Minutes of Watab Town Board Meeting

November 1, 2005




The Watab Town Board held its monthly meeting on Tuesday, November 1, 2005 at the Watab Town Hall. Board members present were Chair Lloyd Erdmann, Supervisors Craig Gondeck & Brad McIntosh, Treasurer Eileen Saldana and Clerk Pat Spence. The Chair called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


Two corrections were made to the October meeting minutes. There should be a clarification that the maximum the county will pay for the Fall Cleanup Day is 75% of the total SCORE grant; grant total is $8,500. Also, Joan Spiczka’s name was misspelled. Motion was made by Craig and second by Brad to approve the minutes with the above-noted corrections. Motion passed. The Treasurer reported a balance of $374,819,19. A motion was made by Craig and seconded by Brad to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Motion passed.


The Clerk asked that a request for wall maps of Watab Township from Lommels be added to the agenda. Craig moved, Brad seconded approval of the agenda with that addition. Motion passed.


Bills were presented for approval. Motion was made by Brad and seconded by Craig to approve payment of the bills and to authorize the treasurer to withdraw the necessary funds from the appropriate accounts. Motion passed.


Citizen Issues included:

  1. Darrell Theisen—spoke on behalf of his son who was traveling. He owns 5.6 acres which he wants to subdivide into two parts. Lloyd is concerned about the future frontage road for Highway 10 and does not want taxpayers to have liability for moving a home in the future. The board spent time looking at Highway 10 frontage road projected plans.  They asked Mr. Theisen to keep a 66-foot setback from his easterly property line.  Any building site would be 66 feet or more west of the east property line. Brad moved that we recommend approval by the county of the subdivision if a 66-foot setback from the property line is maintained. Brad asked that Darrell come back to the board after he meets with the county.  Craig seconded the motion. Motion passed.
  2. Concept plan for Reker development:  Mr. Marty Reker stated that he is open to ideas of the town board. He is purchasing the former Darold Park land so that his property will total 28 acres. (This included the former Plaziak Farm). He plans to have a trail system through the development, and with the incorporation of Darold Park, he would add more open space. He is considering a planned unit development with approximately 28 homes. Brad asked him about traffic flow and stacking of cars inside the development to decrease the impact on Lakewood Shore Rd between the development’s exit and the railroad crossing on Lakewood Shore Rd. The board recommended changing the road design and informed Marty that there are some gravesites on the property. Craig advised Marty that he will need to enter a developer’s agreement, and Marty agreed. An audience member cited concern about potable water. Marty answered that he is thinking of having a central water and sewer system.  Craig expressed concern about increased traffic. Marty said they want to do the development right. What he has brought to this meeting is only a conceptual plan. He estimates the homes would be ramblers of less than 4,000 square feet and valued at one-half million dollars. The board thanked Marty Reker for bringing his plans at an early stage. They again recommended that the road should be as far back from the railroad tracks as possible. There cannot be individual driveways onto the main road. Marty asked how the board feels about entrance monuments. The board said the township accepts them but they highly recommend curb and  gutter.


  1. Ray Thompson asked about how the speed limits were established for the signs on the Plaziak Road extension. They were placed by Benton County. Ed Kacures asked if the township officially accepted the road. The supervisors answered, “Yes.” Craig will call Benton County Engineering Department.


  1. Donna Rothstein from 5th Ave NE. informed the board that there are changes being made to the Lake Andrew Development. Scott Jarnot is now redesigning his sewage treatment. It will be an underground drainage system with a very large mound system. He will need an additional 11 acres which will require an EAW. Residents are talking to Amy Quinn at MPCA.  Donna said that they do not want the view of the mound system from their home’s window. She encouraged everyone to attend the Planning and zoning meeting where this development will be discussed.
  2. Dirk Holler returned to ask what the board could recommend about his problem with a neighbor. Pat said that DNR trespassing sign regulations will not apply to this situation. Brad McIntosh said that in accordance with  

MS2005, 561.02, he feels that it would be wise for Dirk to contact the Benton County Sheriff. Brad provided the statute to Dirk.


Old Business

  1. Joan Spiczka was present to discuss the creation of our Watab website. Craig moved that we hire Joan to do monthly updates at a fee of $25.00 per month. He also asked that we draft a press release about the new website. Lloyd will contact Benton News, Pat  the Sauk Rapids Herald and Morrison County Record, and Craig the St. Cloud Times.  Brad seconded the motion and it passed. Joan was thanked for her excellent and timely work in getting the website established. It is www.watabtownship.com. Eileen will obtain a credit card with a $500 limit to be used in setting up our own account with homestead.com rather than having it through Joan.
  2. Cleanup Day Report by Craig: 116 people come through. There were many positive comments and people hope it continues. We need to look at the numbers and see if Watab should do it on our own. The board commended Craig and his daughter for their work.
  3. 911 signs:  Craig completed what will be done this year. There are many discrepancies between what the homeowner said their address is and what the county says it is. Lloyd Hammerel asked if the signs are mandatory. Yes!
  4. Cooperative purchasing: The clerk gave an update and will monitor this on-line.
  5. Road mowing: George feels that some of the weeds should be cut before snowfall. The board decided not to authorize more for this season.
  6. County Comprehensive Plan Meeting: Several in the audience attended the meeting. Don Zieglmeier said that he is really impressed with the town board for the way they seek input from the people. He said it is supposed to be a participation process with the county and it isn’t. He feels that the county does their own thing; everyone has the right to be heard and ideas adopted; and their employees don’t listen to the people. Others in the audience agreed with him. 
  7. Sucker Creek Bridge: H & R Construction will fix the bridge. There will be metal guard rails on each side.  Insurance coverage will be $2,800. Bridge rails will be upgraded so the cost will be somewhat higher.
  8. Certification of town road mileage: the supervisors have looked it over and believe it is complete. Craig moved to have document signed after Lloyd checks the total as compared to last year’s total. Lloyd will do so and personally take it to Foley.

New Business included:

  1. Correspondence:  Craig will ask John Wojtanowicz for a letter verifying his understanding on the driveway issue to protect the township in the future.
  2. Fire Board meeting next Tuesday. Craig moved that for every fire call that we could have billed back, we deduct $500 from our contract payment to Rice. Pat will go through the paperwork from the Rice Fire Department for the past year, decide what could have been billed back, and then deduct $500 for each of those calls from our last ½ of year payment.  Lloyd seconded it. Motion passed. Craig will talk with the Mayor again and the Clerk should write a letter for him to present.
  3. Wall map of Watab Township—available from Mustang Map Company in Sauk Rapids at 202-9607. Pat will inform the Lommel’s.

Supervisor Issues:

  1. Craig asked about George Mastey’s insurance coverage. Pat gave him a copy; she will need it for the files. Craig will check with our attorney to determine if the township has liability for salt storage at Mastey’s.
  2. Craig reported that there is an animal rescue unit:  393-4794/Diedrich’s—won’t take cats; this information should be added to the website.
  3. New furnace for town hall: The board decided to purchase a new furnace and delegated the project to Don Zieglmeier.  
  4. Craig received correspondence on preliminary planning for Bend in the River Park. He is very upset with the direction the task force is going and the amount of money planned for it. He added that many of the people making the decisions don’t live in Watab Township.


Brad moved adjournment of the meeting. The motion was seconded by Craig and passed. The meeting adjourned at 9:40pm.


                                                Respectfully submitted by Pat Spence, Clerk