Watab Town Board Meeting Agenda

April 4, 2006

7:00pm at Watab Town Hall



I.                     Call Meeting to Order and Pledge to the Flag

II.                   Election of Town Board Chair and Vice-Chair

III.                  Additions/Changes to the Meeting Agenda

IV.               Approval of the Minutes

A.     March 7, 2006 Board of Audit Meeting

B.     March 7, 2006 Regular Board Meeting

C.    March 15, 2006 Board of Canvass

V.                 Treasurerís Report

VI.               Presentation and Approval of the Monthly Bills and Authorization to Withdraw the Necessary Funds for Payment

VII.              Citizen Issues

A.     Preliminary Plat for Centurion Stone: Duane Simmons

B.     Other

VIII.            Old Business

A.     Resolution 2006-2: Establishing a Snow and Ice Control Policy for the Town of Watab

B.     Park Dedication Fees

C.    Resolution 2006-3: Establishing a Policy for Plat Process

D.    Town Hall Task Force

E.     Paradise Plat report by Supervisor Erdmann

F.     Mark Saldana Rezoning Request Update

IX.               New Business

A.     Adoption of Resolution on Town Board Meeting Schedule

B.     Supervisor Appointment to Committees and Duties

C.    Establishing Meeting Fees and Payment for Services

D.    Signators on Bank Accounts

E.     Consideration of Annual Meeting Business

F.     Report on Insurance Claim

G.    April 6 Planning Commission Agenda Items for Watab

H.     Grant for Polling Place Accessibility

I.         Set Date for Road Tour

J.      Board of Equalization Date

K.     Report on MAT Conference

X.                 Supervisor Issues

XI.               Adjournment