Minutes of Watab Town Board Special Meeting

June 19, 2007

A special meeting of the Watab Town Board was called to order at 7pm by Chair Craig Gondeck. Board members present were Supervisors Craig Gondeck, Lloyd Erdmann, & Brad McIntosh, Treasurer Eileen Saldana, and Clerk Pat Spence. Chair Gondeck asked for a moment of silence for 9 firemen from South Carolina who perished today in a fire.  Audience members present were Ron Hommerding, George and Taunya Mastey, Doug Boser, Greg Marshall, and Tom Herkinoff.

The Chair noted that he is changing the order of the agenda. Jay Lloyd will be on the agenda first. He asked for additions or changes to the agenda. Supervisor Erdmann suggested that the water quality of the town hall be added.

Bob Erickson and Jay Lloyd came forward to address the town board regarding the road in Norway Pine Estate. All requirements have been met, and Bob has approved the work that has been done. Bob doesn’t anticipate any erosion.  Supervisor McIntosh made the motion that Jay Lloyd be reimbursed; the motion was seconded by Supervisor Gondeck and passed. Claim form 3018 was approved for $25,391.49, which included interest of $389.49 on the funds that Mr. Lloyd had placed in escrow. Jay Lloyd will pay Bob Erickson and Lloyd Erdmann for all costs of the improvements.

The next item on the agenda was the security system for the town hall with Greg Marshall giving the explanation. The Clerk (administrator) will enter and delete codes. Each board member established his or her code number. Greg gave an explanation of how to use the system.  When you enter the building, you type in your code and off; when you leave you put in your code and away. The password will be changed when board membership changes. Only board members will have the code.

The next issue was completion of the town hall parking lot. Supervisor McIntosh said that he doesn’t understand why the meeting is being held, and that Ron Hommerding and George Mastey should complete the project. Ron Hommerding informed the board that the old hall has to be torn down before the parking lot can be completed. The grading plan and the parking lot plan has less area now by almost 2,000 square feet than the first plan, because the board decided to build adjacent to the old town hall rather than on the same site. Supervisor McIntosh made a motion that the building should be torn down asap; the hubs be shot; the parking lot be prepared appropriately for drainage; and we be done with this no matter what it costs. The motion died for lack of a second. Tom Herkinoff, Project Engineer, said that because the plan is changed he can’t shoot hubs. He suggested that the contractors work with him to complete the project. He added that the black top contractor wants hubs set or he won’t stand behind the black top. The base also will need to be tested. Supervisor Erdmann said that no one should be afraid of having a compaction test done. Ron Hommerding said that he won’t authorize any change orders. Bob Erickson said he has three sets of plans with three different dates, and the final plan is the one the contractor should go by. Tom Herkinoff then suggested that George shape up the lot and make it work. Supervisor Gondeck read the bid by Certified Aggregate Products. George asked who will decide where the water drains; Ron Hommerding said that it is George’s responsibility, because he has to guarantee the water drains to the pond. George said he will furnish the extra class 5 if it is needed by Certified Aggregate Products. Bob Erickson suggested that elevations be taken, move some gravel if necessary and verify the subgrade for the blacktopper. Supervisor McIntosh made the motion that Bob Erickson work with George Mastey on field design of the parking lot following Bob Erickson’s suggestion, but making Bob responsible for the outcome of the parking lot, with the possibility for extra cost. Supervisor Gondeck asked if the cost would remain the same with this motion. Supervisor McIntosh said the question wasn’t fair, and he believes that George could be paid extra if needed because of field design. Tom Herkinoff said there should be not extra cost because the parking lot is smaller by 2,000 square feet. Supervisor McIntosh asked George if he sees a change order coming; he said that if there’s a major catastrophe there will be extra cost; otherwise there won’t be a change order. Bob Erickson suggested that we have all the facts first: have Bob check the subgrade and make a revised grade if necessary; submit it to Tom and Ron for their review. Supervisor McIntosh said that Bob’s time is not part of the parking lot cost estimate. Supervisor Erdmann said the subgrade is in good shape and in accord with the plan, that all the class 5 has not been brought in because of late timing in the fall on the work—it still needs about 7 – 12 more loads of class 5 and there won’t be any extra cost for it. Supervisor Erdmann suggested that extra cost possibility be removed from the motion. Supervisor McIntosh agreed to amend the motion to remove the possibility of extra cost. Supervisor Gondeck seconded the motion. Ron Hommerding said that he will send a letter to the town board assuming no liability for the parking lot if a civil engineer is not involved in the final design.  Supervisor McIntosh said that the SCORE grant puts us under budget and we can spend extra money on the parking lot to make everybody happy. Chair Gondeck explained that grant money is also tax payers’ money. The motion passed.

Supervisor Gondeck made a motion to adjourn seconded by Supervisor Erdmann and adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Pat Spence