Town of Watab Board Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

7:00 P.M. Ė Watab Town Hall



I.              Call Meeting to Order and Pledge to the Flag

II.            Approval of the Agenda

III.           Approval of the April Meeting Minutes

IV.          Treasurerís Report

V.           Citizenís Issues

VI.          Approval to Pay Monthly Bills and Withdraw Necessary Funds

VII.         Annual Report of MS4 by Maureen Graber

VIII.       Old Business

A.   Assessment on Pirates Cove Lot & Hydrant Access

B.   Reconsider Resolution 2004 and Attachment : Assessment to Property Owner for Home Demolition and Related Costs at 9102 Indio Road NW, Rice

C.   Purchase of First Aid Safety Equipment for Hall

D.   Road Projects

1.    Completion of 2008 Projects: Crack filling & Sealcoating

2.    Fifth Avenue Construction and Financing

3.    Rose Anna Beach Road

4.    Report on Road Tour

5.    Report on Purchase of Replacement Signs

6.    Report on Purchase of Emergency Equipment for Roads

E.   Mustang Map Update

F.    Final Certification of Costs on Indigo Road Property to Benton County

G.   Rice Fire Department Cost Analysis & Next Steps

H.   Picture Identification Cards for Town Officers

IX.          New Business

A.   Information on Mississippi Renaissance

B.   Administrative Policy for Operation of Township: Consideration of Resolution 2009-5

C.   MAT Summer Short Course

D.   Response to Citizen Concerns

E.   Supervisor Reports & Issues

1.    Follow Up Meeting on Emergency Management Flood Work

2.    MAT Urban Township Spring Short Course

3.    Benton County Economic Development Board

4.    Rice Fire Board

5.    MN Maintenance Training Expo Report

F.    Monthly Communications

X.††††††† Adjournment