Watab Township Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan:  Click Here to Read

Two photos taken by Maureen Graber of the stormwater pond site at the town hall. It is now a demonstration site for the Benton County Soil and Water Conservation District. Stop and take a look when you have time.
The SWPPP was approved on March 17, 2014 by Minnesota Pollution Control; Watab Township is a mandated small MS4.

Any resident or contractor doing construction in Watab Township must complete a questionnaire on whether or not the project requires a Land Disturbance Permit or must submit the Land Disturbance Permit Application. Watab Township is required to have an Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance by State Law and the Federal Clean Waters Act. All land disturbing activities are subject to the ordinance. 

How Does the Process Work?  Submit a completed Questionnaire and/or Land Disturbance Permit Application. The application includes a Site Plan that shows the Best Management Practices that will be used during construction for stormwater management. The township will review your application and contact you with any questions. Then the application will be approved, possibly with conditions. Notice of coverage is picked up by the permittee, and at this time the permit fee is paid if required. There is no permit fee for a single-family residence unless an acre or more of land is disturbed. However, a SWPPP plan must be approved for all single-family homes or projects that disturb more than one acre.

Where Do I Get a Questionnaire?  These are available at the Town Hall in the outside mailbox along with the building permits. No Building Permits will be issued without the completion of this questionnaire. If your project requires the Land Disturbance Permit, you will also need to have that approved by the township before the Building Permit is issued. The township has fifteen days for review and approval/denial of the Land Disturbance Permit Application.

Click each document below for the forms or further information:

​Ordinance 6:  An Ordinance to Meet Construction Site Erosion and Sediment Control and Post-Construction Stormwater Management Regulatory Requirements for Watab Township's MS4 General Permit MNR04000

Land Disturbance Questionnaire

Land Disturbance Permit Application                                        Example SWPPP Plan for Residential Site

Frequently Asked Questions:  Land Disturbance Permits

Residential Construction Requirements for Erosion and Sediment Control with Best Management Practice Guidance Manual

Land Disturbance Permit Notice of Termination/Permit Transfer Form

Land Disturbance Permit Termination/Transfer Fact Sheet

Contact Todd Waytashek for further information on any of the above information at 320-266-4909
or by email at watabwaytashek@qwestoffice.net
The 2016 Annual MS4 Report for Watab Township has been submitted to the MPCA. A copy of the report can be accessed by clicking here
​It is the duty of each of us to report substances that may cause pollution of waters in the State of Minnesota. Watab Township requests the cooperation of every resident to help identify potential or current water pollution issues. Please contact Watab Township at 320-255-8916. All contacts will be kept confidential. 
Also, you may get further information from the Benton County website.