Watab Town Board Special Meeting

Wednesday, April 28, 2010



                Watab Town Board met in special session on April 28th at the Watab Town Hall for the purpose of reviewing the quotes for surfacing of Fifth Avenue. Supervisors present were Chair Ed Kacures Jr., Lloyd Erdmann, and Craig Gondeck. Clerk Pat Spence was also present. Audience members were Town Engineer Jon Bogart, Brian Erdmann, Douglas Boser, Delroy Rothstein, and Mel Grile.

                Chair Kacures called the meeting to order at 8am and turned the meeting over to Jon Bogart. There are three quotes for the wear course, which were submitted to the board by Engineer Bogart. The low bid is Tri-City Paving at $96,100. Hardrives, Inc.’s bid was $99,270.50, and Knife River’s bid was $102,463.50. Jon would like permission to talk to Hardrives, because of an arithmetic error on their bid. Without the error, they have the low bid at $92,500. Supervisor Erdmann made a motion authorizing the job to Hardrives if they honor the $92,500, and Tri-City Paving if Hardrives does not. Motion was seconded by Supervisor Gondeck. Doug Boser and Del Rothstein asked when the work would be done. 

                Supervisor Kacures talked about issues on Fifth Avenue with drainage. They will be corrected when Jason does the seeding. Jon will work through Knife River. Doug Boser asked about the responsibility for the shoulder lift when the second layer of tar is added. The contractor who does the second layer will be responsible for it. Doug asked the board what their plan is to take care of the people on Fifth Avenue.  Brian Erdmann asked about a large boulder in the ditch by Mel Grile’s property. Jon made the decision to leave the boulder there, because he doesn’t think it is a problem.

                Doug Boser asked why the second wear course couldn’t be installed as soon as the first wear course is down. Jon said that it is best practice to wait until late July or August for the second wear course.  Del Rothstein said that the road looks really good; there are no frost spots. Clerk should check on the speed limit for this road. Mel asked what the paint design is for the road. The board discussed past practice and asked Jon to look into the cost. There was discussion about the process for completing the driveway approaches.

                Mel Grile reported an estimate he has for $4,205.00 from Rice Contracting for removal of all the debris buried on his property by Cory Tretter. There are rocks, wires, and stumps buried. He had only given permission through a contract to Cory to burn stumps. The Clerk asked how to protect the township and other jurisdictions from having Tretter do work for them.  Supervisor Gondeck suggested that Mel contact the sheriff’s department. Jon Bogart suggested that Mel have his attorney send Tretter a letter.

                The meeting adjourned at 9:05am.


                                                                                Respectfully submitted by Clerk Pat Spence