Minutes Board of Equalization

April 30, 2008



The Board of Equalization was called to order at 2:30pm by Chair Craig Gondeck. Board members present included Supervisor Gondeck, Supervisor Lloyd Erdmann, Supervisor Ed Kacures Jr., Treasurer Eileen Saldana, and Clerk Pat Spence. Brian Koester & Tim Jacobs were present from the County Assessor’s Office and Township Assessor Traci Balder.

1.      Cyril Reinert, 1043 Second Avenue, Sauk Rapids. Parcel 12.00481.00. In 2001 $9,200 value; 2002-lost right of way that entered onto Hwy 10.; there is also no access from neighboring properties; drainage ditch goes through and cuts the property in half; low land with water standing; since the interchange was done there has been no interest in development on this piece of property; now valued at $32,300. He feels it should be valued at about $10,000—value in 1999 by the State of MN. He was paid $90,000 for the loss of access by the state at that time.

2.      Carl Lepinski, 5907 Xenith Avenue N. Brooklyn Center, MN. Property at 10180 West Lake Road NW, Rice. Parcel 12.00828.00. Value went from $132,600 to $132,800. The property has not been used in three years. Brian explained that the increase came from a correction on the garage. He feels that an appointment needs to be scheduled to look at the property—it looks like the mobile home is valued too high. Brian recommends no change and a review that goes to the county board.

3.      Jan Knutson, 208 Sharon Place NW, Rice. Parcel 12.01593.00. She distributed information she has gathered regarding condition of the Little Rock Lake and its impact on property values and disclosure. She disagrees with the values as lake front properties because it is a detriment to the people who live on it. Sellers must disclose condition of the lake when they sell property. There were only 4 sales in 2006 ranging from March through early July. She recommended that Brian look at values on homes on similar quality lakes. Brian said we need to look at market data of home sales. She is unable to refinance her home because of the condition of the lake. Brian questioned, “If there is truly an impact, what is the degree, and is it below the county numbers?” He said that he will review any information that is brought in and present it to the state to see if they accept it. She is asking for an adjustment but does not have enough information gathered to know what amount of reduction she would like.

4.      Sandy Klocker, here for Lorraine Kosloske. 150 Sharon Place NW, Rice. Parcel 12.01594.00. Dropped from $395,900 to $395,800. Parcel 12.01595.00 at 130 Sharon Place is south of home and is a bare lot. Assessed at $178,900—2.86 acres. She has an appraisal at $365,000 from earlier this month for the home.  Currently:  600 sales in Benton County, overall median is at 96% of value to sale price. Needs to be at least 90%. Brian asked for a copy of the appraisal. Lorraine has a seven year deferral because it is a new plat. Currently Lorraine is paying taxes at $103,500 value. Brian will not recommend a change until he can review Sandy’s papers.

5.      12.00088.00 Albert & Ethel Oehrlein. Parcel 12.00175.00 Sandra and Dennis Brand. 12.00588.00 same name. 4420 65th St. NE, Sauk Rapids.

6.      Marion Berger. Here for Henry & Phyllis Frerich, 10221 River Rd NE, Rice MN. Parcel 12.00072.00. Because it shows up in their names and Phyllis is in the nursing home, the property is still getting homestead credit.  Marion said that Charles Ehlen owns the property. It is not listed as a life estate. Brian will investigate and meet with them. The property is being used for commercial business.

7.      Vic Saldana, 10170 West Lake Road, Rice. Parcel 12.00831.00. Value is at $278,700. Vic said that all the property values are going down and he couldn’t sell for this. With the condition of Little Rock Lake, he is asking to have it reduced. There was long discussion about other properties; some of these will be reviewed. There have been no appraisals on Vic’s property.

8.      Peter Benedict Roers, 8555 Ivy Place NW & 8545 Ivy Place NW. Parcels 12.00583.00 & 12.00584.00.  The value is $169,200 on first parcel and $76,600 on second parcel. Limited market value changed on the second one. Her question was why the extra lot was increasing in level when home was not. These are assessed as two separate buildable levels. The house was appraised at $228,000 in February 2008. Brian is going to put both the parcels together. Someone will come out to review the property since it has not been reviewed in 15 to 20 years. Brian also asked to see the appraisals.


Brian received a letter from Louis LeBlanc. Parcel 12.00325.00 7815 - River Road NE, Rice. This is a rental property. This property will need to be reviewed before the county board meeting. He is questioning the value on the land and the house. Brian recommends no change until the property is reviewed. Current value is $181,400. All previous adjustment was made in the land because of small frontage and ditches. The only place for adjustment is on the house.


Second letter was from David & Paulette Haehn, 7095 Island View Road NW, Sauk Rapids. Parcel 12.00425.00. $604,200 value for 29 acres on the river. At least five acres are flood plain. With an adjustment on the land for the wetlands it would go down to $582,200. This has been justified through aerial photographs. Brian recommends the adjustment.


Third letter was from Robert & Valerie Gross, 10195 Hedge Rd NW, Rice. Parcel 12.00151.00. This cabin burned down. Adjustment needs to be made to bare lot with no improvements. It is a buildable lot with several restrictions. Request is that the bare lot be assessed at $53,300. Brian recommends this adjustment.


Fourth letter was from Douglas and Mary Weiss. Parcel 11070 West Lake Road, Rice. 12.00636.00. The cabin has been torn down and removed. This should be adjusted to bare land value, not buildable. Brian recommends that it be assessed at $15,400 for the value of excess land (47 feet).


Brian does not recommend any changes on those who appeared before the board and to change those who sent letters as stated above. Supervisor Erdmann made a motion to approve Brian’s recommendation; motion was seconded by Supervisor Erdmann; motion passed.

                                    Respectfully submitted by Pat Spence