JULY 7, 2009

7:00 P.M.


I.        Call Meeting to Order and Pledge to the Flag

II.      Approval of the Agenda

III.    Approval of the June Meeting Minutes

IV.    Treasurerís Report

A.      Fund Balances

B.      Budget Report

V.      Citizenís Remarks

VI.    Approval to Pay Monthly Bills and Withdraw Necessary Funds

VII.  Old Business

A.      Report on Watab Participation in Rice Recreation: Keith OíBrien

B.      Report from Tri-County Humane Society on Watab Usage : Letter

C.      Opening of Bids and Award of Project Work for Fifth Avenue NW Reconstruction

D.     Financing Fifth Avenue:Clerk Pat Spence

E.      Road Project Reports:Jon Bogart

F.       Culvert Report: Supervisor Erdmann

G.     Sign Replacement Report: Supervisor Gondeck

H.     Consideration of Additions to Ordinance #4-Regulating Town Road Right-of-Ways

I.        Iron Filter Installation at Town Hall:Supervisor Kacures

J.        Rust Removal at Town Hall: Supervisor Gondeck & Supervisor Erdmann

K.      Town Hall Lawn Care: Supervisor Gondeck

VIII.            New Business

A.      Changes in Township Insurance-MAT

B.      Letter from MnDOT-BNSF Regarding Frost Road

C.      Other Correspondence

D.     Supervisor Reports

1.      Benton County Economic Development Board:Supervisor Gondeck

2.      Weed Tour Report:Supervisor Gondeck

3.      Rice Fire Board:Supervisor Kacures

4.      Citizenís Issues Follow-Up

E.      MAT Summer Short CourseóJuly 13

IX.    Adjournment