Watab Town Board Minutes


The Special meeting of the Watab Town Board was called to order at 8:32 am on Friday, September 20, 2007. The purpose of the meeting was discussion of the storm water pond at the town hall and summer road projects.


Board members present were Supervisors Craig Gondeck and Lloyd Erdmann.

Others present: Maureen Graber, George Mastey, Ron Hommerding, and Bob Erickson.

Following the Pledge to the Flag, Supervisor Gondeck asked Ron Hommerding about the plan for the site.  


Tom Herkenhoff was going to give Ron the minimum size of the pond necessary for our site. Ron Hommerding did not get any thing from Tom Herkenhoff after Ron’s return from his vacation. Bob Erickson has a plan for the site. He would like to fill in the pond, have a swale to deal with the runoff, and use the remaining property for a family recreation area.


Supervisor Gondeck indicated that John Weber has not received his check from his building work. Ron says John has the check now.


John Weber gave Supervisor Gondeck .98 per square foot estimate for additional blacktop. John is from Central Aggregate. This is blacktop cost only.


George Mastey stated we should have a rip rap area off the pavement leading to a swale near the pond area which would be adequate to deal with the runoff.


Maureen Graber feels we should not spend the money to pave more area at this time. If we need it done later, we can pave it next year.


There was much discussion about the berm rock and dirt placed across our property line on the Pirates Cove property to the south. Bob Erickson had the original plans for the site, showing this berm. Ron Hommerding and Supervisor Erdmann indicated the township has verbal approval from the Cove to place the materials there. Supervisor Gondeck indicated when the MPCA was here for the MS4 meeting, they stated our stormwater runoff should not potentially go into our neighbor’s property. The materials appear to be dumped across the line with no form or plan. This berm was in George Mastey’s original contract.

Supervisor Erdmann and Ron agreed, if the berm remains on their property, we should have a written agreement with the Cove. Otherwise, it should be cleaned up.


Supervisor Erdmann wants to pave additional parking lot.  He says in the original plan had that much parking area. Ron said the pond size is there because of the need for more dirt when they leveled the lawn. Ron stated we need to have a pond. He is not sure of the necessary size.  The estimated cost of the additional black top is $7200. This includes the dozer work.  Bob thinks this will be at least $ 8000.  Supervisor Gondeck indicated it will take 1800 yards to fill in the pond and it will cost $ 8000. Based on his discussion with Henkemeyer, we will not be charged for the fill, but just the trucking. Henkemeyer will haul it to the site. There was discussion about what type of soil or fill will come from Henkemeyer and if we need to put black dirt on top. Will Henkemeyer do the dirt work, also?  Maureen indicated that if we plant the area with native vegetation, the fine sandy soil should work.  


Bob Erickson talked with Tom Herkenhoff, the engineer. We need to have some kind of a pond or swale on the site for runoff.


Ron has no idea how much money is left from the building fund. He has to talk with Pat Spence about it. George has the seed-rye grass for the pond area. If we pave the gravel area and fill in the pond, the cost could exceed $ 16,000.


Supervisor Erdmann made a motion; he wants to know the minimum size pond we need based on calculations on the impervious surface. He wants to leave the class 5 gravel on the area as that area was supposed to be parking lot and can be used for overflow parking. Then he wants three bids to fill in the pond and level it according to what we need. Ron will get the minimum pond size from Tom Herkenhoff and draw the site plan. Ron will get the bids.  Lloyd would like to make a decision the on the bids when all three of the supervisors are present. Supervisor Gondeck seconded the motion. Motion passed.


Ron Hommerding will have the plans and the bids by the October 2 meeting. He will do the site plan within the next few days.


Ron Hommerding stated the size of the parking lot is based on the square footage of the building and his judgment. We have 52 stalls paved at this time. There is14 to 18 additional parking spots on the gravel area. The pond is about 8 feet deep now. Bob Erickson figures it will take 1600 yards to fill the pond. Lloyd wants to get the bids for 1800 yards. The bids should also include the dirt work.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:35.


Respectfully submitted by Maureen Graber, Deputy Clerk