Watab Town Board Meeting Agenda

January 6, 2009

7:00 P.M.



I.              Call Meeting to Order & Pledge to the Flag

II.            Approval of the Agenda

III.           Approval of the Minutes of the December 2, 2008 Public Hearing and Regular Monthly Meeting

IV.          Treasurerís Report

V.           Citizensí Issues

VI.          Presentation and Approval of the Monthly Bills

VII.         Old Business

A.   Open Quotes on Norway Pines Project

B.   Fifth Avenue Update

C.   Quote on Sound Panels for Town Hall

D.   Report on Cases at Small Claims Court

E.   Little Rock Electric Off-Peak Installation Report

F.    Benton Telecommunications Foundation Grant Approval

G.   Set Meeting with Building Inspector

H.   Township Newsletter & Stationery

VIII.       New Business

A.   Presentation by Duffy Engineering

B.   Wacosa Contract Renewal

C.   Road Certification to Benton County

D.   SCORE Grant Request for 2009

E.   Resolution on Mitigation Planning Process

F.    Annual Township Election

G.   Set Date for Board of Audit & 2009 Budget Meeting

H.   Rice Fire Board Update

I.      Citizen Feedback Report

J.    Correspondence: Attorney Rate Schedule, Levy Certification, Board of Review, & MAT Conference on Reducing Energy Costs

K.   Snow Plowing Update: Jason Chapman

L.    Supervisor Issues

IX.          Adjournment