Minutes of September 6, 2005 Watab Town Board Meeting


The regular monthly meeting was called to order on Tuesday, September 6, 2005 at 7pm by Vice-Chair Brad McIntosh. Board members present were Supervisor Craig Gondeck, Supervisor Brad McIntosh, Treasurer Eileen Saldana, and Clerk Pat Spence. Following the Pledge to the Flag, Craig moved to approve the minutes of both August meetings; motion was seconded by Brad and passed. The Treasurerís Report was given by Eileen:† $538,302.04 is the fund balance. Craig moved approval of the Treasurerís Report; Brad seconded the motion and it passed.


Craig asked to have the moratorium on new plats deleted from the agenda and requested that comments from Commissioner Lieser be added. Don Zieglmeier asked to have curly leaf pond weed added to Citizen Issues. Craig moved approval of changes to agenda; Brad seconded and motion passed.


Bills were presented for approval. Craig moved authorization of all bills as presented; Brad seconded the motion and it passed.


Citizen Issues included the following:


  1. Don Zieglmeier asked for support for a variance for his new twin home setback on Burton Place. Setback from front is 32í10Ē. (Supervisor Erdmann arrived at 7:20pm.) No rezoning is asked. It is classed as a single family dwelling because it will be owner occupied and because it is zoned R-1. Lloyd moved that the town board give its blessing as long as it meets Benton County Zoning; second by Craig. Motion passed.
  2. Wilson Outlot A:† Bill & Roxanne Wilson asked for preliminary plat approval for the Outlot with no road extension. Bill has worked with Chelle Benson to make sure that everything is legal. Turnaround is on the Wilsonís property. The lot abuts a public road which would not be extended. Brad moved approval; second was by Craig; the motion passed and the plat was signed. They intend to sell the plat to Marty Reker.
  3. Don Zieglmeier reported on curly leaf pond weed and provided a year-end report of the Lake Association. 179 permits were issued; 44 for second treatment; 38.33 acres were treated. $6,000+ left in the account which will be used for lake assessment. 1.5% of lake was done; results were phenomenal. There is now some good vegetation in the lake. Township Annual meeting will have a report on the agenda. He recommends people on river begin treating because the weed is a big problem between the islands. $13,000 spent on cleanup this year; next year $20-25,000 is planned. Grants from St. Regis, power companies, and IF have been requested.




Old Business included:

  1. The Clerk gave a preliminary report on the township survey. At this time only 10% of the surveys have been analyzed.
  2. Town hall task force does not know how to proceed. The Clerk gave an update on new requirements from the federal and state government for voting equipment. Ed Kacures feels that the committee should keep going and give a report at the next annual meeting. Lloyd moved that Watab Township ask the task force to continue their work and present a plan at the annual meeting; seconded by Craig; motion passed.
  3. Power costs associated with Plaziak Road extension: Craig met with John Wojtanowicz and John said heíll contribute $2,000 if the township replaces the two driveways for his irrigation equipment. Lloyd thought that it would take about 10 loads of dirt and some gravel to do this. The driveways would be temporary - one on the north end and one near the pump. Cost for the driveways would be $800. Craig moved to accept Johnís offer; Ron Hommerding suggested talking to Bob Erickson about going back to the engineer (SHE) for covering the driveway costs. The motion was seconded by Lloyd; motion passed.
  4. Website opportunity: table until next meeting; Kaye Bechtold asked about the City of Rice site; Clerk was asked to bring costs to the next meeting; Kaye will clean up the Rice site and put something on there about it not being updated and that another one is under consideration.
  5. 911 sign update is going well; Northern Signs will complete the signs this week. Craig proposed to Chelle Benson at Benton Co. †that Watab Township put up the signs and bill the county. The STS crew is doing it in Mille Lacs County.† Craig asked permission to enter into negotiations with the county and install the signs. Lloyd moved that Craig negotiate and all board members would be available to install signs. Brad seconded. Motion passed.
  6. Rice Fire Department Reporting:† Craig went to City Council meeting in Rice. Rice ordered the Fire Chief to give the township the necessary report. Pat was asked to send a letter to the Mayor and ask for this.† She will work with Craig.
  7. Abandoned cars on Norway Pine Road: Craig took care of this.


New Business included:

  1. Policy on use of town hall tables and chairs:† Brad moved that we not loan out chairs/tables; seconded by Craig; passed.
  2. Concern was raised about not having a levy for two years for the revenue fund. Pat is to investigate if we could possibly have a special meeting and if there are any extensions to the September 15 deadline.


Supervisor Issues included:

1.      Craig & Lee Hanson talked about town road through the Nature Conservancy. Lloyd wants to go on record that we state we believe it is a township road right-of-way (66 feet). The 1930 plat book shows the road going through there. The road name was 5th Avenue. Weíll put up minimum maintenance signs at each end.† Lloyd asked Craig to go to Historical Society to look through minutes. Lee Hanson suggested that we look at old plat books.

Lee said that he will cooperate however the township wants to get this done. He volunteered his attorneyís time. Lee will draft letters from the township to the property owners.

2.      Brad: people by Pikusí say there is a cartway and he is following up on it.

3.      Craig: We donít have to require a bond on Pirates Cove. Chelle Benson at Benton County is holding up the project because the developer is changing elements of the project. Brad asked Lee about capacity for water and sewer in his system.† Lee is willing to revisit having a sewer/water district. He stated that his system has huge water capacity.

4.      Craig reminded everyone that Watab Cleanup Day is scheduled for October 8th at Rockwood Estates and Bend in the River Park planning is in process.


County Commissioner Dan Lieser reported:

1.      Township Resolution 2005-4 was not approved by the County Board. The resolution asks that a plat not be proposed until the rezoning is done. Duane Popp said that he strongly believes in this because he thinks the public doesnít spend enough time on the rezoning but more on the specific plat that is being proposed. On the Jarnot property, there has never been any testimony on rezoning.† Lee Hanson said that he went to a PUD so there is absolute control about what goes into the development. That is what he recommends. His rezoning came in with the final plat.

2.      Moratorium: the county didnít take any action on it today; county attorney said they have to have a good reason for a township to be set aside from what is established for others.

3.      Dan will send written confirmation of these actions.

4.      He added that the tax rate will go down; values are going up; per capita spending will be less; and the mill rate will be lower but taxes higher.


In other business, Ron Hommerding said that the county is issuing a land use permit but not looking at the lot to make sure that the building fits the property.† He feels we should get the county out of this and have our building official see if it meets the zoning. Things are falling through the cracks.† Lloyd asked that we table this. Lloyd moved adjournment; seconded by Craig; and the meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m.


†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† Submitted by Pat Spence, Clerk