Watab Town Board Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

7:00 p.m. @ Watab Town Hall



I.       Pledge to the Flag & Call to Order

II.     Approval of the Agenda

III.  Approval of the December 7 Meeting Minutes

IV.  Treasurerís Report

V.    Authorization to Pay Monthly Town Bills

VI.  Presentation by Katie Winkelman on TMDL Study of Little Rock Lake

VII.           Old Business

A.    Change of Road Name from 10th Ave. NW to Plaziak Road (road portion west of railroad tracks)

B.     SCORE grant payment

C.     January 18th Budget Meeting Agenda

D.    Sign Update: Supervisor Gondeck

E.     2011 Township Newsletter Articles & Sponsors

F.     MS4 Permit Application Process

G.    City of Rice Fire Billing

H.    Driveway Permits

VIII.         New Business

A.    Request from Nancy Scott, Building Inspector

B.     Review of Final Levy Certification Documents

C.     Local Board of Review Date

D.    2011 Wacosa Cleaning Contract Approval

E.     Appointment of Representative to Benton Co. Economic Development Committee

F.     Review of Correspondence

G.    Supervisor Issues

H.    Supervisor Reports:

1.     Supervisor GondeckóBenton Co. Economic Dev. Board

2.     Supervisor KacuresóRice Fire Board

IX.  Citizen Issues

X.     Adjournment