May 15, 2007

7:00 P.M.



I.                     Call Meeting to Order and Pledge to the Flag

II.                   Consent Agenda

A.     Approval of April 3 & April 12 Minutes

B.     Approval of the Treasurerís Report

III.                  Additions/Changes to the Agenda

IV.               Citizen Issues

V.                 County Report:Commissioner Joe Wollak

VI.               Approval of the Monthly Bills

VII.              Old Business

A.     Town Hall Construction Update:Ron Hommerding

B.     Landscaping of Town Hall

C.    Plat Manual

D.    Train Whistle Study

E.     MS4

VIII.            New Business

A.     Set Date for Road Tour

B.     Appoint Deputy Clerk

C.    Snow Plowing Report:Bob Erickson

D.    Cleaning of the Town Hall

E.     Security System for Town Hall

F.     Town Hall Use Policy & Rental Agreement

G.    Ditch Mowing

H.     Request for Sign on Fifth Avenue by Scott Jarnot

I.         Plaziak Bequests

J.      Upcoming Meetings

K.     Correspondence

L.      Supervisorsí Issues

IX.               Adjournment



Notice: The Town Board will conduct its annual road tour on May 19th beginning at 7am from the town hall.


If you have any road improvements that you recommend, please contact the Board Chair Craig Gondeck at 393-3120 or download a complaint form from the township website: www.watabtownship.com and e-mail it to