Watab Town Board Meeting Minutes

August 3, 2010



††††††††††††††† The regular monthly meeting of the Watab Town Board was called to order by town board chairman Ed Kacures Jr. at 7pm on Tuesday, August 3, 2010 at the Watab Town Hall. Supervisors present were Ed Kacures Jr., Lloyd Erdmann and Craig Gondeck; Clerk Pat Spence; and Treasurer Eileen Saldana. Audience members present were Jon Bogart, Paul Schwinghammer, Kevin Reiter, Bob Raveling, and Mark Hanson.

††††††††††††††† The meeting began with the Pledge to the Flag. The agenda was approved with the addition of SnowPlowing Ideas and a Watab Clean Up Update through a motion by Supervisor Gondeck, second by Supervisor Kacures, and passed. The minutes were approved by a motion of Supervisor Gondeck, second by Supervisor Kacures, and passed. The Treasurerís report was given by Treasurer Eileen Saldana with $266,754.89 in checking. The Treasurerís Report was approved through a motion by Supervisor Gondeck, second by Supervisor Kacures, and passed.

Bills that came in after the checks were issued include: Red Barn Ridge$150.00; Joan Spiczka $60.00; DM Stamps and Specialties $27.47; MN Dept of Labor and Industry $160.00; and Falcon National Bank $52,250.77. Motion was made by Supervisor Erdmann, seconded by Supervisor Gondeck to pay claims presented tonight plus additional bills presented by Clerk Spence. Motion passed. Motion was made by Supervisor Gondeck, seconded by Supervisor Kacures to pay Bogart, Pederson $485 on the Fifth Avenue project from the loan fund. Motion passed.

Supervisor Erdmann talked with the railroad officials of Burlington Northern on his proposed improvements at Lakewood Shore Rd crossing. Approval was given at the July meeting to do an existing site study and minor design for improvements to the crossing. Jon Bogart explained that the proposed improvements would be quiet zone compatible.There would be a two-foot median in the middle with a curb on the sides.Estimated cost is $93,311.02. The road improvements without the quiet zone improvements would be approximately $60,000. Supervisor Gondeck made a motion to table this until the October meeting. The chair asked Supervisor Erdmann to approach the railroad officials with the plan to keep the project moving forward. Jon Bogart will give Supervisor Erdmann further information that is necessary to work with the railroad. There is a meeting tomorrow morning at Fifth Avenue at 10:30am for pre-construction.

Supervisor Erdmann made a report on the east side sprinkler heads that have been sticking.

He also reported on road mowing by Chuck Ertl, which began mid-July. He has made at least one pass through the township except for Sanbur Trail, Shoestring Loop and the cul de sac on Ferry Point; he will be back to do those. The second pass will be done in early September. The Clerk reminded him to have Chuck Ertl sign the contract. The Chair asked that intersections be checked for good sight lines.

††††††††††††††† Supervisor Gondeck reported on the crack filling, which is completed on Timber Lane Estates, River View Loop, and Gannet Road. In the future, Supervisor Gondeck suggested that supervisors have sets of plans with them when out supervising the projects. Crack sealing will most likely be done in mid-August.

††††††††††††††† Clerk Spence and Supervisor Gondeck reported on their work to recover the NSF check for $603. The contractor who did the work did not have a plumbing permit. He recommends that we go to the State of MN and report that Steve Schwegel was doing plumbing and mechanical work without a permit. Jeremy Huls, the homeowner and general contractor, communicated with Supervisor Gondeck, and he said that he will cover the check if necessary.He also met with Nancy Scott and made recommendations to her. Supervisor Kacures recommended a letter to be written by the Clerk to Nancy Scott requesting that she check licenses and have her collect permit fees payable to her company and then paying the township.

††††††††††††††† Supervisor Gondeck met with Audio Professionals and bid was $8,015 and $8,700 for two different proposals to have a sound system in the town hall; he asked for permission to apply for a grant to cover it from East Central Electric. Approval granted.

††††††††††††††† Clerk Spence reported on Bill Rauchís offer to strip, wax, and buff the floor at the town hall: cost would be $300 labor and a maximum of $150 for wax and mop heads: motion made by Supervisor Gondeck, seconded by Supervisor Erdmann, and passed to contract with Bill Rauch.

††††††††††††††† Clerk Spence reported on the Primary Election. Major changes in election law include the county handling all absentee ballots and no one other than election judges and voters allowed being at the polling place. A motion was made by Supervisor Kacures, seconded by Supervisor Gondeck, to pay the election judges $10 per hour, provide meals, and reimburse for mileage. Supervisor Gondeck gave a report on road sign replacement; they will be put up as soon as Gopher State comes out and checks for placement.

115th Street shoulder repairs are needed because of 4-wheeler damage. Quotes were submitted from Rice Contracting for $15.75 per cubic yard of crushed concrete and from Burski Excavating for grading shoulder and adding recycled asphalt for $4,800 or putting in concrete for $3,150 and $1,150 for a total of $4,300. The board asked for more detailed plans of what the contractors were going to do.

Co. Rd 55 and 105th Street intersection needs improvement. Bob Kozel told Supervisor Kacures that the improvements would be made this summer. Supervisor Gondeck met with There have been several complaints and a motorcycle accident because of the gravel going out on co. rd 55. Supervisor Kacures will call Bob Kozel and try to get something done.The Clerk sent a letter to Bob Kozel requesting a meeting about the proposed work on Co. Rd 55 with the residents; there has been no response at this time.

Clerk Spence gave an update on the road loan. So far expenses are as follows: Fifth Avenue--$600,012; Roseanna Beach Road--$73,868; Riverview Loop--$54,860. She presented an itemized breakdown of payments to each contractor for work that has been paid for the loan. No money has been spent from the loan funds for supervisorís time on the road projects; the Clerk recommended making certain that all contractors are paid from the loan fund before getting reimbursement to the Road and Bridge Fund for the Supervisor time. The board members agreed.

The wear course is most likely going in on Fifth Avenue next week. There is a pre-construction meeting with Tri-City Paving tomorrow morning at 10:30am. There are some issues with the ditches that will be addressed at the meeting.

Supervisor Gondeck and Paul Schwinghammer reviewed the Lake Andrew Development regarding MS4 concerns about the dirt pile. There was silt fence around the pile. The erosion was coming from Jeremy Hulís landscaping project in his yard.

Supervisor Gondeck met with Jim McDermott about the emergency equipment. He asked permission to spend $800 of the $1,000 grant at this time. Motion was made by Supervisor Kacures, seconded by Supervisor Erdmann, and passed authorizing this expenditure.

The STS Crew will be here within two weeks to trim brush on Burton Drive, Jackal Road, and Frost Road.They are unavailable for helping with Watab Clean Up Day, which is Saturday, September 18th.

Supervisor Gondeck recommended that we advertise for bids on snow plowing next month.Changes should be made in mileage to correct it to the 43 miles of town roads and adding the town hall parking lot.Board will review for other changes for the next meeting and then award job in October.Supervisor Gondeck talked about having a message board at Pineís Edge.Cost would be about $40 for materials. The board gave him authorization to purchase this.

Supervisor Reports: Supervisor Gondeck reported on the Benton Co. Economic Development Committee. They have loan funds available for businesses and he explained the process an applicant goes through to get a county loan. Kingís Inn Supper Club Reunion for Watab History Day is October 30th; there is a lot of interest with 80 to 100 people expected for a pot luck lunch. He will set up a committee in September to help organize it.

Rice Fire Contract: we have held off paying the first half of the fire contract with Rice and are doing additional analysis. Supervisor Gondeck recommended that Supervisor Kacures get on the Rice City Council agenda asking why we arenít getting a response. Supervisor Kacures will ask Scott Hamak for advice of how to proceed.

The Clerk read the communications: Minnesota Revenue letter states that we will not receive our full amount of revenue levied at the annual meeting; the state will retain the market value credits. We received $5,552 less in 2009 than levied and she estimates a reduction of another $12,000 in 2010. An e-mail and photo of the 1910 Watab paper mill team (found on E-bay) was distributed to the board members. Minnesota Dept. of Labor and Industry is increasing the minimum building permit from $25 to $30 effective July 1. An e-mail was received from Marty Reker inquiring about reimbursement for the remaining funds in the escrow account for Paradise Plat. Clerk Spence asked the board how to proceed with reimbursing him. Supervisor Kacures asked the board to review the roads in the Paradise Plat before the next meeting. Supervisor Erdmann asked Clerk Spence to send Marty a letter that when the two-year guarantee time and the final inspection is completed, the board will reimburse the balance of his escrow fund.The motion died for lack of a second, since the board wanted more information. This will be on the September meeting agenda.

Supervisor Gondeck reported on two complaints from citizens. The audience had no issues to bring to the attention of the board. Bob Helland will shut off the power and the township can remove his mailbox; he will reimburse expense. Supervisor Gondeck will get bids on what it will cost to remove it.

The meeting adjourned at 9:40pm.


Respectfully submitted by Clerk Pat Spence