconded the motion and it passed. Craig will set up a meeting on January 17th at 8am at the town hall and possibly the site.  Craig will contact Bob Erickson.  Craig moved that the preliminary plat be tabled until the next regular scheduled meeting and that the developer pay for the special meeting on January 17th. Brad seconded. And motion passed. Marty asked for a signature on the Wilson River Lot which was previously approved. The township requested a final signed copy for the records. Craig moved authorization for the chair to sign, seconded by Brad and passed.
  3. Craig met with Sauk Rapids Fire Department two weeks ago. We need to meet with them for their input whenever we have a new development. They would welcome using a dry hydrant system in the Lake Andrew Plat. Water transfer is a problem for them in the rural areas; they have no authority in the townships; but they welcome having input on new developments to improve fire service. Craig will continue to meet with them on new plats.
  4. Town road and policy manual: Craig is looking at Livonia Township’s policy. He recommended that we utilize what Livonia has done. A public hearing would be needed to adopt an ordinance. He recommends having a book on each development: minutes of the meeting, financial information, developer agreement, agendas for meetings, plats, correspondence, so that when the town board has done their part it is presented in writing to the county board. It would make township work more official when communicating with the county. Don Zieglmeier suggested that the town board develop a system to expedite business with developers and builders so that it doesn’t take so long to get a project done. Lloyd moved approval for Craig to bring a policy back to the next meeting, seconded by Brad and approved.
  5. Auditor corrected the balances for the tax settlement for November and appropriated tax revenues to the proper township funds.


New Business:

  1. Dan Lieser reported that the county commissioners unanimously approved  the new density for the comprehensive plan. Approved was: 4 houses per 40 acres; clustering 6 houses per 40 acres with conditional use permits; minimum lot size is anything that a well, drainfield and private septic system can accommodate; maximum lot size on a cluster is two acres through a conditional use permit; urban growth planning districts are areas around the cities in the county—those are four houses per 40 acres and roads would need to be aligned with city streets. Craig thanked Dan Lieser for the excellent county meeting and appreciated the spirit of compromise shown by the commissioners. Don Zieglmeier also commended Dan on the way the commissioners listened to the people. Lloyd asked about preservation of agricultural land in the new comp plan. Dan said that clustering will help save more land. The next step will be to “fine tune”. Dan said that the county has a snowplowing policy; Craig will get a copy of it from the county engineer. The board thanked Commissioner Lieser for coming to the meeting.
  2. Township Disability Insurance for officers would cost $171 per member per year. It is offered through our current insurance agency and would be billed with our other insurance. Brad moved that the board adopt the plan through MBA or other agency if it is more cost effective. Seconded by Craig and approved. Pat will check into cost comparisons.
  3. Fire Call report: December one fire call for Rice; Pat was asked to prepare an ordinance for the next meeting on billing for fire calls.



1.      Don Zieglmeier received a letter announcing an informational meeting on January 11th at Vo-Tech on Part D Medicare between the hours of two and five.

2.      Foley CARE sent a letter on their services.

3.      Board of Reivew: Wednesday, May 3rd at 2:30pm.

4.      Township elections law changes –Pat will bring to next meeting


Supervisor Issues:

  1. Brad asked how Scott Hamak is doing on the road policy where the township can charge fees for reviewing plats. All fees have to be related to recover costs. He is contacting other jurisdictions to see what they are charging and what are they doing. Usually it is on a per lot basis. Several factors need to be taken into consideration. The other question was what happens when developments impact other roads? There are lots of ideas on how to pay for these: one is the general fund; you could special assess; a policy could assess based on units—density; usually a combination of the above is used. Similarly situated properties have to be treated equitably.  Fees have to be related to what the cost is. He will get back to us after he has collected information. We can do this before the building season gets started. We have costs that are not reimbursed as in other jurisdictions.  Craig asked for something in writing from Scott on the road going south from Lee Hanson’s development.
  2. Lloyd addressed people pushing snow out of their driveways onto the roads. This is dangerous. It is illegal on a township or county road. Education and talking to people is the answer. Someday it could cause a plow sliding into a car. Put the snowplowing statute on the web site—suggestion from Ed Kacures. Pat was asked to do this.
  3. Craig summarized the bill from Rice for Clean Up Day. Lloyd moved that Craig apply for our own SCORE grant, seconded by Craig; and motion passed.  Craig got called out after 2am in the morning about the bump on Fifth Avenue. Craig moved that we purchase flasher lights at a cost of $190.00 for two of them; he would store them in the township hallway. Motion was seconded by Brad and passed.
  4. Lloyd said that township elections are March 14th; one supervisor position and clerk’s position are open. Affidavits of candidacy are available for two weeks.


Craig moved adjournment at 9:15pm, seconded by Brad; motion passed.


                                                Respectfully submitted by Clerk Pat Spence