Watab Town Board Meeting Agenda

June 2, 2009

7:00 p.m.



I.         Call Meeting to Order and Pledge to the Flag

II.      Approval of the Agenda

III.    Approval of the May 5 Meeting and May 19 Special Meeting Minutes

IV.    Treasurer’s Report

V.      Citizens’ Remarks

VI.    Approval to Pay Monthly Bills and Withdraw Necessary Funds

VII.  Old Business

A.      Road Repair Projects:  Jon Bogart

1.         Roseanna Beach Road Report

2.         Isaac Road & Lakewood Shores Road NW Patching

3.         Other Town Road Repair Work

B.      Crack Filling Report:  Jon Bogart

C.      Plaziak Road Cracks

D.      Fifth Avenue Update & Review of Public Information Meeting:  Jon Bogart and Supervisor Kacures

E.       Financing of Fifth Avenue Project

F.        Scheduling for Chip Sealing Project:  Jon Bogart

G.     Sucker Creek Road Berm:  Supervisor Erdmann

H.      Mustang Map of Town Roads:  Supervisor Gondeck

I.        Report on Sign Replacement:  Supervisor Gondeck

J.        Iron Filter for Town Hall

K.      Removal of Rust from Town Hall and Surrounding Area

VIII.            New Business

A.       Resolution 2009-6: Authorizing Benton County Assessments to Property Taxes for 9102 Indigo Road NW, Rice

B.      Report on Benton County Staff Recommendation to Benton County Planning Commission Regarding Clarification of Existing Zoning Districts and Rezoning of Portions of the Areas Along the Mississippi River in Parts of Langola and Watab Township (see Benton County Website for document):  Maureen Graber

C.      Authorize Quotes on Ditch Mowing/Brush Cutting

D.      Consideration of Amendment to Administrative Policy:  Supervisor Gondeck

E.       Correspondence

1.        Jim Brownson

2.       Bob Erickson

3.       Jason Krueger

4.       Traci Balder

F.        Discussion of Township Utility Trench Ordinance

G.     Discussion of Township Utility Permit

H.      Application of Fertilizer/Weed Killer on Town Hall Lawn

I.        Supervisor Reports

1.        Benton County Economic Development Board:  Supervisor Gondeck

2.       Rice Fire Board Report:  Supervisor Kacures

J.         Citizens’ Issues and Follow – Up

K.      MAT Summer Short Course –July 13, 2009

IX.     Adjournment