Minutes of Watab Town Board Meeting

January 2, 2007



The regular monthly meeting was called to order on Tuesday, January 2, 2007 at 7pm by Chair Craig Gondeck. He expressed deepest sympathy to the family of Leo Sufka, former County Commissioner and Watab Township Supervisor. Supervisor Lloyd Erdmann, Treasurer Eileen Saldana and Clerk Pat Spence were present. Supervisor Brad McIntosh was absent. Also, the following persons were in the audience:  Rosie Johnson, Douglas J. Boser, Walter Janson, Earl Harden, Jay Lloyd, Lee Hanson, Mr. & Mrs. George Mastey, Josh Nelson, Dustin Vaverek, Ed Kacures, & Ron Hommerding.


On a motion by Supervisor Gondeck and second by Supervisor Erdmann, the minutes of the December 5 regular meeting & December 11 special meeting were approved. The Treasurer’s report was also accepted as presented.


Citizen Issues: 

  1. Doug Boser reported that he is part of a law suit against Lake
    Andrew Plat for environmental concerns.
  2. There were no other citizen issues.


Old Business:

With a motion by Supervisor Gondeck and second by Supervisor Erdmann the approval was given for payment of the monthly bills and the authorization for the treasurer to withdraw the necessary funds from the proper accounts.


Supervisor Gondeck reported that the township has been reimbursed $3,750.00 for the township clean up day. He has applied for $3,554 in SCORE Grant Funds through Benton County to purchase some of the furniture for the new town hall. Chair Gondeck reported that the MS4 application needs some revision and Supervisor McIntosh will be doing the follow up on this.


Dustin Vaverek of Boser Construction provided a construction update informing the audience that everything has gone very well, and he thanked Supervisor Gondeck for all his time and assistance with the construction. Supervisor Gondeck thanked Supervisor Erdmann for the great team work. On a motion by Supervisor Gondeck and second by Supervisor Erdmann, approval was given to purchase a full size range, refrigerator and microwave with the appliance budget. Supervisor Erdmann stated that he has received the water test results: nitrates are 2 parts per million and iron—7. Lee Hanson asked about size of the well and capacity. It will produce15 gallons per minute; it is 57 feet deep.


New Business:

Lee Hanson & Josh Nelson gave a presentation on Falcon National Bank; Lee Hanson is an officer and director of this locally owned bank in Foley, and they are about to put a branch in St. Cloud; they asked for consideration of making Falcon National Bank one of our depositories. Josh reported that they work with a few townships in Benton County. They have CD specials, are very competitive, and the highest in market for 10-month CD’s. The board will bring this to the annual meeting.


Traci Balder had mailed a proposal to serve as Watab’s Assessor; this was tabled until she can be invited to a meeting. Chair Gondeck will review the proposal.


A Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for the new town hall will be at 8pm on the night of the annual meeting. Refreshments will be served.


A study on railroad crossings is being conducted by SHE regarding elimination of the train whistles at the crossings. Supervisor Gondeck has been asked to have the township participate in the study at a cost of up to $3,000. At this time Sauk Rapids Township and the City of Sartell are involved. Supervisor Erdmann will inquire with Pirates Cove about their willingness to pay for the study. Supervisor Gondeck will find out what our township’s exact cost would be to participate.


Supervisor Gondeck brought forward an ordinance on road right of ways that is in place in Mayhew Township. Bob Erickson recommends that the board get more input. The ordinance covers structures in the road right of ways. Craig will give copies to other supervisors for future consideration by the board.


Bob Erickson went through additions to the roadway ordinance. He asked the Clerk to mail him the latest copy, and he will review it with other townships and road contractors for their feedback before we have a public hearing. Supervisor Erdmann recommended changing item #15—the word change needs to be “maximum.”  Doug Boser asked if site lines are covered in the ordinance. 


Jay Lloyd, 172 Juno Place, appeared before the board; he owns three lots which he purchased from Latteral Builders; these lots were previously owned by Noble Homes. He stated that Rick Noble did not tell him about the unresolved issue with the road that does not allow for building permits. Jay is willing to pay to correct the problem. Bill Surma will continue to do monitoring of the water systems with funds from the homeowners association.  The Town board wants an escrow account of 1˝ times the cost of doing the work to correct the drainage problem. Bob Erickson will write an estimate of what he expects it should cost. Supervisor Erdmann made a motion that Bob Erickson prepare the plan for the project taking care of drainage issues on the east and west sides of the road and an estimate for what he thinks the cost should be; ask Mr. Lloyd to present a cost and issue a bond for 1˝ times the total cost of the remedy; after that is accomplished the hold will be removed from building permits. An amendment was passed to the motion authorizing Lloyd and Craig to handle this for the board without having another meeting. The motion passed.

2007 Budget discussion:  Pat Spence reviewed her memo to the board. Craig feels we need to have a road plan before the annual meeting. The supervisors will get together on a morning this week or next week with Bob Erickson and conduct a road tour. They will bring back results for the next board meeting.


Other business included the announcement of the Annual Meeting and Election on the second Tuesday of March. The Board of Review Meeting was approved for May 2nd at 2:30pm at the Town Hall, as requested by Brian Koester. The Clerk gave the board a printed Annual Fire Report. She was asked to send a certified letter to the Mayor and Fire Chief of Rice saying we will send payment for the 3% increase on the balance of our contract for 2006 when they cash our check for the first half payment. It was sent to Rice on August 3rd with a letter of explanation, and the check has not been cashed. The motion passed. Supervisor Gondeck stated that there were no Fire Board meetings during the past year; the Clerk stated that she received the letter asking for a 12% increase the day of our annual meeting; the residents approved only a 3% increase according to our contract, since there was not a Fire Board meeting to approve the budget. A resident talked about illegal burning in her neighborhood. The clerk reported that Don Zieglmeier has not paid the $1,500 he owes the township. Lloyd authorized Craig to work out a payment plan with interest at 1˝ % per month. Craig attended the Economic Development Partnership meeting, where he reported there was an excellent presentation by Arctic Cat; they chose St. Cloud because of cooperation and partnership. 15 people will transfer here from Thief River Falls; and they will hire another 60 people. They also cited the good work ethic in the St. Cloud area. Rosie Johnson asked that the Chair not allow extra conversations going on in the audience at future meetings, as it is very distracting. The Chair agreed.


The meeting adjourned at 9:45pm for a tour of the new town hall.


                                                Respectfully submitted by Pat Spence, Clerk