AUGUST 4, 2009

7:00 P.M.


I.        Call Public Hearing to Order on Amendments to Ordinance 4:Regulating Town Road Right of Ways

A.      Public Comment

B.      Board Decision

II.      Adjournment of Public Hearing



(Will immediately follow the Public Hearing)


I.        Call the August Meeting to Order

II.      Approval of the Agenda

III.    Approval of the July Meeting Minutes

IV.    Treasurerís Report

V.      Citizenís Remarks

VI.    Approval to Pay the Monthly Bills and Withdraw the Necessary Funds

VII.  Old Business

A.      Crack Filling Report on Saldana & Plaziak Roads: Jon Bogart

B.      Bid Opening on Roseanna Beach Road Project & Award of Project

C.      Review of Quotes for Riverview Loop Project

D.      Review of Quotes on Chip Sealing for Town Roads

E.       Temporary Easement Report on Fifth Avenue Project & Fifth Avenue Pre-Construction Meeting on August 5th at 3:30 p.m.

F.       Sign Replacement: Supervisor Gondeck

G.     Iron Filter Installation: Supervisor Gondeck

H.      Culvert Report: Supervisor Erdmann

I.        Township Map Update: Supervisor Gondeck

J.        Payment of Donations

K.      Request for Rice Fire Bill

L.       Financing of Fifth Avenue

M.    Stormwater Pond Trail: Thank You to Lloyd Erdmann & Allen Saldana

VIII.            New Business

A.      Unallotment of State Aids & Credits

B.      Tree Trimming on Town Road Right of Ways

C.      Communication

D.      Supervisor Reports

1.       Benton County Economic Development Board: Supervisor Gondeck

2.       Gravel Tax Report: Supervisor Gondeck

3.       Rice Fire Board: Supervisor Kacures

4.       Tree Trimming on Frost Road: Supervisor Erdmann

5.       MAT Short Course Report

E.       Follow-Up on Citizenís Issues

IX.    Adjournment