Watab Town Board of Audit Agenda

March 7, 2006 -  4:00 P.M.

Watab Town Hall



I.                     Call Board of Audit to Order

II.                   Review of County Auditor Statements of Money Paid to Town Treasurer

III.                  Review of Claims and Checks for 2005

IV.               Audit of Clerk’s and Treasurer’s Books—Yr. End

V.                 Adjournment



Watab Town Board Meeting Agenda

March 7, 2006

Following Board of Audit Meeting


I.                     Call Meeting to Order & Pledge to the Flag

II.                   Approval of Minutes of February Meeting

III.                  Treasurer’s Report

IV.               Presentation of Bills & Authorization for Payment

V.                 Citizen Issues

VI.               Old Business

A.     Ordinance on Billing for Fire/Emergency Calls to Non-Residents

B.     Bi-Annual Fire Agreement with Sauk Rapids

C.    Park Dedication Fee Recommendation

D.    Letter to Noble Custom Homes

E.     Consideration of Resolution 2006-2 Establishing a Snow and Ice Control Policy

F.     Consideration of Resolution 2006-2 Establishing a Policy For Plat Approval

G.    Ballot Question of 5-Member Board

VII.              New Business

A.     Approval of Preliminary Plat for Paradise: Marty Reker

B.     Rezoning Request by Mark Saldana

C.    Levy Recommendations for Annual Meeting

D.    Agenda Items for Annual Meeting

VIII.      Adjournment (Note the meeting must adjourn by 6:00pm due to Precinct Caucuses)