Watab Town Board Meeting Agenda

April 7, 2009

7:00 P.M. at Watab Town Hall


I.        Call Meeting to Order & Pledge to the Flag

II.      Reorganization of the Board

A.      Election of Board Chair

B.      Election of Board Vice-Chair

C.      Committee & Board Assignments

D.      Name Official Depository of Funds

E.       Resolution to Set Meeting Dates for Coming Year

III.    Approval of the Meeting Agenda

IV.    Approval of the March Meeting Minutes

V.      Treasurerís Report on Town Funds

VI.    Citizenís Issues

VII.  Old Business

A.      Report on Surplus Property

B.      Quotes for Heater for Clerkís Office

C.      Safety Equipment for Town Hall

D.      Ceiling Fans for Town Hall

VIII.            New Business

A.      Seal Coat Bid Process

B.      Fifth Avenue

C.      Road Sign Replacement

D.      Emergency Equipment Needs for Roads

E.       Set Road Tour: April 11

F.       Resolution to Charge Property Owner for House Fire Clean-Up

G.     Resolution in Opposition to Senate File 913

H.      Non-Profit Contributions Recommended at Annual Meeting

1.       Rice Recreation:$2,000

2.       Little Rock Lake Association:$1,200

3.       Tri-County Humane Society:$535

I.        Pirates Cove Developer Agreement

J.        Fire Assessments to Users Outside Township

K.      Analysis of Rice Fire Contract Billing

L.       Report on Emergency Management for Flooding

M.    Picture Identification Cards

N.     Citizensí Complaint Follow-Up

O.     Monthly Correspondence

P.      Minnesota Association of Township Short Course Report

Q.     Summer Short Course

R.      Board of Equalization Meeting: April 29 @ 2:30pm

S.       MS4 Annual Report: May Board Meeting

T.       Supervisor Issues

IX.    Adjournment