Watab Town Board Meeting

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

7:00 p.m. at Watab Town Hall



I.         Call the Meeting to Order & Pledge to the Flag

II.      Approval of the Agenda

III.    Approval of the February 8th Regular Meeting and February 15th Special Meeting

IV.    Treasurer’s Report

V.      Presentation by Kimberly Thielen Cremers, Central MN Mississippi River Renaissance Coordinator, and Request for Adoption of Resolution 2010-3: Support of the Vision for the Future of the Mississippi River

VI.    Citizen’s Time to Speak

VII.  Approval of the Bills and Authorization to Pay

VIII.            Old Business

A.      Jon Bogart: Road Projects

B.      MS4 Permit Contract with Paul Schwinghammer, Red Barn Ridge LLC

C.      Approval of Township Newsletter: Supervisor Kacures

D.     SCORE Grant Application:  Supervisor Gondeck

E.      Snow Plowing Contract Review

F.       Ditch Mowing Contract Review

G.     Message Board for Town Hall: Supervisor Gondeck

IX.    New Business

A.      Review and Adoption of 2010 Township Budget & Levy Recommendations

B.      Approval of Clerk’s Annual Report to Residents

C.      Annual Meeting Agenda

D.     Supervisor Reports

1.       Rice Fire Board Report: Supervisor Kacures

2.      Sauk Rapids Fire Board Report: Supervisor Gondeck

3.      Benton County Association of Townships Meeting: All

4.      Benton County Economic Development Board: Supervisor Gondeck

X.      Adjournment