Minutes of Special Watab Town Board Meeting

January 20, 2007



A special meeting of the Watab Town Board was held on Saturday, January 20, 2007 at 9am at the Twin Pines Restaurant for the purpose of resolving the road issue in Norway Pine Estates. Present at the meeting were the entire town board, Jay Lloyd, Jim Wensel, Paul and Shelly Jacobs, Greg Spiczka, Patrick Virnig, and Bob Erickson.


Chair Craig Gondeck called the meeting to order. Jay Lloyd has recently purchased three lots that are not eligible to receive building permits, because the road they are on has not been accepted as a town road due to poor design and improper drainage. He was not informed of the road issue when he purchased the lots. To resolve the issue, he is willing to pay for the necessary improvements to the road including culverts and reshaping of ditches. Bob Erickson stated that the design will comply with MS4 guidelines, and he reviewed the plans. There was a thorough discussion of the issues for the neighbors. They stated that Bill Surma has been hired to maintain and monitor their wastewater system. Jay Lloyd and the board assured the neighbors that there would be no cost to them for the road improvements. It will be paid by Mr. Lloyd.


It was noted that Noble Custom Homes has filed for a name change to Master Builders. The clerk was asked to send copies of correspondence with Noble Custom Homes on the road issue.


A motion was made by Supervisor Brad McIntosh and seconded by Supervisor Craig Gondeck that the township enter into an agreement with Jay Lloyd that places one and one half times the estimated cost of the improvements (a total of $25,000.00) in an escrow account, which will be a township savings account, so that building permits can be issued. The amount will be repaid to Jay Lloyd with interest earned once the road improvements are completed. The motion passed with Supervisor Lloyd Erdmann abstaining because of a possible perception of conflict of interest. (He has bid on the road construction work with Mr. Lloyd). The township will not be hiring the contractors.


Chair Gondeck informed the board that he has filed a complaint with Benton County Sheriff’s Department about garbage outside one of the mobile homes adjacent to Norway Pine Estates. There are several concerns and Craig suggested that the homeowners monitor the area.


The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted by

Pat Spence, Clerk