FEBRUARY 7, 2006

7:00 P.M.




I.                     Call Meeting to Order & Pledge of Allegiance

II.                   Additions/Changes to the Agenda

III.                  Approval of Minutes of Regular & Special January Meetings

IV.               Treasurer’s Report

V.                 Presentation of Bills & Authorization to Pay

VI.               Citizen Issues

VII.              Old Business

A.     Disability Insurance

B.     Certification of Township Roads

C.    Town Road Policy

D.    Development of Ordinance on Billing for Fire/Emergency Calls

E.     Township Election Law Changes

VIII.            New Business

A.     Report from Town Hall Task Force

B.     Consideration of Resolution 2006-1 to Exempt Local Elections from HAVA Requirements

C.    Appointment of Election Judges

D.    Report on Candidates and Ballot Question for Annual Election

E.     Cleaning of the Town Hall for the Election

F.     Set Board of Audit Meeting

G.    SCORE Grant Application

H.     Report on Park Dedication Fees from County

I.         Benton County Township Officer’s Meeting—Feb. 16th, 8pm @Mr. Jim’s in Foley

J.      Bi-Annual Sauk Rapids Fire Department Agreement Meeting—Feb. 15th, 7pm @Sauk Rapids Fire Hall

K.     League of MN Cities Membership

IX.               Supervisor Issues

X.                 Adjournment