Watab Town Board Meeting Minutes

October 7, 2009


The Watab Town Board held its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, October 7, 2009 at 7pm at the Watab Town Hall. Chair Ed Kacures Jr. called the meeting to order and led the Pledge to the Flag.

All board members were present: Supervisors Ed Kacures Jr., Craig Gondeck & Lloyd Erdmann; Treasurer Eileen Saldana; and Clerk Pat Spence. Audience members included:   Paul Schwinghammer, Pete Cluever, Corey Tretter, Allen Saldana, Douglas Boser, Kevin Reiter, and Maureen Graber.


Supervisor Gondeck made a motion to approve the agenda as printed; seconded by Supervisor Kacures; and passed. Minutes of the September 1st regular meeting were approved as written on a motion by Supervisor Gondeck and second by Supervisor Erdmann. Motion passed. A change was made to the minutes for the Emergency Meeting with one change to eliminate Mary Isaac’s name from the minutes as she was not present; motion was seconded by Supervisor Kacures, and passed with the change. Supervisor Erdmann abstained from voting since he was not at the meeting.


Treasurer Eileen Saldana gave the Treasurer’s Report. She had followed up on the statement from Rinke Noonan and they will be sending invoices to her. A motion was made by Supervisor Gondeck and seconded by Supervisor Kacures to approve the Treasurer’s Report. The motion passed. The Treasurer also reported on investments that are maturing at Edward Jones. A motion was made by Supervisor Gondeck and seconded by Supervisor Erdmann to place these CD’s in the money market at Edward Jones. The motion passed. A motion was made by Supervisor Kacures and seconded by Supervisor Gondeck to give Eileen Saldana authority to pay the Rinke Noonan bill when the invoices are received. Motion passed.


Citizen’s Issues: 

1.       Kevin Reiter asked about brush along Sucker Creek Road in the ditch. Supervisor Gondeck said it will be cleaned up by the STS crew this week.

2.       Maureen Graber gave a MS4 update. She distributed a proposed ordinance and the construction permit, and an analysis of the Best Management Practices. She asked that the ordinance be reviewed by the township attorney and legally advertised by November 1st so that we can have the public hearing at the December regular meeting. Her goal is to adopt our ordinance the same year as Benton County adopted their ordinance. Paul Schwinghammer asked that the board pay particular attention to the enforcement section if there is non-compliance. Also, the board should consider a fee schedule to pass along costs incurred to the land owner.  Maureen and Paul answered several questions posed by the board and audience members.  Allen Saldana asked for Jon Bogart’s opinion on MS4 enforcement.  Paul suggested a special meeting in January with our contractors. A motion was made by Supervisor Kacures to advertise the public hearing for the December meeting; seconded by Supervisor Gondeck and he thanked Maureen and Paul for all their good work; motion passed.


Approval to pay the monthly bills: the Clerk reviewed the bills for road projects which will be paid from our bank loan and that are not included with the claims. Supervisor Kacures asked for the payment of the Astech bill to be delayed until the contractor can review the road.  Supervisor Gondeck made a motion; seconded by Supervisor Kacures to pay the bills except for Astech and withdraw the necessary funds; motion passed. Supervisor Erdmann asked the supervisors to keep monthly charges to a minimum because of our declining fund balances. Supervisor Gondeck said he only goes out when there are complaints. He does not bill for time worked at home or for phone calls. A motion was made by Supervisor Gondeck and seconded by Supervisor Erdmann for the Chair to sign the necessary documents for payment of road contractors. Motion passed.


Jon Bogart report on road projects:

1.       Chip sealing and fog sealing for crack-filled roads; project is completed. Some spots were not covered. Jon will meet with Doug at Astech and review the bill and the roads before the bill is paid. Jon will let Eileen or Pat know if the bill can be paid. There is a one-year warranty on all their work. If the work can’t be completed this fall, it will be completed in the spring.

2.       Riverview Loop is complete. There were no erosion issues and vegetation is coming up. Everyone was pleased with the contractor: Harddrives. Supervisor Erdmann made a motion for Clerk Pat Spence to submit the bill to the bank for payment as soon as Jon approves it; seconded by Supervisor Gondeck; and passed.

3.       Roseanna Beach Road is nearly completed except for seeding. The road turned out very good; Jason Chapman did a good job. DNR approved the swale and they will be invited to review it.  It will be seeded as soon as the rain stops. Jason said that there are about two days of work left.  All the culverts were installed as planned.

Old Business:

1.       Fifth Avenue project has issues.  The rain is causing delays and Knife River started about a month later than the time agreed upon. The road is in such bad shape that people are getting stuck. Knife River has put together a new time line with dirt and culverts by Oct. 20; class 5 by Oct 21; curb construction ongoing with class 5 by 26th; bitumen pavement Oct 28; shoulder 30th; landscaping on November 2nd .  Original date for completion was October 26th. Supervisor Gondeck asked about landscaping costs if it can’t be done as planned; Jon will look at contract. The penalty per day is $300 for completion not on time.  This follows MNDOT specifications.  Jon said the road will get done. Doug Boser asked Jon some questions and said he is disappointed with the project. The project started ten days late. There are some situations with mailboxes disappearing today and no one knew where they were. Yesterday the school bus dropped off a girl who is 8 years old and asked her to walk from the south end of the road to Boser Construction. It is impassable for buses.  The township needs to take control of the project, not the contractor. Supervisor Kacures said that this is a very serious issue, since a child’s safety was in jeopardy. The bus company has been contacted. Jon continued to answer several questions about the Fifth Avenue project.  Supervisor Kacures asked for a construction meeting each Monday morning to discuss what’s going on in the upcoming week.  The meetings will be at 7am to talk about what’s going to happen. Supervisor Gondeck wants trust to be maintained with the residents.  Supervisor Erdmann said he felt the meetings were unnecessary, because the project is between the engineer and the contractor.  Supervisor Erdmann said that the chain of command is from the board to the engineer to the contractor, and the board does not belong in the middle of it. Ed said he wants the residents and the board to know what is going to happen not to get in the engineer’s business. The board is ultimately responsible; we are the owners and need to be able to communicate with the residents. Jon reiterated that it will be a drivable road before winter. If we don’t have a large, early snowstorm it will be paved. Pete from Knife River said that they’re doing the best they can in the rain conditions and will finish the road this fall. There is about three days of dirt moving. Supervisor Gondeck said that the MS4 is in his name. Paul Schwinghammer addressed safety and pollution. Everyone should be wearing safety vests on the job site. The site is being inspected daily. Scott Jarnot has signed the easement, but all the documents have not been received by the engineer.  Supervisor Gondeck will record them as soon as they are received.  Ed made a motion for Pat to draft a letter to all the residents along the road; seconded by Craig; and passed. This will be done following tonight’s meeting.

2.       Watab Clean up Day:  Over 300 people came through. He thanked Supervisor Kacures for helping. Supervisor Kacures showed pictures he took during the day.

3.       Sign replacement: Supervisor Gondeck said that all the replacement is completed.

4.       Ivy Place Rd Runoff: this will be finished this month by Supervisor Gondeck.

5.       Culvert Report: Supervisor Erdmann said that all is completed.

6.       Clerk Spence reported on the bank financing for the road projects.

7.       Ditch mowing was reported on by Supervisor Gondeck. It was completed today and within budget.

8.       Road brushing: Supervisor Gondeck reported that the STS crew will be here Thursday and Friday. Jason Chapman will complete the brushing.

9.       Follow Up on Gravel Tax: Joan Neyssen said that she’s not going to do anything about it because she says she doesn’t have enough help.  Craig asked her if we can do it ourselves—have our own ordinance. Allen Saldana said he thinks it should remain a county issue.

10.   Memo of Understanding on Snow Plowing for Roads not officially accepted:  Doug Boser suggested adding that any damage to the road by snow plowing is the responsibility of the developer. Supervisor Kacures made a motion to adopt the memorandum with the addition; Supervisor Gondeck seconded it and motion passed. Doug Boser asked me about adding something to the snow plowing contract for added roads.  Clerk and Doug Boser will work on this.  Add town hall parking lot and added roads to the contract language.

New Business:

1.       Communications:  (1) Anderson Passe & Associates letter about reflective signs.  (2) MAT Agency regarding increased liability coverage and increased costs due to legislature. (3) Benton County Dept. of Public Works on annual township road certification needs to be complete by December 1. – Craig for November(4) Letter from James Brownson, Cove Development about tax assessment—send Jim a letter (5) tax forfeited strip by Tim’s Tower—prepare a resolution to convey it for auction. A motion was made by Supervisor Kacures and seconded by Supervisor Gondeck to pass the resolution. Motion passed.

2.       Benton County Economic Development Board meeting: Supervisor Gondeck said that loan money is available. Currently they can’t make loans to places that serve alcohol. Komo Machine Building is available.

3.       Benton Co. Assoc. of Township Officers Meeting: Supervisor Gondeck went; nothing happened of interest. County department heads and commissioners give reports on what they are doing and there is little opportunity for township officers to discuss township concerns.

4.       District 8 Officers Meeting: Eileen won a great door prize; Mission Township Officers were at our table; they have their own department; they have dry hydrants by the lake and homeowners get a reduced rate because of the hydrant system. Clerk said we should give input for the programs that have beneficial information for the township officers rather than listening to political speeches.

5.       Rice Fire Board Meeting on September 16th: Supervisor Kacures passed out budget sheets. The plan is to approve the budget in January so that year-end figures of actual costs will be accurate. There will be another meeting in late January to discuss the budget. Then at our February township meeting we approve the budget. Anything over the 3% increase, the Mayor said the City will pay.  The Fire Chief said that there is a truck in for repair: projected cost will be $2,000. They didn’t receive a grant for training. Ed also attended the Langola Township Board meeting along with Chuck Popp; he presented figures on the amounts the townships are being charged. Allen Saldana asked for clarification about what the other townships will be paying.

6.       Complaints: Rose Anna Beach Road complaints have all been resolved. Supervisor Kacures said there was an accident at the corner of Co. Rd 55 and 105th Street. Bob Kozel came out to look at the problem with the road, and the county will take care of it next year. It’s the county road right of way. The township had asked the county to look at this a couple of years ago.  Parking lot lights have been fixed. Craig recorded a theft in the area last week. He’d like the township to look at four roads for next year: Timberlane Loop, Ferry Point, 115th, and Highview Terrace.  Allen Saldana recommended looking at the road plan. 

7.       Chair Kacures would like to have a planning meeting in the next couple of months to look at what the board wants to accomplish next year. Supervisor Gondeck will meet with the company to close out the sprinkler system at the town hall.  Supervisor Kacures will get valves for the iron filter.


A motion was made by Supervisor Kacures, seconded by Supervisor Gondeck and passed to adjourn the meeting at 10:15am.


                                                        Respectfully submitted by Pat Spence