Watab Town Board Meeting Minutes

September 1, 2009


                The regular monthly meeting of the Watab Town Board was called to order at 7pm by Chair Ed Kacures Jr. on September 1, 2009 at the Watab Town Hall. Board members present were Supervisors Ed Kacures Jr., Craig Gondeck, and Lloyd Erdmann; Treasurer Eileen Saldana; and Clerk Pat Spence. Audience members present were Bill Wilson, Maureen Graber, Paul Jacobs, Douglas J. Boser, and Erik Forsberl.

                Following the Pledge to the Flag, Supervisor Gondeck expressed deepest sympathy to the John Wojtanowicz family; John died on August 11th. Supervisor Gondeck explained the good working relationship with John on township issues.

                Discussion of Sucker Creek Road Sign was added to the agenda. Supervisor Gondeck made a motion, seconded by Supervisor Erdmann to approve the minutes as printed for both the Public Hearing and Regular Meeting Minutes of August 4, 2009. The Treasurer’s Report was given and approved on a motion by Supervisor Gondeck and second by Supervisor Kacures; motion passed. There were no Citizen comments.

                Preliminary Plat Discussion on Wooded Acres (formerly known as Leo Sufka farm) by Marty Reker:  Chelle Benson from the Benton County Department of Development has asked him not to include Outlet A in the plat, so the plat submitted is not accurate. It is now a four-lot plat.  Chelle has told Marty that Lot 4 has too many buildings on it for the lot size, so he needs to ask for a variance or tear the buildings down.  This will lose the feel of the original homestead.  Scott Janski, Rice Fire Chief, has signed off on the plat for the Rice Fire Department. There was discussion about a bicycle trail for the park dedication. Marty felt that 4-foot shoulders for bikers would be the most cost effective. There are three suitable sites for septic systems on each lot. Common utility trenches are also acceptable to Marty to conform to the township’s new ordinance. Supervisor Erdmann made a motion to approve separate driveways for each of the three new lots and give up the northerly farm driveway to help preserve the mature oak trees; Supervisor Gondeck seconded; motion passed. Supervisor Gondeck made a motion, which was seconded by Supervisor Erdmann, to approve the plat as described above to the county board. The town board signed the township acknowledgment form.

                Payment of bills: Supervisor Gondeck made a motion to approve the bills for payment as presented and withdraw the funds from the appropriate accounts with the exception of the Rinke Noonan bill and with the stipulation that he would abstain from the vote on the bill for $45 for printing Watab Clean Up Day flyers from Amber Schoenherr because she is a relative. The motion was seconded by Supervisor Kacures and passed.          

Old Business:

  1.  Jon Bogart:  the township has several road construction projects: Fifth Avenue work is being done on moving the utilities. Roseanna Beach is 2/3 complete with soil correction; chip seal has been completed except for fog portion. Next week work will begin on Riverview Loop. Questions for Fifth Avenue: all variances are recorded except for Scott Jarnot. Scott agrees to pay $10,900 of total costs of $20,000, because the additional cost is for lowering the hill, which benefits everyone. We are not responsible for the trees because they’re on our road right of way. Maureen Graber and Doug Boser asked questions. Doug recommends taking a strong stance on the dates of construction. The contractor will be held accountable.  The chair asked Jon to check on the work schedule with Knife River and report back to the board members. They are not being detained because of the utility placement.  Roseanna Beach Road: 2/3 way complete with the excavation; 500 yards in extra excavation needed. There was a concern about trees that need to be removed at Jim Matthew’s property. Once it was staked, they found that the trees needed to be removed. For future projects, staking should be done before the preconstruction meeting. There are large cottonwood trees on the right of way. The township has a signed agreement with the property owner for their removal.  Jason Chapman, the contractor reported on his work. Completion date is approximately September 20th. Jason was complimented on the way his company is explaining work to the residents. Riverview Loop residents who have concrete driveways have been met with. Craig and Jon will talk with all the residents and distribute a letter about what needs to be taken care of. Chip sealing went quickly. Maureen would like the township to commit to determine who owns the triangle from the road edge to the driveways into hers and the neighbors ‘property. Someone would need to review the deeds for all the properties there. Supervisor Gondeck recommends fog sealing the area next week and then determine who owns it later; Supervisor Erdmann seconded the motion; motion passed.  He’ll also take care of issues that Supervisor Kacures raised. Supervisor Gondeck will pick up signs at Geyer Rental that say “Reduce Speed” and “Loose Gravel” and place them where needed.
  2. Sign Replacement: Supervisor Gondeck said it is complete except for two outlet signs.
  3.  As soon as we get the valves, the iron filter will be installed.
  4. Ivy Place Road Runoff: a small gully will be installed to divert the water away from the driveway. Paul Schwinghammer recommends doing this simply. Supervisor Gondeck will take care of it.
  5. Culvert Report: Supervisor Erdmann will do asphalt later.  Culverts will also be marked later. Flexible reflector posts are recommended.
  6. Financing for Road Projects: Clerk Spence reported that she has provided the bank with all the necessary documents and is waiting for completion of the legal documents. Craig Hanson is working on them. The bank will reimburse the township for payments we have made prior to the loan being activated. Supervisor Gondeck made a motion to hire Craig Hanson to draw up the documents on the road projects; Supervisor Kacures seconded; motion passed.
  7. Road ditch mowing and tree trimming: Ditch mowing is underway. There’s an area on the corner of Saldana Road and 10th Avenue that needs further brushing. Also, Co. Rd 55 and Plaziak Road need more trimming. STS crew will work on it. They mow in six to eight feet.  Paul Jacobs also requested more mowing at Indigo Road near his driveway. The width of mowing is 4 to 5 feet and should be out further, especially at intersections. The contract requires 8 foot wide mowing. Supervisor Gondeck will talk to Brian Erdmann about the necessary footage. Clerk Spence should check on the bid document for road mowing.
  8. A letter to Benton County regarding gravel tax was approved by the board and will be sent on September 2.
  9. Supervisor Gondeck will have the STS crew do the tree trimming on Frost Road. 
  10. Policy on snow plowing of roads in the township before they’re formally accepted:  the issue is that we’re plowing roads we don’t own. To continue this practice, the township should develop a letter of understanding that we will plow the roads if the owners of the development don’t come back at us saying we already own the roads because we’re maintaining them. The Clerk will draft a memo of understanding for the next meeting.
  11. STS brush cutting: there are four areas they will work on under Supervisor Gondeck’s direction.

New Business:

  1. Watab Clean Up Day: September 26. Flyers are printed. It will be from 8am to 2pm at Rockwood Estates.  No hazardous materials will be accepted.
  2. AED:  It’s here. Approval was given to order AED pads for adult and pediatric use.
  3. Communication: Clerk Spence read a letter from the Department of MN Revenue about unallotments by the Governor. District 8 Meeting is at Henry’s in Foley on September 22nd at 5:30pm. Benton Co. Assn Thursday,  Sept 17th Mr. Jim’s in Foley at 7:30pm. 
  4. Supervisor Gondeck recommended approval for the variance for Myler property on Sharon Place. Clerk Spence was asked to send a letter to Bill Mayland by September 17th for Board of Adjustment meeting noting the township’s approval.
  5. Benton County Board of Economic Development: Supervisor Gondeck gave report. He made a motion to keep Sucker Creek Road without Northeast and Northwest designations and to send a letter to the county board with the recommendation ; seconded by Supervisor Kacures; motion passed.
  6. August 8th Day Off:  Supervisor Gondeck went on the river canoe trip; Maureen went on the August 8th tour of Bend in the River Park. She also attended an MS4 meeting which was very helpful offered by the Mississippi River Renaissance project.
  7. Best Practices Tour: Supervisor Gondeck attended part of the day.
  8. Rice Fire Board: Supervisor Kacures said there is a Fire Board meeting on September 16th.  The meeting he attended that was advertised as a Rice Fire Board meeting was a Rice City Council Meeting. He summarized the meeting.
  9. Follow-Up on Citizens’ Issues: Supervisor Kacures summarized a letter from the county to a citizen regarding excess pallets in his yard. Operation Roundup from East Central Electric has grants; the deadline is in September. Supervisor Gondeck will apply for emergency equipment funding. Supervisor Gondeck covered the complaints for the month.


The meeting adjourned at 9:58pm.


                                                                Respectfully submitted by Pat Spence, Clerk