Minutes of the Special Watab Town Board Meeting

March 18, 2008



The special meeting of the Watab Town Board regarding proposed rezoning for a used car lot at the intersection of County Road 79 and Highway 10 was called to order at 7:15pm by Chair Craig Gondeck. Board members present were as follows: Supervisors Craig Gondeck and Lloyd Erdmann. David Spence was appointed to take the minutes in the Clerkís absence due to work responsibilities. The Deputy Clerk was not present to take minutes, because she felt she could have a conflict of interest with the potential for this issue coming before the Planning Commission (she is a member). Others present were Bob Erickson, Gail Kiekow, Harvey Kiekow Ed Kacures, Terry OíKefe, Roger Peterson, Lori Schlien, Al Schlien, Cheryl Motl, Jeanene Kern, Keith Motl, and Shelley Meyer. The first item on the agenda was the rezoning.

Harvey Kiekow, 1775 Jasmine Loop, mentioned that Pirateís Cove canít put in any businesses on the opposite side of the Jasmine Loop. He mentioned that Martyís car lots contain too many cars.He expressed his concern for his grandkids that ride bikes around his land and it may be dangerous with the car lot there. He is opposed. Gale Kiekow is opposed and doesnít understand why he wants to have a car lot in a residential zone like Jasmine Loop. She also stressed that the residents donít want a car lot in that area. Jeanene Kern, 5175 Northeast River Road, thinks that the planning commission does a good job on these issues. She encourages more people to show interest in these issues. She also said that you canít change the rules for just one person and that it should be a community decision.She said that to allow one person to alter the comprehensive plan is a poor decision on the part of the commissioners and should not have happened. Supervisor Erdman mentioned that people must be noticed up to a half a mile if something is going to change in planning or zoning within that distance from their residence.†† Jeanene Kern said that the planning commission was not properly educated in the matter. Lori Shlien, 7690 Jasmine Loop, said that Butch Bukowski thought that it was reasonable to rezone due to the fact that it is zoned commercial on the other side of 79. She said that 79 should be a natural barrier in between these two zones and should be obvious.She is very opposed to the car lot. Marty filled out the application and she brought out evidence that he filled out a public need for the car lot and she thinks that there is no public need for a used car lot adjacent to Jasmine Loop. She got the impression from the county commissioners that they didnít think there was any better use for the property, but it is great as residential property. Keith Motl, 615 Northwest 75th Street, expressed concern about what the lot will do to the value of his land and doesnít want to look out of his bedroom at a used car lot. He was also concerned about environmental issues, snow removal, and the junk pile on the property. The members present then discussed the impact of a future interchange. Bob Erickson said that the money for the interchanges will be allocated to bridges and that the interchange may be 20 to 30 years in the future and when the land in question would be zoned as commercial it will be very far down the road. The owner of the property in question, Marty Golembesk, was not present at the meeting. Supervisor Gondeck made a motion that Watab Township be against the car lot, and Supervisor Erdman seconded it. Supervisor Gondeck added that the property should be preserved on both sides of County Road 79. That should be reason enough to show that it shouldnít be rezoned. If he wants to build something on the property that fits the present zoning he should go ahead but changing the zoning is ridiculous. He requested that a letter from Jim Brownson in Pirates Cove be entered into the record. The motion passed.A copy of the letter is attached to the written minutes. An e-mail note in opposition to the rezoning from Geno Beniek is also attached to the written minutes.

The second item on the agenda was discussion about the proposed frontage road with the owner of Oak Hill Golf Course, Roger Peterson. Supervisor Gondeck asked what Roger Peterson thinks about the project, and he replied that he didnít object to the frontage road being put in but was wary of the traffic that would be re-directed. He thought that the overpass would be a much better idea but that wouldnít happen. Supervisor Erdmann said that most of the traffic out of the developments would go south and Roger said that most of his customers would most likely head that same direction. He said that about 75% of his customers come from the south. Supervisor Erdmann then said that it is something that we need to do. If we get that frontage road in place the state may be more inclined to put in that overpass that would be so nice. Roger will work with the board on the frontage road but needs two years notice so that they can move the green back from the future frontage road. He doesnít want to move the green and then not have the road be put in for several years. Bob Erickson said that he talked to officials at MNDoT, and they said that they would close both 85th street entrance and Jackal Road. He said that as a temporary pattern he should have 85th be a potential outlet for incoming traffic but not outgoing. Supervisor Erdmann said that the state probably wonít agree on that. Bob then said that it is a long shot but it is worth it. Ed Kacures said that it should be more feasible to do the whole project at once. Roger Peterson is worried about the loss of revenue if the road goes in before they can change the greens. The edge of the green is about 50 feet from Highway 10. Supervisor Gondeck said that MNDoT could combine the highway 10 ditch with the ditch of the new frontage road. They will require 4 ft shoulders. Supervisor Gondeck said he is in favor of the frontage road. Roger mentioned his concern that if a road is 15 feet behind a green that would be a dangerous situation. Bob said that Hansonís need to be in favor of having the road run through their property or this whole thing will fall through. Bob Erickson said that there will be some township costs and he wants to know who pays what so there is a paper trail of the money allocated by which people, between Hansonís and Roger Peterson. Ed Kacures wanted to know what the state would pay for and Bob Erickson informed him that they will pay for the northernmost part of the road. Bob showed what portions of the road that the state told him they would pay for. The road put in by Indigo road would really cut off the golf course, more so than Roger Peterson has expected. Lee and Jan Hansen and his wife came later in the meeting in regards to their land in the interchange and frontage road plans. Roger and Lee wanted to go and measure how tight the road would be between the green and the frontage road. Roger does not want to have to move the green if possible. On the Indian Road side of the frontage road everyone present wanted to rethink the connection between that and County Road 13. Roger showed on the satellite image where the tee and green are presently and where they would have to be moved if the frontage road plan passes. He is willing to move them but the tee more so than the green. There was then further discussion on ideas about the frontage road project by all members. An idea surfaced to use curb and gutter to get rid of the ditch between the road and the green. The meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Submitted by David Spence