Watab Town Board of Audit Meeting Minutes

February 12, 2008



The Watab Town Board of Annual Audit was called to order by Chairman Craig Gondeck on Tuesday, February 12, 2008 at 5:30pm at the Watab Town Hall. All board members were present: Treasurer Eileen Saldana, Clerk Pat Spence, Supervisors Craig Gondeck, Brad McIntosh and Lloyd Erdmann. Following the Pledge to the Flag the board audited all claim forms and checks for 2007. The board reviewed the Cash Control Statement, Investment Schedule, and Treasurer and Clerkís Summary for Fiscal Year January 1 through December 31, 2007. All funds were accounted for and balances correct. The board had considerable discussion of recommendations for the 2009 levy. The Board of Audit adjourned at 6:50pm.


The regular monthly board meeting was called to order following the Board of Audit by Chair Craig Gondeck at 7pm. The entire board was present.

Following the Pledge to the Flag, the Chair noted two items that needed to be added to the agenda:Dan Flaherty from EMI Corp. on Asphalt Resurfacing and John Borgert on engineering for the Hanson Road project. On a motion by Chair Gondeck and second by Supervisor Erdmann the agenda was approved with two additions. The Chair noted that he has checked with the MAT attorney on whether data privacy applies for names of employees of contractors to be held confidential. He will report back to the board at a future meeting. A motion was made by Supervisor Erdmann and seconded by Supervisor McIntosh to approve the minutes of January 8 and January 22 meetings. Motion passed. The Treasurerís Report was given. It was approved on a motion by Supervisor Gondeck and second by Supervisor Erdmann.


Dan Flaherty, Marketing Manager of EMI Corp., gave a video presentation of application of Macro Asphalt, a new high performance resurfacing product which is designed for pavements three years and older. It can be installed with a single application, and it is suitable for parking lots, roads, and streets. It covers cracks and fills ruts.


Citizensí Issues:

1.      Maureen Graber reported on MS4 work on the ordinances, and she received board approval to have Paul Schwinghammer help her. We will have an annual report on MS4 in April. She is also asking the county to develop their ordinance so that we can work with them. Maureen has spent a great deal of time researching what should go into the ordinance.

2.      Rosie Johnson read a letter discussing the conversation at the January meeting regarding the snowplowing complaint brought forward by a citizen. She asked that pettiness and bickering stop and asked that everyone show respect for each other at meetings. A copy of the letter is on public file.


The Board was presented with the monthly bills totaling $6,989.21 for Claim #ís 3183 through 3194. A motion was made by Supervisor Erdmann and seconded by Supervisor Gondeck for approval to pay the bills and withdraw the funds from the appropriate accounts. The motion passed.


Old Business included:

1.      Town Line Road Agreement:Supervisor Gondeck said that Langola Township authorized signing the agreement. Supervisor Erdmann moved, Supervisor Gondeck seconded approval for the chair to sign the agreement. Motion passed.

2.      The Chair applied for a $10,000 SCORE Grant for Watab Clean Up Day. He also received a commitment for $500 from Langola Township to cover their part of the costs for the past clean up day. Our total cost last year was $1,300.There may be a small charge next year for dropping off televisions.

3.      The Clerk summarized the 2008 budget. Supervisor Gondeck made a motion, seconded by Supervisor Erdmann to approved the 2008 Budget. The motion passed.

4.      John Borgert, Engineer on the new town road project, presented the diagram of the road design and placement, which is a concept plan for a trunk highway 10 frontage road. Terry Humbert, Project Development Engineer from MNDoT, said that MNDoT is in agreement with the concept design. The actual road cost would be approximately $259,000. Lee Hanson recommended that Nick Tomzik be involved in the conversation, because he will give approval on wetlands. Bob Erickson asked about the time frame of construction and closing of the Hwy 10 access to 85th St. and Jackal Road. It could be possible to have a knock down barrier for fire and emergency vehicles to come in at 85th or Jackal Road. Terry Humbert would bring this to the district office for approval. Supervisor Erdmann asked if all the construction would take place at one time. Lee asked for a meeting with the county officials. Motion was made by Supervisor Gondeck to approve Resolution 2008-1 requesting the funding from MNDoT; the motion was seconded by Supervisor Erdmann. Supervisor McIntosh requested that both north and south ends of the frontage road be completed at this time. Terry Humbert suggested that we state it be in two phases: complete south end first and if funding is available also do the north end. The township should send a letter saying that the township is asking for funding for the whole project. However, if the Golf Course does not agree, we would still like to proceed with the south end of the project. The motions passed and the Clerk was asked to complete the Resolution and send it, the concept design and a letter to MNDoT.


New Business included:

1.      Supervisor Gondeck made a motion to approve Resolution 2008-2 appointing Election Judges. The motion was seconded by Supervisor Erdmann and passed. Election judges for the Annual Election are Head JudgeóDonna Poganski, Eileen Saldana, Jan Solarz, Libby Levinski, and Mary Przyborowski.

2.      The board discussed agenda items for the Annual Meeting: Lake Association presentation & request for funds; levy request presentation on power point; presentation by Bob Erickson on road projects and citizen input; presentation by Joan Spiczka on web site; presentation by Nancy Scott on building permits; report by Assessor Traci Balder; discussion of a future planning and zoning and park department; and report on the past year. This is in addition to the required annual meeting business.

3.      The Clerk reported on her conversations with Xcel Energy about our energy costs. A possible reduction could come from switching to off peak heating for the in floor heat if our wiring is set up for this and to change the type of water heater. The board requested that Doug Boser make a recommendation.

4.      Supervisor Gondeck reported on the Sauk Rapids Fire Department Bi-Annual Meeting The contract amount for the next two years will be: $28,478 and $29,490. This will serve the southern two-thirds of Watab Township and the amount is based totally on our property evaluation. Money from us goes into the truck fund. Haven Township has an agreement with a towing company if there is an accident on the highway; a $270 charge for the fire call goes on the towing bill. Fire calls will be $270 for the first hour. Supervisor Gondeck moved that we enter into the two year agreement; it was seconded by Supervisor Erdmann.The motion passed.

5.      The Clerk read the monthly correspondence. There is a Benton County Township Association Meeting on February 21 @8pm at Mr. Jimís in Foley; she also read a letter from Little Rock Lake Association requesting funding from the township.

6.      There were three citizen complaints that were handled by the Chair during the past month.

7.      Supervisor Issues:The Clerk was asked to draft a letter to the Rice Fire Department and Council thanking them for getting the Homeland Security Grant for $111,000 for new radios. Hopefully, this will reduce our costs. Supervisor Gondeck reported on a meeting he attended on the county moving to adopt the building code. This will not affect the way we are currently doing business, because we are an urban township and will continue to handle the building inspections and enforcement of the code in our township. Supervisor Erdmann said that there are still not hydrant flags on the Lake Andrew Development. Supervisor McIntosh requested that the owners of Oak Hill Golf Course be informed of the work on the new frontage road. Supervisor Gondeck asked for approval to purchase two additional folding tables. A motion was made by Supervisor Erdmann and seconded by Supervisor McIntosh granting approval. Motion passed. Clerk Spence asked if the Supervisors had reviewed the snowplowing bill. She indicated that the snow fall amount was not correct on the bill. Supervisor Erdmann indicated that he had told George Mastey the amount of the snowfall was an average of one inch rather than 1.75 inches. The bill totaled $3,459, which includes 42 tons of salt/sand mix. She stated that there have been complaints about the amount of salt/sand being placed and then bladed off in the same day. Brian Erdmann stated that this is an excessive amount of salt/sand based on his prior experience plowing the township. The board stated that George is to use his best judgment.


The meeting adjourned at 9:35pm.


Respectfully submitted by Pat Spence, Clerk