Watab Town Board Meeting Agenda

June 6, 2006

7:00 p.m.

Watab Town Hall



I.                     Call Meeting to Order & Pledge to the Flag

II.                   Additions/Changes to the Agenda

III.                  Approval of the Minutes of May 2nd Regular Town Board Meeting, Minutes of Special Meetings on May 8th & May 23rd

IV.               Treasurerís Report

V.                 Citizen Issues

A.     Expansion of StorageBusiness:Bob & Jane Behrendt

B.     Request to Place Water Line for Cove in Jasmine Loop Road Right-of-Way:Rick Schaefer

C.    Other

VI.               Review of Bills and Authorization to Pay

VII.              Old Business

A.     Consideration of Fuel Adjustment for Snowplowing

B.     Community Sewer for Plats of 4 or More Homes

C.    Resolution 2006-3: Plat Policy Discussion

D.    Town Hall Building Project Design Approval

VIII.            New Business

A.     Snowplowing Contract Review & Advertise for Quotes

B.     Park Department Update and Consideration of Resolution 2006-8: Intent to Form Township Park Department

C.    Emergency Services Ordinance Review & Set Public Hearing

D.    Summer Road Work

E.     Weed Tour

F.     Rice Fire Board Report

G.    Plan for Assessor Contract


IX.               Supervisor Issues

X.                 Adjournment