Watab Town Board Minutes


The Special meeting of the Watab Town Board was called to order at 8:03 am on Friday, September 7, 2007. The purpose of the meeting was discussion of the storm water pond at the town hall and summer road project. Board members present were Supervisors Craig Gondeck, Lloyd Erdmann, and Brad McIntosh. Others present: Maureen Graber, Tom Herkenhoff, George Mastey, Paul Schwinghammer, Ron Hommerding, and Bob Erickson.


Following the Pledge to the Flag, the Chair started the meeting by asking the other supervisors for their opinion on the land west of the paved parking area.


Supervisor McIntosh wants to have the people with credentials look at it as he feels we respect their opinions. Supervisor McIntosh stated Ron Hommerding and Tom Herkenhoff have the expertise and credentials.


Supervisor Erdmann stated he was here when it started to rain last night. Based on his observation, he would like to pave the gravel and design it to drain off to the pond. Supervisor McIntosh stated he has no problem with that idea. He wants to use the pond for a demonstration site for MS4 Construction Site erosion control. Supervisor Erdmann stated the gravel will be a maintenance nightmare. He thinks we should pave the gravel area beyond the existing pavement.


Paul Schwinghammer from Red Barn Ridge feels we need to step back and look at what we really need in the area, based on stormwater rules. Do we need a pond or can we use some other feature to handle the stormwater run off? How much impervious surface did we create with the new building and parking lot? The pond, as it is, is a borrow pit where they had to use the black dirt to finish the lawn.


Supervisor McIntosh and Supervisor Erdmann explained when they finished the lawn and sprinkler system; they needed more black dirt. Rather than have more dirt hauled in for the lawn, they borrowed it from the pond area, creating a larger pond. George Mastey stated that no dirt was hauled off the site. He indicated several people have voice concerns that there appears to be much less fill on the site than originally there.


Tom Herkenhoff stated if we add 1 acre of impervious must have a pond. Sometimes need a pond to catch the water rather than send the runoff to the neighbors. He thinks we need some kind of pond, but the existing pond is much bigger than it has to be.


Supervisor Erdmann stated we could use a catch basin at the far south end of the black top, and a swale should be added for overflow.


Maureen would like it to be fairly level, plant rye grass this fall and work towards getting seed and plantings for next spring to use the area as an MS4 Education area for Rain Gardens. She is not interested in being involved in a Construction demonstration site as Supervisor McIntosh would like to do. .

Supervisor Erdmann wants to pave some of the remaining gravel that was in the first plan.

Paul Schwinghammer suggested doing something to the end of the parking lot to channel the water to a pre-treatment area with overflow to a sediment basin. Since we have Type A soil, we would only need a swale. Natural berms and rock beds would be less expensive.


Bob Erickson thinks we need more space outside for recreation. He suggests having grass on the area beyond the black top. It could be used as overflow parking, if needed. Tom Herkenhoff stated if it is over 8 feet deep, it is considered a lake. We may need a fence around it to keep the four wheelers out of it. It needs to be about ľ of the present pond area.


Ron Hommerding stated we increased the impervious surface. The additional amount of impervious surface was not given. Paul Schwinghammer stated he did the calculations and a swale along the edge to pre treat the water would be sufficient. It would need to be about an 8 foot wide trench with 2.5 feet deep would be sufficient He checked the MPCA rules.


Bob Erickson stated the grass area will decrease the impervious surface.


George Mastey stated there will be oil, gas and salt runoff from the parking lot. He is concerned with the wash outs from the north.

Ron stated he did a project in Baxter that he had to use the 200 year rainfall. Brad says we all have opinions and we are duplicating. Supervisor McIntosh wants Tom Herkenhoff as the expert to address it. He cannot take into account how much parking we need. He agrees with Paul about the infiltration trench along with what Bob was saying about recreation area. The water run off area needs to be 1 to 1.5 feet deep. Water would run off from catch basin to rip rap area. We need to collect sediments before the pond. Supervisor Erdmann still wants to pave the additional parking area. .

Supervisor Gondeck stated he does not want to have to fence the area. He has heard that we identify the area as a dangerous area if there is a fence there. This could create liability issues. Supervisor Gondeck asked for the price of paving.$5,000 to $8,000 to pave it. He thinks we will need the parking space. He does not want to give up the parking lot. We have 52 stalls here.

Supervisor McIntosh thinks we should pave it. He wants Tom Herkenhoff to hang his shingle on it. Ron Hommerding asked Tom Herkenhoff for a price to survey and come up with a plan. Supervisor Erdmann wants 40 foot of paving. Ron wants to black top, grade and fill in the pond. He will get a price to do the black top and the fill. Brad asked Ron if his contract was completed. Ron stated he will donate his time to do this. Tom Herkenhoff will do the plan,with surveying and engineering. Supervisor McIntosh wants to do this plan and pay Tom $ 3500 to $ 4000 survey and plan. The biggest cost will be the black top and the fill. Tom feels a catch basin would suffice and there is no need to pave. We can use the gravel areas as overflow parking. Class 3 sized rocks, shorten up that area, the rip rap would have to go off the bituminous.


Meeting was adjourned to go outside and review the area.


When we returned and started the meeting again, Supervisor Gondeck made a motion to pay Tom Herkenhoff to do design. Lloyd seconded the motion but would like discussion. The pond now is much bigger than it should be. There was much discussion of the pond size and cost for Tom Herkenhoff to draw up another plan. Supervisor Gondeck withdrew his motion. Tom Herkenhoff will review the original plans. He feels doing a swale on the end, rip rap for the run off will work. Several people commented on the cost to pay the engineer when we had a plan to start with. Tom Herkenhoff could give us numbers on the cubic yards of the pond necessary. Ron Hommerding stated if Tom puts together a computation he will draw up a plan. Ron Hommerding will send the old plan to Tom Herkenhoff. Tom Herkenhoff will compute the pond size and Ron will draw up a plan and bring it back to the board and then he will be bid out the project. Supervisor Gondeck made a motion for Ron Hommerding to work with Tom Herkenhoff.Ron will design the swale. Ron will draw up the plan. Tom Herkenhoff stated he would charge $ 1000 to $ 1500 to do the hydrology for the area. The motion was seconded by Erdmann. Motion passed.

Ron is out of town next week. Tom will have the hydrology by the end of next week (September 14th)Ron will have the plan completed by Friday, September 21. There will be a Special meeting on Friday the 21st at 8:00 to discuss this new site plan.


Next issue: Blacktop patch on the Plaziak Road site. The black top patch is rough. Supervisor Erdmann agrees the pavement is rough. The patch is 10 foot wide and 52 foot long. It was sloped in the plan. Bob Erickson discussed how the blacktop was laid. Supervisor Gondeck would like the patch to be dug out and re-laid appropriately. We paid to have it done correctly. Bob Erickson agrees. Supervisor Gondeck made a motion to have the contractor dig it out and re-do it. Motion died. George Mastey stated he had Kevin (the contractor) look at it last night with Supervisor Erdmann. They discussed Kevinís background and the problems he had the day the patch was laid. He is now working for Hardrives. Supervisor Erdmann wanted to know what the amount of minimum blacktop overlay is. We would need 1.5 inches of overlay and it would cost more. Supervisor McIntosh would like to leave it until next year. Maureen Graber stated itís no problem if you donít drive over it several times a day. George talked with Kevin, the contractor about it. Kevin could mill it out and fix it and would be willing to take a $ 500 deduct. If the high spot is milled down, he could add more blacktop to fix it. Supervisor Erdmann made a motion to mill off the high spots and take a $ 600 deduction on the job. Supervisor McIntosh seconded. Supervisor Gondeck is opposed. Motion passed.


Next Issue: Road Patching. Supervisor McIntosh questioned Supervisor Gondeck regarding the need for Supervisor Gondeck to spend time to do a fall road tour since he did a spring road tour. Supervisor Gondeck explained at the time of the spring road tour, there were 10 areas to patch. Recently, when Supervisor Gondeck and Bob Erickson went on a road tour to identify the patch areas, there are 39 spots to patch.


An issue was raised about Ray Schlichtingís driveway and the Lee Hanson development road. Supervisor Gondeck has been authorized by the town board to deal with it.


Supervisor Gondeck thanked the board members and participants for coming. The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 am.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Respectfully submitted by Maureen Graber, Deputy Clerk