Minutes of Watab Town Board Monthly Meeting

October 4, 2005



The Watab Town Board held its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, October 4, 2005 at the Watab Town Hall. Chair Lloyd Erdmann called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. All board members were present. Following the Pledge to the Flag, the board considered the September meeting minutes. Craig moved approval of the minutes as printed, seconded by Brad, and motion passed. The Treasurer’s report was given with $375,733.49 in the bank. Craig moved acceptance, Brad seconded, and motion passed.


Lloyd added the township road mileage report to the meeting agenda.


Bills were presented:  The Clerk is to let Scott Hamak know what each developer owes in attorney time that has been billed. A motion was made by Craig to pay all bills; seconded by Brad, and motion passed. Craig moved approval to withdraw necessary funds to pay the bills; Brad seconded; and motion passed.


Citizen issue: Dirk & Holly Holler, 6540 NE River Rd, Sauk Rapids, said that “no trespassing” signs have been posted in their back yard by their neighbors. The signs are placed every 10 feet, which seems very excessive. The neighbor will not talk to them. Brad suggested that they look at the DNR sign ordinance if the county does not have an ordinance.   Craig moved that the Chair authorize the clerk to send a letter to DNR to look into this; seconded by Brad and passed.  Darrell Theisen was not present for his agenda item.


Old Business included:

  1. The Township Survey: Craig said that he wished it would have been sent out on Watab Township stationery, as many residents may have thought it was “junk mail.”  The clerk noted that Tim Schmitt from Region V apologized for the question on the survey that was mis-stated. The results of the survey will be posted on our website. Brad thinks we will be forced to have a new town hall because of election necessities even though the survey shows that residents do not favor one. As far as growth, it’s kind of late unless the county steps in. Our development is sprawled out all over. The board decided to invite Don Scherper to our town meeting to talk about the way they built their town hall and to invite the town hall task force. The board agreed that the results would be useful.


  1. Website Development: Joan Spizka has a business which creates websites for government and non profits. She would create a website for our township, and she would train someone to keep it running. Lloyd moved that Joan be hired to set up our website; Craig seconded and will contact her; and the motion passed.


  1. Township Clean Up Day: Saturday, October 8th is the scheduled day; it is in cooperation with Rice and Langola with a grant from SCORE for $6,300. Additional cost would not exceed $700.  Hours are 8 to 1 at Rockwood Estates.  They will accept anything except hazardous and commercial waste. The City of Rice will do the billing. Craig suggested using Cable TV franchise funds to sponsor the cleanup if needed.


  1. 911 Signs:  Craig just picked up the rest of the signs from the county. There were many difficulties with the subcontracts and addresses supplied. He will see that the project is completed in the near future.


New Business included:


1.      Craig moved approval of Resolution 2005-7 which names October 5, 2005 as Plaziak Brothers Day in Watab Township. The resolution states: “Whereas, the Plaziak Brothers have been lifelong residents of Watab Township; and Whereas, they have been good neighbors to everyone; and Whereas, the Plaziak Brothers no longer reside in our township and will be deeply missed; Now, therefore be it hereby resolved that Watab Town Board name Wednesday, October 5, 2005 as “Plaziak Brothers Day” in Watab Township in their honor and name them lifelong “Good Neighbors” of Watab Township. The resolution was seconded by Lloyd and passed unanimously.

2.      The board had a lengthy discussion of possible cooperative purchasing of road salt. Fifty ton of salt @ $59.75/ton has already been ordered by George Mastey for this winter and is stored at the his property. There is about 45 tons remaining from last year. He stated that the township assumes no liability for the salt and he is fully responsible for it. He added that he needed to order it early because of trucking pressures due to the hurricanes. The board requested that George supply the clerk with a copy of his insurance during this week. They also asked that he not purchase salt again without letting the board know in advance. The Clerk will inquire about other items the township could purchase through cooperative purchasing.

3.      Craig moved that George Mastey clean up the cement on Highway 10/Indian Road for $50; Lloyd seconded; and motion passed.

4.      Supervisor McIntosh will accompany George Mastey to decide what additional road mowing needs to be done before winter.

5.      George Mastey requested a $4.00 per hour adjustment on his snow plowing contract because of the high increase in fuel cost. It will cost him approximately $9/hour more for his large truck. Brad moved that the board work with George on the pricing through the winter; seconded by Lloyd; motion passed with Craig opposed.

6.      The Clerk read the survey to the Town Board that had been sent from Benton County. This was for input to the county’s new comprehensive plan. The board responded to the survey.

7.      The Clerk gave the board a financial report with current fund balances if all transfers were able to be paid back to the appropriate funds.  Transfers should be made by year end. Those balances (after transfers) would currently be:  Revenue--$197,947.73; Road and Bridge--$117,096.89; Fire--$7,692.32; and Building--$87,321.48.

8.      There was one rescue call by the Rice Fire Department for a car/dump truck accident on Highway 10. Craig made a motion requesting that the Clerk send the statement back to the City of Rice asking that they supply the name and address of the party involved as agreed. The motion was seconded by Lloyd and passed.


The Supervisors asked that Lloyd speak with the county engineer for design of the Sucker Creek Bridge railings that were damaged in an accident. The final meeting on the comprehensive plan for the county will be October 17 in the media room at the Foley High School.


Craig moved that the Clerk send a letter to John Wojtanowicz stating that if he sells the property on Plaziak Road the two temporary driveways would need to be removed and there would need to be a frontage road with two exits. Motion was seconded by Lloyd and passed.


The Lake Association will have an important meeting on the lake treatment results on October 22 from 2 to 4 at the Rice City Hall.


Lloyd reported that the supervisors need to certify the township road mileage to the county. This information is used for funding purposes. The three supervisors will complete this.


Lloyd also reported that there were minor technical changes on the final plat for Oak Hill Estates. He asked that they be supplied in writing before he signed the final plat. The changes are:

·        Road name changes on the face of the plat

·        Label of “a.k.a. Wildlife DR” on the face of the plat

·        Legal description: added Outlot D, Oak Hill Estates in the dedication and description

·        Label “Outlot D, Oak Hill Estates” on the face of the plat

·        Extension of an existing lot line on the face of the plat

The copy of Oak Hill Estates Plat 3 with each of the above changes was included for the file. Craig moved that this be placed on file, seconded by Brad and passed.


Lloyd moved adjournment, seconded by Brad and passed. The meeting adjourned at 9:12pm.


                                                                        Respectfully submitted by Pat Spence