Watab Town Board Minutes

Special Meeting April 22, 2008


The Special meeting of the Watab Town Board was called to order on Tuesday, April 22, 2008 at 7:00 pm. The purpose of the meeting is approval of the liquor licenses and discussion of the Golf Haven road project.


Board members present were Supervisors Craig Gondeck, Ed Kacures and Lloyd Erdmann.

Others present: Deputy Clerk Maureen Graber, Doug Boser, Ray Schlichting, Bob Erickson, Rick Matthews, Roger Peterson, Gerald Hovde, Dave Schwarting, Mark Hanson, Jeff Hanson, Rick Dingmann, Randy Heyne, Duane Popp, and Brian Erdmann.


After the Pledge of Allegiance, Supervisor Gondeck explained the purpose of the meeting. Supervisor Gondeck thanked all three of liquor license applicants. The township appreciates the business they bring to Watab. Weíve had no complaints on any of the businesses. Supervisor Erdmann made a motion to approve, and Supervisor Gondeck seconded the approval of the Oak Hill license. Supervisor Erdmann made a motion to approve, and Supervisor Gondeck seconded the approval of the Rumors license. Supervisor Erdmann made a motion to approve, and Supervisor Gondeck seconded the approval of the Pines Edge license. All motions passed. The licenses were signed, approved and distributed.


Bob Erickson laid out the map on the back table showing the proposed road on the east side of Highway 10. Everyone went to the table to review the plan and have much discussion.


The State of MN will pay for the road from Cty Road 4 to the border of Ray Schlichtingís property. Hansonís will pay for the road through their development.


Roger Peterson from Oak Hill Golf Course explained if the road area required him to move a tee and a green; he may have to relocate several greens in order to keep the golf course at 6000 yards (which is critical for a full size golf course).


Dave Schwarting from MNDOT explained that eventually the intersections need to be upgraded. He feels these overpasses are at least 10 years out. There is an intersection in Rice that will take priority over this project. Doug Boserís concern is if the Schlichting property road is not completed, and the road in the Hanson property is not completed why are we spending the time and money on the rest of the project going north? Supervisor Gondeck asked Jeff Hanson if they are going through with the project. Jeff Hanson asked Dave Schwarting from MnDOT several questions about the project. If the project is not done now, but we plan to do it within the next three years, the Mn DOT money may be set aside. The State will not pay for the wetland issue. But the DOT may decide when they want the project done in the future; they would just do it and pay for the entire project. Jeff Hanson indicated that they are trying to work with all parties, but with the present housing market they canít justify the expense. They are not prepared to go forward with this project at this time. Roger Peterson stated the more planning time he has up front, the better, if the golf course needs to be changed to accommodate the road.


Supervisor Erdmann asked if we figure out how it would work, would Roger Peterson sign an agreement for the price of the land necessary to complete the road. Doug is concerned with how much the township would spend on the project. Lloyd is not saying to buy the land now, but the township or the state could purchase it. If Hansonís are not prepared to go forward with the project, we are wasting our time. Jeff stated they will do nothing for at least two years. Jeff indicated they will still work on the wetland issue, but we should pass on the State funding at this time. There is no reason to rush the project. We will do what we can and make a new request when they decide to move forward.


Supervisor Gondeck made a motion to table the issue. Supervisor Erdmann seconded. Motion passed. Supervisor Erdmann made a motion requesting Roger Peterson and Bob Erickson discuss the land issue together and see if the road is feasible. Seconded by Supervisor Kacures, and motion passed.


The Supervisors had an additional discussion with Roger and Bob about the potential road. The township had discussion about buying property west of highway 10 for a service road. No action was taken. The meeting was adjourned 8:45.


Respectfully Submitted

Deputy Clerk, Maureen Graber