Watab Town Board Special Meeting Minutes—May 12, 2008


The Special meeting of the Watab Town Board was called to order on Monday, May 12, 2008 at 7:00 pm.


Board members present were Supervisors Craig Gondeck, Ed Kacures and Lloyd Erdmann.

Others present: Maureen Graber, Doug Boser, Jeff Hanson, Mark Hanson, Brian Erdmann, Ray Thompson, and John Thompson.


After the Pledge of Allegiance, Supervisor Gondeck explained the purpose of the meeting is to discuss how the township is going to do quotes for the snow plowing contract.


Supervisor Erdmann would like to change some of the wording of the contract. The only items property owners should have in the road right of way are mailboxes. Generally the road right of way is 66 feet. Supervisor Gondeck stated there are only five roads in the township that do not have 66’ road right of way. If the property owner places shrubs and landscaping in the right of way, the township is not responsible for damage from the snowplow trucks. This is an item that could be posted on the web site to remind residents.


Doug Boser would like to give the Board more information on how to request a RFI (Request for Information). It is a two step process. He would like to review the information to include in the request. When it is completed, we can post it on the web site, send it to contractors who previously expressed interest in the snow plowing contract and any new contractors.

Doug explained an RFI is used for planning and is basically a fact sheet.


RFP (Request for Proposal)  is a request for pricing, which is the second step. An RFI will not ask for prices, just ideas from the contractor on the best way to deal with the snowplowing contract. Examples of this would be:

1.      How would a contractor rather be paid?

a.      A lump sum for the entire winter season

b.      By the hour

c.      By the mile of road.

d.      By the inch of snow, with a clause to address ice, freezing rain and drifting.


2.      What type of equipment do the contractors feel is necessary to complete the project in our Township?

3.      What are the contractor ideas for contract performance?


Doug indicated we could label the RFI -2008-01 Watab Township. We are assuming no liability; this is just a request for information.


He reviewed the Township’s previous Request for Quotation dated 2006. He would like to use that document, along with some sample RFIs he presented as samples, to create a new document for 2008. He stated he would have it completed in time to distribute to the Supervisors in advance of the June 3 meeting. It could then be sent out to contractors. We may need a special meeting to review the RFI replies later in June. The next step is to prepare a Request for Proposal based on the “best practices” they assemble from the RFI replies. The RFP could be sent out in July.


The Supervisors reviewed the 2006 Request for Quotation along with Doug. Discussion ensued about the plowing criteria, and securing salt through the Benton County cooperative purchasing venture. The main issue is to control the costs for the Township. Supervisor Erdmann stated the public want good service, we are an urban township. We are trying to be cost effective.


Doug stated if the RFP has good solid criteria and you do nice firm bidding you should get some good bids. There should not be any quote favoritism. He stated some contractors are lost who would otherwise bid on your proposal if they know you display favoritism. He suggests requiring a bond and if the decision is made to do a lump sum contract, make payments over the season with an amount withheld to cover damages in the spring.


Supervisor Gondeck made the motion to adjourn. Supervisor Kacures seconded. Adjourn at 8:55 pm.


Respectfully Submitted

Deputy Clerk, Maureen Graber