Watab Town Board Minutes

August 7, 2007

The regular monthly meeting of the Watab Town Board was called to order at 7pm on Tuesday, August 7, 2007 at the Watab Town Hall by Chair Craig Gondeck. Board members present were Chair Gondeck, Supervisor Lloyd Erdmann, Treasurer Eileen Saldana, and Clerk Pat Spence. Audience members present were Marlin and Marcia Johnson, Maureen Graber, Ed Kacures, Jim Hovda, Doug Boser, Ray Thompson, Ron Hommerding, Taunya Mastey and Bob Erickson.

Following the Pledge to the Flag, the Chair welcomed everyone. The Chair noted that Nancy Scott would not be present.  Supervisor Lloyd Erdmann made a motion, which was seconded by Chair Craig Gondeck, to approve the minutes of the July meeting. The motion passed. The Treasurer, Eileen Saldana, gave the monthly report, which was approved on motion by Chair Gondeck and second by Supervisor Erdmann.

Citizen’s Issues: Maureen Graber complimented the board on the parking lot completion. Jim Hovda, Secretary of the Little Rock Lake Association, suggested that we have a link to the LRLA website if we don’t already. He noted that Saturday’s meeting will be at the Rice Legion rather than Rumor’s. For Saturday’s History Day, the Rice Legion Color Guard is requesting a 5 minute time frame outside the building. Supervisor Erdmann asked what kind of flag the township should purchase. Jim suggested a polyester flag 5 X 8 feet in size.

Chair Gondeck reported the citizen’s complaints involving the township. At 15th Ave and 105th Street across from Saldana’s, Chair Gondeck wants a yield sign changed back to a stop sign. Supervisor Erdmann agreed. Ditch mowing on Plaziak Road has a big strip of grass in middle; Supervisor Erdmann will inform George Mastey. The brush needs to be cut County Road 55 and Frost Road; Supervisor Gondeck will cut it. Also, at 10390 Ferry Point there is a cement mailbox in the road right of way. Since the township is aware of it and allowing it, Chair Gondeck asked for permission to have the Clerk sending a letter asking it to be removed in 60 days. Otherwise, the township will remove it and charge the homeowner. Supervisor Erdmann agreed.  Chair Gondeck will work with the Clerk on it. Supervisor Erdmann moved, Supervisor Gondeck seconded his motion to act on all the complaints. Motion passed.

Motion was made by Chair Gondeck and seconded by Supervisor Erdmann to pay the monthly bills as presented plus one presented tonight by Ray Thompson; the motion passed.

Landscaping report by Supervisor Erdmann: the sprinkler system is partly installed, landscape rock is in, shrubs and sod will go in this week, and seeding will be done on the perimeter. Ron Hommerding asked about completion of the pond and said he will hold the check to George Mastey until the pond is finished. Ray Thompson asked about the completion date. Ron said it would be done within two weeks. All bills should be in on the town hall construction project by the September meeting. The building is warrantied for one year, which will begin in September.

MS4 progress report was given by Maureen Graber:  Pat Spence, Clerk, signed the contract with SEH as directed. The MPCA has additional requirements; Maureen and Paul Schwinghammer will be meeting with them on August 20th at 10:30am regarding outstanding issues. The Chair thanked her for her work on this. She will be given a key and pass code for the hall.

Road Mowing Report: George Mastey says he is 80 to 90% completed with the town road mowing. Supervisor Lloyd Erdmann said that the minimum maintenance road to Bogie’s home needs to be done, and he will check what other roads need to be mowed. Five to six hours should complete the work.  Clerk Spence read a note of appreciation on the road cutting from Geno Beniek on behalf of Sanbur Trail residents. Supervisor Erdmann made a motion authorizing up to six additional hours of road mowing, seconded by Chair Gondeck, and passed.

Rice Fire Board Meeting Report: Supervisor Gondeck said that the Rice City Council approved our amendment for receipt of billing information, so that we can proceed with our billing process; we should get information on the calls next month. Ed Kacures asked if we have to pay for Mr. Joe Janski to write the reports. It will be billed $15 per hour for a maximum of two hours, which is split by Langola and Watab Townships. The Clerk will use a standard billing form. Ed also asked about the possibility of Sauk Rapids Fire Dept. tapping into Lee Hanson’s fire hydrants. Lee Hanson has given approval to the Fire Chief. Supervisor Erdmann said that there is also a hydrant at the Pirates Cove development for fighting fires.

Well report: Supervisor Gondeck reported that the bacteria are cleared up at the town hall well. Supervisor Erdmann said that he dug up the well casing because it was too high and susceptible to winter freezing. It has been lowered 25 additional inches.

Road Work Report by Bob Erickson: There are three major road projects to be completed this summer:

1.       Plaziak Road low spot:  MTD had the low quote at $3440 and also the lowest hourly rates; Bob will control what equipment and hours are used; he recommends the board accept the quote from MTD excavating. A motion was made by Supervisor Erdmann and seconded by Supervisor Gondeck to approve the project be completed by MTD Excavating under the supervision of Bob Erickson. The motion passed. Total cost should be about $6,000.

2.      Bob recommended that MTD install a road access and culvert at $440 lump sum quote. The motion made by Supervisor Erdmann and seconded by Supervisor Gondeck to accept the quote by MTD and execute the job under the supervision of Bob Erickson passed.

3.      A T will be built off the side of the 81st Street turnaround for snow plows and garbage trucks. The low quote was received from MTD for $450. A motion was made by Supervisor Erdmann and second by Supervisor Gondeck to award MTD the job under Bob Erickson’s supervision; motion passed.

Road patching: Saldana Excavating submitted reasonable costs to do the township road patching, and Bob Erickson recommended that they be awarded the patching work. Supervisor Gondeck moved approval; it was seconded by Supervisor Erdmann and passed.

Bob Erickson reported that an Interchange at county road 4 is 30 to 40 years out in the future. There would be a ramp east of Seekers. Bob recommends that we work with the state to plan the road design going north so that it benefits the township. The Clerk read a memo from MNDoT describing their wishes. “We still support a limited access north-south collector road ? to 1 mile east of TH10 along County 4. If the collector is placed 1 mile east of TH 10, a backage road may be constructed between the collector and the proposed east interchange ramp with a minimum spacing of 800’ from the ramp intersection. A backage road would not eliminate the need for the collector. MnDOT will not cost participate in the construction of roadways within the land being developed, right-of-way acquisition, wetland mitigation costs or additional roadway costs for construction in poor soils. We look forward to working with you to develop a plan for a good roadway.” Dave Schwarting, MnDOT District 3. A meeting will be set up with the township, Ray Schlichting, and Lee Hanson.

New Business:

Supervisor Gondeck asked for permission to purchase folding tables for the town hall. A motion was made by Supervisor Erdmann, seconded by Supervisor Gondeck authorizing the purchase of the two tables and the motion passed.

Supervisor Craig Gondeck reported that he attended the County Board meeting earlier in the day. There was a great deal of discussion about Little Rock Lake issues. MPCA says that high nitrates are coming in Little Rock Lake. Duane Cekalla said that the state should take control because the problem goes outside Benton County lines. There is no quick fix. There are 400 lakes in MN with similar problems. We need to do more with checking our septic systems township wide. DNR and MPCA were very impressed with what the township is doing for developer agreements, MS4, etc.

Doug Boser asked if anyone is inspecting the Lake Andrew Development. The Township only has jurisdiction over the roads. He said there is an open well. Duffy Engineering should be contacted. The fire department is waiting to be contacted about water for fire fighting access. Bob Erickson will follow up.  Supervisor Gondeck will contact the fire department. The development is currently running in three-phase power.

The DNR & Design Team want to use the town hall for another meeting; there is a request to approve firearms training at the hall; permission was granted.

The Clerk read the monthly correspondence.

Meeting adjourned at 9pm.

                                                Respectfully submitted by Pat Spence, Clerk