Watab Town Board Meeting Minutes

November 9, 2010

7:00 p.m.


The regular monthly meeting of the Watab Town Board was called to order at 7pm on Tuesday, November 9, 2010 at the Watab Town Hall by Chair Ed Kacures Jr. Board members present: Supervisors Ed Kacures Jr., Lloyd Erdmann, and Craig Gondeck; Treasurer Eileen Saldana; and Deputy Clerk Maureen  Graber.  Audience members were: Paul Jacobs, Donna Poganski, Clara Knettel, Brian Erdmann, and Bob Raveling.


Following the Pledge to the Flag, the board approved the agenda. Ed motioned to accept, Craig seconded the motion and it passed. Craig thanked the election judges for the job they did for the election. Ed extends sympathy to the Warren Gray family. He will be sorely missed.


Approval of the October 5 Minutes Craig motioned approval, Lloyd seconded. Motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report:  Eileen presented the bank balance. Lloyd motion to approve the treasurer report, Craig seconded. Motion passed.


Authorization to pay the November bills:  Lloyd motion to approved and pay the bills, Craig seconded. Motion passed for the necessary funds to be paid out. The supervisors reviewed the additional bill from Bogart Peterson. They were unsure if some of these charges have already been paid in previous months. August 30th is the first date listed on the billing. Craig made a motion to approve the payment with the stipulation that Pat Spence review the bill to ensure there is no duplication of charges. Motion was seconded by Ed. Motion passed. –Approval, also to pay the city of Sauk Rapids for $ 560.00 but Craig will get more information on this issue.


SCORE Grant Update: Watab Clean up day cost $9900. The SCORE grant from the county will pay up to 75% of our cost for the day (up to $ 12, 750).If some of our costs are donated, these amounts are included in our total for the grant. Craig stated about 300 people came through. It will probably end up costing the township about $500.


History Day Report on King’s Inn Supper Club: Craig stated the reunion drew about 80 people. There was lots of food and fond memories.


Sign Update: Craig did 10th Avenue today. He only has a few signs left and he will be done. Ed recommended Craig put up a stop sign at the north end of 10th Avenue. Also, he will install a 15th Avenue stop sign at intersection with Saldana Road.


Lakewood Shore Rd Crossing Update: Craig has heard two complaints about the crossing. Something needs to be done with it this fall due to serious erosion. There was much discussion about the material and the method. It was agreed that the north east side of the crossing needs one 17 yard load of 3”rock pushed up against the side of the road to fill in the gap. Craig will also contact the railroad  Road Master to tell them we are doing an emergency repair.  All agreed this is a band aid fix. Craig will get three bids from the three contractors he talked to and get the work done. Craig made the motion and Lloyd seconded. Motion passed.


Town line road is 115th Avenue. The issue was tabled because of storm damage. The township doesn’t have any funds.


Emergency Grant Update- Craig reported Watab sign to be put up at Pines Edge grocery with updates from the township. It will be in a Plexiglas case.


Rockwood Estates Shed Issue-Resolved Letter from the lady who sold the shed and moved off the site. Nancy Scott said that if it was sold in Watab it does not meet code. No one knows if it was sold in Watab Township. Not our issue.


Resolution of NSF Check for Building Permit: It has been paid. $ $273.00 credit per Nancy Scott and check $ 397.00 from Angie. We reviewed Nancy’s bill and noted the credit on her account.


Storm Clean Up: Craig reported the STS crew is in the area and cleaned up brush. We will clean up 15th Avenue NW. Otherwise it is all done.


Circle Pines Plat 2 Junk Yard: Still in process. Maureen read the letter from Guy Spence to the Benton County Department of Development. Lloyd says this is a county issue and we have no legal right to press the issue. All agreed it is a problem. The county needs to do enforcement.


Fifth Avenue: Jon Bogart called Craig today and Jason has to do the work in the ditch by the Haus residence at no additional cost. This is not yet completed.


Helland Mailbox: Craig has a file on this since 2007. There was a continuing discussion. Lloyd is abstaining from the vote. Craig made a motion to remove it. Ed seconded it. Motion passed. It is clearly an obstruction.


Town Hall Maintenance Update Craig reported. He worked with the repair person on the front doors sticking. There is a recommendation to replace the bulbs in the town hall with 42 day light bulbs at 14 watt, $ 6.90 each for a total of $ 289.80. Craig made a motion, Ed seconded Craig will do the work. Motion passed. Craig also cleaned the rust off the side of the building. Ed would like to not have the interionr of the bldg cleaned the date of the meeting. The odor from the cleaning products lingers.  Thank you to Craig for the building maintenance work!


Plaziak Road and 10th Avenue road signs. The fire dept and the sheriff got lost going to the house fire. Much discussion of the road labels. Final recommendation is from Gordon Bridge (County Road 55) to Saldana Road the road would be Plaziak Road. The road east of the railroad tracks would remain 10th Avenue with no change. Craig motion and Lloyd seconded Passed. Craig will contact Benton County with our recommendations.


Ed stated there is a history of people dumping garbage around the township and some is being dumped by the town hall. It has happened three times in the past. This time the dumpee screwed up. There was a receipt in the garbage to identify him. Craig contacted the sheriff and he called Ed and Craig. We decided to press charges so the person would get a citation. When the person was confronted by the sheriff, he admitted he has done this at other places. He admitted dumping three times at the hall and he has dumped in other locations. He is from Sauk Rapids. We have not heard anything else on this issue but he will receive a citation and/or fine from the Sheriff.


Snowplow Contract signatures:  Craig motion and Lloyd seconded for Ed to sign the contract. Motion passed. Ed signed the contracts.


New Business: Annual road certification to Benton County. Dated 10-25-2010. Craig made a motion and Lloyd seconded. Motion passed for Ed to sign the certification.


Indian Burial Ground Site in Township: Craig had much information about certified 59 Indian mounds on Jerry Kosloske’s property.


STS funding from Benton County. Meeting on Nov 18th SR City Hall at 8:00 pm. County will pay 50% and they want townships to pay 25%. Lloyd motion for $ 100 per day for coverage of the STS Crews from the township. If the $ 100 is unacceptable to the County, we will go with the $ 150.  Craig seconded the motion. Craig will go to the meeting. Motion passed.


Set Preliminary Budget Meeting: Last year it was in January. Meeting set for Tuesday, January 11th, 2011. This is the second Tuesday of January at 7:00pm.


Craig got a letter from Knife River stating they want the Township to sign off on the stormwater permit. We still have their retainage. We will table it until next month. Haus property has not been completed by Jason.


Correspondence:  Letter from John Herges. Falcon National Bank. They are holding a seminar for small businesses regarding loans. They will discuss small business lending with three key note speakers. This is on Thursday November 18th from 7am to 9am. They agreed to leave it up to Pat and Eileen if they want to go Craig motion, Ed seconded. Motion passed.


There is a letter from Benton County assessor’s office regarding training. No one has to go.


Rice Fire Board: Supervisor Kacures stated the letter and check were sent to City of Rice for the first half of the year. We have not heard any official correspondence from Rice. They did not cash the check. We do not have a fire board meeting set up.


Benton Co. Economic Development Committee:  Supervisor Gondeck. A person came in and discussed foreclosure scams. Employers are starting to hire people back.


Complaints from last month: Dip in the road on 85th Avenue in Oak Hill. We will need to do something with it next spring. 115th got bladed.


Craig issue: 9920 West Lake Road, converted to a house with no land use permit. Nancy Scott sent out two letters. Person is living in the garage without a building permit. Chelle Benson from the county is looking into it.


Lloyd issue on gravel tax. There is a huge pile of unpaid gravel tax in the Township.  We need to push that issue with the county again in January with the changing personnel in the Treasurer’s office. It is not fair to the gravel pit owners who pay their gravel tax voluntarily.


Citizen Issues:

Paul Jacob has information. He wanted to know if the township got paid back on the property next door. Craig reported we should get a check in January per Rod Bundy. There was discussion about the delay as the property sold a few months ago. The supervisors directed the clerk, Pat Spence to write a letter to Joan Neyssen requesting a check in payment of the lien on the Indigo Road property from the County to the Township.


Eileen’s friend complained about the cars for sale on the frontage road north of Rumors. There are always cars there for sale. They suggested she call MN dot.


With no further business, adjournment was at 9:00pm.  


                                                            Respectfully submitted by Maureen Graber, Deputy Clerk