Watab Town Board Meeting

December 7, 2010



            The regular monthly meeting of the Watab Town Board was held on Tuesday, December 7, 2010 at 7pm. All board members were present: Treasurer Eileen Saldana; Supervisors Ed Kacures Jr., Craig Gondeck, and Lloyd Erdmann; and Clerk Pat Spence. Audience members present were Bob Raveling, Brian Erdmann, and Ron Burski.

            Chair Ed Kacures Jr. called the meeting to order at 7pm. Following the Pledge to the Flag, Supervisor Gondeck thanked the Treasurer and Clerk for all their work, wished Eileen Saldana a Happy Birthday, and extended sympathy to the Mazecek family.

            The agenda addition was discussion of township’s MS4 plan. Minutes were approved as written through motion by Supervisor Erdmann, second by Supervisor Gondeck. The Treasurer’s Report was approved through a motion by Supervisor Gondeck and second by Supervisor Kacures. Monthly bills were approved for payment through motion by Supervisor Gondeck and second by Supervisor Kacures.

Old Business included the following:

  1. SCORE grant request for reimbursement to Benton County is for $10,052.45, which is 75% of our total costs. In-kind donations from businesses ($2,665.00) offset the cost to tax papers, which is $685.81. Over 300 people participated. Supervisor Gondeck thanked the businesses for their in-kind donations. The Clerk has mailed the request for reimbursement to Benton County Dept. of Development.
  2. Supervisor Gondeck asked for permission to order six “No Dumping” signs for various places in the township. They are about $12 each. Motion was made by Supervisor Kacures and seconded by Supervisor Erdmann to purchase the additional signs; motion passed with Supervisor Gondeck abstaining.
  3. Lakewood Shores Railroad Crossing: Brian Erdmann, Rice Contracting and Development, came in with the lowest quote and did the job in repairing the approach to the railroad tracks and filling in the eroded area. The board thanked him for the excellent job.
  4. Circle Pines Plat 2 Junk Yard Report: The Clerk was asked to draft a letter for the Chair’s signature requesting the clean up of the property with junk cars, garbage, and other debris. Clerk Spence reported that the Dept. of Development has given the property owner deadlines for removal.
  5. Fifth Avenue work: Supervisor Kacures talked to Jon Bogart and said that we shouldn’t sign off on the MS4 on the project until we see how the vegetation grows up. The Clerk reviewed the retainage bill for $4700 from Tri-City Paving; it has been approved by Jon Bogart. Motion was made by Supervisor Gondeck and seconded by Supervisor Erdmann for the chair to sign document giving permission to pay the retainage to Tri-City Paving for the top wear course and to pay $270 for a July bill to Jon Bogart for a preconstruction meeting on 5th Avenue wear course. Clerk  Spence was asked to check on the costs for board time and retainages for final cost and report at the January meeting.
  6. Removal of Helland’s mailbox at Ferry Point property was tabled until spring.
  7. Report on STS funding: four townships were at county meeting. County is requesting that all township’s pay $150/day when we use STS crews. Supervisor Gondeck requested that the payment be $100/day, but the county officials did not agree.
  8. 9920 West Lake Road property is cleared up; there was a resident living in the garage but has now moved out. There had been no building permits filed.
  9. Unpaid Gravel tax to Benton County: Supervisor Erdmann will talk to the new Auditor/ Treasurer when she takes office in January. Building Permit Box is installed by Supervisor Gondeck at the town hall.
  10. Snow Plowing –favorable comments were given to Ron Burski on the job being done.


New Business:

  1. Clerk Spence gave the board an update on the loan draw down for the road projects. Total spent, without including the board time, is currently at $824,922.19. This is under the projected cost for the road projects.
  2. The board set a meeting for January 18th at 7pm to work on the 2011 budget recommendations.
  3. Supervisor Gondeck made a motion, seconded by Supervisor Kacures to set Absentee Voting at the time recommended by Clerk Spence: March 5th, 2011 from 10am until noon at the town hall : March 5th. Motion passed. Filing period for the positions of two-year term for Treasurer and Supervisor Kacures’ current position for a three-year supervisor’s term begins on December 28 and closes at 5pm on January 11th.
  4. 2011 Newsletter: Supervisor Gondeck suggested a three-tier Bronze/Silver/Gold contribution level to get sponsors for the newsletter, which would help offset the cost. He would work with the Clerk. Clerk Spence recommended that we list the stories that we would like in the newsletter and bring them to the January meeting. They can also be e-mailed to her.
  5. Plaziak Road change: Benton County wants a letter from the town board with a request to correct the road names even though it was Benton County’s request to change the names because of emergency vehicles getting lost going to a fire on 10th Avenue, because there are two 10th Avenues in Watab. The Clerk is to compose a letter, which would be sent to all residents on the current road west of the railroad tracks from County Road 55 north to 95th St NW (Plaziak Road) letting them know that their road would be named Plaziak Road. The road on the east side of the railroad tracks would remain 10th Avenue. The residents should be invited to the January town board meeting. Motion was made by Supervisor Gondeck, seconded by Supervisor Kacures, and passed setting this process in motion.
  6. Clerk Spence reported that the township needs to apply for permit reissuance for our MS4 permit. Supervisor Erdmann made a motion to have Clerk Spence ask Paul Schwinghammer to apply for our reissuance of permit for MS4; motion was seconded by Supervisor Kacures, and passed.
  1. Supervisor Reports: Supervisor Gondeck reported on the Rice City Council meeting. He asked Mayor Fiedler if there would be future fire board meetings and authorization of the fire department budget. The Mayor said that there would be no meetings, and that he would not honor the letter of understanding between our attorneys regarding the fire board needing to approve the budget. He asked the City Clerk to have his question and the response put in the official record of the meeting. Supervisor Kacures asked for permission to have our attorney send a letter to City of Rice, and the attorney representing them, saying that they are in violation of the contract. Motion made by Supervisor Gondeck to approve the action; second by Supervisor Erdmann; and motion passed. Supervisor Gondeck reported that Terry Humbert from MNDoT was at the Rice meeting to talk about the overpass for County Road 2. Cost estimate is $17 million. eHeHe would like a letter from the township requesting our priority intersections in case additional money is available. Supervisor Kacures made a motion for Clerk Spence to write a letter to Terry Humbert and copy our local elected officials recommending the intersections of County Road 4 and County Road 13 for improvements. His motion was seconded by Supervisor Gondeck; motion passed. Supervisor Gondeck also reported on the Benton County Economic Development Board meeting. The board believes that employment opportunities in the area are increasing.

2.      Supervisor Gondeck reported that he had a complaint from Becky Bogie on our building inspector. He made positive comments about the work of the township’s Assessor.

3.      Clerk Spence went through the monthly correspondence with the board. It is on file at her office.

4.      Supervisor Gondeck requested permission to get driveway permit forms reprinted. Get cost by next month. He also asked the Clerk to give him a report on the amount left from the emergency management grant for emergency equipment. The board gave permission for him to apply for a grant to install a Public Address system in the hall.

5.      Ron Burski inquired about the billing process for snow plowing. Clerk Spence advised him that the billing schedule is in the contract.


A motion by Supervisor Gondeck was made to adjourn the meeting at 9pm; seconded by Supervisor Kacures and passed.


Respectfully submitted by Pat Spence