Watab Town Board Meeting Minutes

November 3, 2009


The Watab Town Board held its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, November 3, 2009 at 7pm at the Watab Town Hall. Chair Ed Kacures Jr. called the meeting to order and led the Pledge to the Flag.

Board members present: Supervisors Ed Kacures Jr., Craig Gondeck & Lloyd Erdmann; Treasurer Eileen Saldana; and Deputy Clerk Maureen Graber. Audience members included:   Walter Jansen, Earl Harden, Paul Schwinghammer, Jon Bogart, Doug Boser, Jason Chapman, Allen Saldana, Pete Cluever , and Brian Erdmann.


Craig Gondeck offered sympathy to the Merle Reberg family. Merle lost his battle with cancer.

Sympathy goes out to Sandy and family.


Change to the Agenda –Craig added the issue of a nomination of a person for Women of History with the Benton County Historical Society.


Craig made a motion to approve the minutes of the October meeting and all the 5th Avenue Project meetings in October.  Lloyd seconded and the minutes were approved. .


 Eileen read the report of the current investments and also the report for payments to date on the road projects.  Craig motioned approval, Ed seconded the motion. Treasurer reports accepted.


There was a discussion about the payment to Astech. They patched the weak spots in the fog seal as requested. The loose gravel needs to be picked up. Jon Bogart will follow up on this issue.  Jon agreed to review the work.  This bill will be included with the bills for payment. Craig motioned to approve the bill payments and Lloyd seconded the motion. Bills approved.


Old Business:

Jon discussed road projects.

1, Rose Anna Beach Road- It is complete. We have the pay request. Ed said Jason pointed out the project came in $4000 under budget. We are all pleased. Thank you to Jason. Craig also thanked him and his company. The residents were happy with the service they received. Surveyors replaced the stakes at Phil Saldana’s yard as requested. Jon will check to ensure the stakes have been replaced. Craig suggests we take before and after photos of the road project sites in the future.


2. River view Loop is complete. Someone ran into the ditch in the black dirt off the pavement. Lloyd stated they raked it all and res-seeded it. They fixed other small areas in the dirt along the project, also.


3. Fifth Avenue. Jon indicated the sand should be hauled tomorrow. Two spots plus frost boil and should be finished. Class five will be put on either Friday or Monday of next week. They will be pulling it out to 30 feet wide. Cory will work on the culverts and the black dirt. Then we need to make a decision about whether or not we put the first grade of asphalt. Jon is nervous about the class 5 moisture. If we have ok weather, 60 degrees or better, we may be able to apply asphalt.  Ed would like to call a meeting of all the contractors and also invite the residents to discuss how the road will be left over the winter. Ed wants the meeting to be in the evening so the residents could come. Pete thinks they will decide to shut down the asphalt plants within the next two weeks.  Lloyd does not think it should be paved this fall. Doug does not agree. The taxpayers are paying the bill for this project and this is poor service.  Jon wants to ensure the end product is of good quality. Brian Erdmann wants to know if we get the same cost of the asphalt in the spring.  Ed wants to know what the cost of the asphalt will be. We should get the same price next year. Craig asked Jason about snow plowing the road. Jason indicated there may be wet issues on the south end of the road. If Jason ends up plowing off some of the gravel, will Knife River replace the gravel? Jon indicated the road is Knife River’s responsibility until it is completed.  A meeting was scheduled for November 10th, Tuesday @ 7:00 pm. A notice will need to be issued to the residents of 5th Avenue.  Doug has problems with his driveway and it needs to be fixed before winter. Pete and Jon indicated it will be done. Oct 25th was the end date of the contract to begin late penalties. The rain days set the dates back.  The contract references the MNDOT Spec. The penalty will run accordingly. It does not get charged for days they cannot work. We will not have a road meeting on Monday morning on 5th Avenue.  Ed asked Pete if they are working on Saturday being it is the opening of deer hunting season. The weather indicates it will be 60 degrees on Saturday which will be an excellent work day. Pete thinks they will not work. Ed wants a phone call from Pete or Jon informing him as to if the crews will be working on Saturday. Many are frustrated with the delays and slow progress.  


MS4  Ordinance.  Craig, Paul Schwinghammer and Maureen reported on the revised ordinance as a result of their meeting with Rinke Noonan on Monday.  Although we did not want to issue a Township Permit, in order to make the ordinance enforceable, we need to have a permit process.  Portions of the ordinance were reviewed and discussed. There is some confusion about a SWPPP to build a house on a lot smaller than an acre which is located in a larger development. Is a second SWPPP required for each house, does the development SWPPP prevail for each separate lot or is there a SWPPP responsibility transfer to the home owner. Paul Schwinghammer will check on this issue and advise.  There was a discussion of the ordinance requirement for Red Barn Ridge to be bonded. Craig checked with the Building Inspector and she is not bonded. The attorney is recommending bonding, but the decision was made not to require Paul Schwinghammer to be bonded. The public hearing will be held at the Dec. 1 meeting to discuss the ordinance.


Craig reported on the sign replacement project. There are some issues with the signs being manufactured larger than we requested, but Craig is resolving the issue.


Craig reported on Watab clean up day. He is trying to get score grant money to pay the unreimbursed balance of the costs.  


Craig reported on the unpaid gravel tax issue. The third quarter report for the township is for 61,610 yards. This is $ 5529.45 for the third quarter from the county. Craig discussed the tax collections with Joan Neyssen, County Auditor.  Several of the contractors commented on the cost of the tax. It is 21 cents per yard for the gravel.  We are pleased this process in now working.


Ivy Place runoff-Craig took care of it today and replaced the sod.  He will check on it in the future to see if this resolves the problem.  


Craig stated Brian Erdmann did a good job on the brushing. Next year we may be able to received reimbursement in the form of a SCORE grant to cover this cost.


The MOU on snow plowing the roads in the developments which have not officially been accepted by the Township was reviewed and discussed.    Motion to accept by Craig, seconded by Lloyd and passed. .

 Lloyd will get approach Jim for agreement.  Craig will meet with Marty Reker, Hansen’s and Scott Jarnot.


Snow plowing contract update.  There is actually 43 miles not 39 miles as the contract states.   43 miles includes all of the public roads in the developments.  It does include the minimum maintenance roads, also.   Jason is to be paid $ 75.00 per time for the town hall lots per request by board member.  Minor dusting and no meetings, doesn’t need to be plowed unless a meeting or someone has rented it. 

Doug and Jason met and discussed the contract. Since the correct township mileage is truly 43 miles, we might consider pro-ration of his contract and add the additional mileage amount. Can come up with a per mile cost and to cover last year and for this year. Doug computed $ 894.87 per mile for four miles. Totals $ 3579.48 total for last year.  He has plowed more miles than the bid contract. Doug feels Jason should be paid for the four extra miles for last year and also the upcoming snow season.

The next bid should include scraping hard pack,  for added roads, based on ½ mile increments, or if Jason feels it is necessary to increase to  50/50 sand/salt mixture. Lloyd‘s opinion is he wants to deal fairly with the contractors. He thinks Jason is entitled to it. Allen Saldana-discussed cul-de- sacs take more time. Maybe bid item per cul-de-sac . Doug-will do this up front on the contract for next year.    Ed-since we have all the information he would like to table this until next month and think about it .This issue will be added to next month’s agenda.


There was discussion on motor grading the snowpack on the road. Allen Saldana would like to add this to the contract. Needs to consider adding trucks with belly blades. Doug is taking notes for next year’s contract.



Thank you note from Falcon Bank was read


 Ed reviewed the ITT soil boring tests that were done in October. Much discussion on who should be paying for the soil borings.  Craig read from the proposal for the bids on 5th Avenue.  Discussion ensued. Jason and Brian stated we should not be paying for gradation testing. Density tests are different. Lloyd feels these should be paid by the contractor. Gradation tests should be paid by the contractor. They will discuss it with Jon at the meeting on Tuesday. Jason indicated if there is a failing compaction test, it should be paid by the contractor. They approve the payment to ITT and will work it out with the contractor and the engineer later.


Craig discussed with Bob Kozel the area on County Road 55 and 105th. That needs to be tarred.  Bob Kozel stated it is the counties responsibility. They cannot do anything with it this fall. They will deal with it in the spring.


Pat also included a letter in the packets–we received a grant for the first aid equip and the defibulator from Benton Coop Telephone Co.

Letter to Jason about the mailbox posts. The township will buy the mailbox posts from the county and sell them to Jason.


Rinke Noonan-issue about road vacation. Need to have some criteria for how to deal with when the attorneys are contacted and when they will charge the township.  We did not initiate this discussion.  Much discussion about attorney’s and fees.  The attorney’s should only be secured for services by authorization by the Town Board. Craig will inform the attorney.


Craig reported on the Benton County Economic Development Board- They toured the paper mill. There are lots of questions about financing, but not too much activity going on.

Ed reported there is no Fire Board meeting until January.

Gun training classes are held in the Town Hall. They would like to purchase $ 300 worth of folding tables for the township and donate to the township. We need to issue a letter requesting the tables to Jim Hovda.  He will then purchase the tables and donate them.


Women in History-Craig would like a letter nominating Eileen Saldana, Benton County Historical Society. Craig motion to nominate-Lloyd seconded. Passed.


Citizen issue: Craig has a letter regarding Merrill Grile driveway approach.  He paid $ 50 for a new driveway permit. He is going to install a new culvert. Much discussion. Lloyd doesn’t’ think we need to be involved. An extra driveway added to the plan. Craig and Ed both feel we need to have it in writing and we don’t need hassles down the road. Lloyd did not want to sign it. No expense to the township.


STS crew is going to do brush and tree cutting in a week or so-Craig will supervise.


Craig thinks we need a moratorium on road projects for next year in order to review all the contracts.  Ed agrees with part of it, but not totally. Craig thinks we need to direct the contractors on when the projects begin. Lloyd agrees that we do not need a moratorium.  Craig’s motion failed to get a second.


Craig wants to recognize the grants we receive and be appreciative to the grantors. He will present ideas at the next meeting.


Lloyd stated we need to watch how much we spend. Supervisor bills are rising. The Township budget is tight. The 5th Avenue project is adding to the costs. Lloyd had a complaint from the Sheriff on the 5th Avenue.


Friedrich’s want to put in a culvert which they will purchase.  They want to restore the ditch because of the water run-off issue.   Ed said get some bids on the cost. Let’s get it done. Lloyd discussed the property and where the water sits. There is a wash out from the ditch. Allen Saldana, Jason Chapman, and Brian Erdmann all agreed it could wait until spring.  Since it is now November, it will be difficult to get anything accomplished yet this fall if we get quotes to deal with at the Dec. meeting. It was decided to wait until spring.


We received $ 263,500 in building permits last month.


2010 Budget and planning meeting was scheduled for January 12th, Tuesday @ 7:00 pm.


A motion was made by Supervisor Kacures, seconded by Supervisor Gondeck and passed to adjourn the meeting at 10:00 pm.


                                                        Respectfully submitted by Maureen Graber