Watab Township Public Hearing on Ordinance 5:

An Ordinance Establishing Erosion Control and Storm Water Management Requirements

for Land Disturbances and Water Quality

December 1, 2009

7:00 P.M. at Watab Town Hall


I.                     Call the Public Hearing to Order and Pledge to the Flag

II.                  Statement of the Purpose & Rules for the Hearing

III.                Those Speaking in Favor of the Ordinance

IV.                Those Speaking in Opposition to the Ordinance

V.                  Board Decision on Adoption of Ordinance No. 5

VI.                Close the Public Hearing



Watab Town Board Meeting Agenda

December 1, 2009 – following the Public Hearing


I.                     Call Meeting to Order

II.                  Approval of the Agenda

III.                Approval of the November 3 Regular Meeting and November 10 Special Meeting Minutes & Fifth Avenue Construction Meeting Minutes for November 2, 16, & 23

IV.                Treasurer’s Report

V.                  Report on Road Project Loan

VI.                Citizen Remarks

VII.              Authorization to Pay the Monthly Bills and Withdraw the Necessary Funds

VIII.            Old Business

A.       Fifth Avenue Road Project

B.      Consideration of Addendum to Snow Plowing Contract

C.      Watab Clean Up Day: SCORE Grant Funding Report: Supervisor Gondeck

D.     Memorandum of Understanding with Developers on Snow Plowing: Supervisor Gondeck

E.      Payment from Jason Chapman for Mailbox Posts

IX.                New Business

A.       2010 Township Election Process: Clerk Spence

B.      Communications

C.      Supervisor Reports:

1.       Benton County Economic Development Board: Supervisor Gondeck

2.      Other

X.                  Adjournment