April 6, 2010 Watab Township Meeting Agenda

7:00 p.m. at Watab Town Hall


I.        Call Meeting to Order & Pledge to the Flag

II.      Reorganization of the Board

A.      Election of Board Chairperson

B.      Election of Board Vice-Chairperson

C.      Committee and Board Assignments

1.       Rice Fire Board

2.       Sauk Rapids Fire Board

3.       Benton County Economic Development Committee

4.       Task Force on Mississippi River

5.       Other

D.      Name Official Depositories of Funds

E.       Resolution to Set Meeting Dates for Coming Year

III.    Approve Agenda

IV.    Approval of Minutes for March 2 Board Meeting & March 9 Board of Canvass Meeting

V.      Approval of Treasurerís Report

VI.    Annual Report by Township Assessor:Traci Balder

VII.  Citizenís Issues

VIII.            Review and Approval of Monthly Bills

IX.    Old Business

A.      Recommendation from Attorney on Additional Payment Request for Fifth Avenue

B.      Quotes on Completion of Fifth Avenue

C.      MS4 Enforcement Contract with Red Barn Ridge LLC

D.      Township Newsletter

E.       STS Funding Update: Supervisor Gondeck

F.       Landfill Public Hearing: Supervisor Gondeck

G.     Rice Chamber Request: Supervisor Gondeck

H.      Revisit Cost to Clean Up Indigo Road House Fire: Supervisor Gondeck

X.      New Business

A.      Approval of 2009 MS4 Annual Report: Maureen Graber

B.      Set Annual Township Road Inspection Tour

C.      Authorization for Payment to Organizations Approved by Electors at Annual Meeting

D.      Township Insurance Review

E.       Joan Spiczka Contract for Web Page: Supervisor Gondeck

F.       Rice Fire Contract: Supervisor Kacures

G.     Ditch Mowing Contract

H.      Supervisor Reports

1.       Benton Co. Economic Development Committee: Supervisor Gondeck

2.       Benton County Mitigation Plan Meeting: Supervisor Gondeck

3.       2010 Township Flood Report: Supervisor Gondeck

4.       Reports on Complaints/Feedback from Residents

5.       Report on Minnesota Association of Townships Short Course

I.        Monthly Communications

XI.    Adjournment