Agenda for Watab Town Board Meeting

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

7:00 P.M.


I.                     Call Meeting to Order & Pledge to the Flag

II.                   Consent Agenda

A.     Approval of Minutes of May 2 & May 15, 2007 Meetings

B.     Treasurer’s Report

III.                  Additions or Changes to the Agenda

IV.               Citizen’s Issues

V.                 Citizen’s Complaints

VI.               Presentation of Bills & Authorization for Payment

VII.              Old Business

A.     Paradise Developer Agreement Approval & Final Plat Approval

B.     Angela Estates Final Plat Approval

C.    Written Agreement with Lee Hanson on Reimbursement for Road Extension Expenses

D.    MS4: Next Steps—Paul Schwinghammer, Red Barn Ridge

E.     Old Town Hall Demolition

F.     Town Hall Parking Lot Completion

G.    Town Hall Landscaping

H.     Final Approval of Road Platting Manual

I.         Update on Train Whistle Study

J.      Road Ditch Mowing Contract

K.     Fifth Avenue Signs

VIII.            New Business

A.     Road Tour Report & 2007 Road Project Discussion

B.     Set Annual Road Tour with Benton County for June 26, 9am

C.    Road History Project—Chair Gondeck

D.    Purchase of Iron Filter & Coat Rack for Town Hall

E.     Supervisor Issues

F.     Correspondence

G.    Fire Call Report

IX.               Adjournment