Watab Town Board Meeting

September 7, 2010



††††††††††††††† The regular monthly meeting of the Watab Town Board was called to order at 7pm by Chair Ed Kacures Jr. All board members were present: Clerk Pat Spence, Treasurer Eileen Saldana, Supervisors Ed Kacures Jr., Lloyd Erdmann, and Craig Gondeck. Audience members present were Bill Bettendorf, John Thompson, Allen Saldana, Kevin Reiter, Paul Jacobs, Paul Schwinghammer, Brian Erdmann, Maureen Graber, and Chuck Ertl.

††††††††††††††† The Chair thanked all the residents for their hard work and endurance after the August 13th storm, especially with the hot and humid weather. Supervisor Gondeck talked about the attempted abduction at Rockwood Estates, which is under investigation; be on the watch out in neighborhoods for this predator. Approval of the agenda:motion was made by Supervisor Kacures, seconded by Supervisor Gondeck to table Nancy Scottís issue until next month because of her unavailability. Motion passed.††† Minutes of the August 3, 15, 16, & 30 meetings were approved by Supervisor Gondeck, seconded by Supervisor Erdmann and passed. Treasurerís Report given by Eileen Saldana was approved through motion by Supervisor Gondeck and second by Supervisor Kacures. Motion passed.

††††††††††††††† Motion was made by Supervisor Kacures, seconded by Supervisor Gondeck, and passed to approve the payment of the monthly bills as presented. Supervisor Gondeck abstained from approval of Amber Schoenherr Ďs bill for posters for clean up day. The Clerk was asked to have an answer by next monthís meeting whether or not building permit checks can be payable to All Spec Services rather than the township to have quicker turn around on bank clearance of checks.

††††††††††††††† Storm Clean Up:Supervisor Gondeck spoke about the work of the utility companies, monitor -ing of traffic, and applauded residents for chipping in with their volunteer labor to clean up; he said that he is working on an emergency procedure manual, so that the township could respond better in the future. He will have draft by next month. Supervisor Kacures reported that Burskiís did work for the township; Supervisor Erdmann will go out to check for other leaning trees in the road right of way. Supervisor Gondeck will contact Joan Spiczka to notify residents not to put brush on the right of way. There are brush piles on right of ways on Lakewood Shores and Sharon Place. Fortunately, there wasnít more major damage to homes. John Thompson said that there is brush on Saldana Road from Plaziak Road west.

††††††††††††††† Railroad Crossing Report: Supervisor Erdmann has been checking on quiet zones for railroad crossings. The federal railway website lists a cost of $13,000. He isnít certain what the $13,000 includes. The next step to gather more information is an application form to meet with the appropriate bodies to inquire about quiet zones. Supervisor Gondeck said we should have a public hearing to see if there is an interest in having a quiet zone. The other board members said we would need more information before having a public hearing. The engineering has already been established so that might not need to be redone. Supervisor Erdmann would like to submit the paperwork to request a meeting. Supervisor Gondeck felt that the county board should initiate the meeting because the crossing on County Rd 79 is the one Supervisor Erdmann wants done first, and it is a county road.He was asked to gather more information and to talk to the county board. Allen Saldana felt that the railroad has money to help improve the crossings.

††††††††††††††† Road Mowing Contract: ready to start the second mowing in about a week. Supervisor Gondeck asked to have Sharon Place mowed an area on Frost Road to the tree line. The Clerk asked to have Sanbur Trail and Shoestring Loop mowed since it was missed on the first round. There will be stumps in the road right of way. Chuck Ertl was present and asked about the minimum maintenance road; he was asked to do the best he can because thereís a lot of brush. John Thompson talked about Ferry Point and that the brush needs to be mowed out wider. Chuck said that most places it will be 10 to 13 feet wide. Brian Erdmann asked about the bill; we havenít received one at this time.

††††††††††††††† Crack Filling and Seal Work: Supervisor Erdmann reported on the Seal Coating. The contractor did a good job. There was a major rain storm within one hour of completing the work on Ferry Point.He said the roads look good. Supervisor Gondeck feels that the township is on the right track using the fog seal and crack filling. There was a material over run. We figured the width incorrectly on Ferry Point. It was wider than we reported. Next time we need to measure the widths of the roads in addition to the length.

††††††††††††††† Fifth Avenue: second wear course is down. Class 5 shoulders are down. Jason Chapman is completing the ditch work. Itís very wet again. Clerk Spence reported on an issue with mailboxes leaning, and Supervisor Gondeck will follow up.

††††††††††††††† Brian Erdmann asked about the special meeting on August 24th and issuing additional work to J & J Contracting for $5,000. The engineer said the work is outside the contract requirements.

††††††††††††††† Sign Replacement: All the signs are repaired from the sign damage. 40 sign posts were donated from another local government unit. He is behind on the project because of the storm.

††††††††††††††† 115th Street Shoulder Repairs:Supervisor Gondeck asked to have it tabled until next year because of the cost for clean up after the storm damage. Board referred to photos.Allen Saldana was asked to look at it with Supervisor Gondeck. Supervisor Erdmann made a motion to have Supervisor Gondeck meet with Allen to blade the shoulder toward the road and pack it down to save the edge of the black top. Motion was seconded by Supervisor Gondeck and passed.

††††††††††††††† Co. Rd 55 & 105th Street intersection improvements:the county made a commitment to make the improvement. (Bob Kozel)

††††††††††††††† Co. Rd 55 project: Supervisor Gondeck said that it will start in November; 3 culverts may be installed; not a total reclaiming project because they have to do a new MS4 plan. It will be a scaled down project because of available funds.

††††††††††††††† STS Crew: weíre on the list, but donít know when they can come.

††††††††††††††† Paradise Plat escrow account: We have spent $1137.50 of the $5000 in escrow. Clerk is to check if Marty Reker has signed off on the SWPPP. Find out what the retainage is by other cities and townships of the escrow account. Supervisor Erdmann made a motion to release $3,000 back to Marty, check on the SWPPP and if there are no issues, pay the remainder next month. Motion was seconded by Craig. Motion failed because of no vote by Craig and abstention by Ed for more information. This was placed on the October agenda.

††††††††††††††† Supervisor Gondeck will get quotes for removal of illegal mailbox on Ferry Point.††††††††††††† Emergency equipment purchased to date is a ladder and dry eraser map. Many other local units of government have given Supervisor Gondeck equipment.He still needs to purchase safety vests, and heíll check on a generator. Supervisor Kacures asked Supervisor Gondeck to check on the early warning system.The Clerk and Supervisor Gondeck will meet to plan solicitation for ads for the township annual newsletter.

New Business:

1.       Snow Plowing Contract:Supervisor Kacures made the following suggestions for changes in the contract and resolution: on page 3, item #5 list of equipment add having access to a grader blade; page 5óduring bad or severe ice conditions the board reserves the right to increase the percentage of salt in the salt/sand mix at no additional cost.Page 5óMethod of compensation changed to three lump sums paid December, February, and April and 5% retainage paid in May and/or after the final road inspection. Resolution section, page 1: 1st whereas change to 43 miles; add town hall parking lot in separate whereas; page 6 of the resolution, section 9ólast sentence drop the footage to three feet; if higher pushed into the ditch; check handout on the insurance coverage for whatís required by state. Add a letter attached if they would do emergency work, what is the hourly quote. Send out for bids to be received at October meeting: Burski, J & J, Allen Saldana, John Thompson, Marson, Brian Erdmann, J. R. Ferche, Mastey.Advertise SR Herald, website, channel 3.

2.       Watab Clean Up day 8 to 2 on Saturday, September 18th; Supervisor Gondeck will pass out flyers. Supervisor Erdmann will also help with this.

3.       Watab History Day: Supervisor Gondeck is getting good response; literature is being printed; hours are from 12 to 5 including a potluck dinner on October 30th; Clerk Spence will take pictures.

4.       Communications: Authorization was given the clerk and treasurer to pay Bogart, Pederson $1670.00 from the road loan fund through a motion by Supervisor Erdmann, second by Supervisor Gondeck, and passed.

5.       Supervisor Reports: Benton County Economic Development by Supervisor Gondeck there is some activity with proposed business expansion.Rice Fire Board no report; meeting scheduled for this week with Supervisor Kacures and our attorney and more to report next month.

6.       Citizen Issues:Junk cars were reported on land west of Lakewood Shores Road. Supervisor Gondeck will follow up on it. Paul Jacobs turned in a complaint about the abandoned trailer house across from his home over a year ago. It must be proven that it is a public nuisance.


Upcoming meetings of the board: Thursday, September 16 at 7:30pm at Mr. Jimís in Foley for Benton County Association of Townships. No one is going to district meeting in Staples.




Meeting adjourned at 9:20pm .


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Respectfully submitted by Pat Spence