Snow Removal Information

Watab Township has awarded the snowplowing contract to Marson Contractors, Inc.  For questions or concerns about snowplowing, call their office at 255-5506 or one of the township supervisors (Todd Waytashek at 266-4909; Julie Johnson at 248-5245 or Steve Wollak at 250-3628).


Watab Township would like to remind everyone, including private and commercial snow removal operators, that it is against state law to deposit snow, in any fashion, onto a public roadway.

Minnesota Statute 160.2715 prohibits the plowing, blowing, shoveling or otherwise placing of snow from sidewalks, driveways and parking lots onto public roadways.

The placement of snow on the roadway can cause unsafe conditions which contribute to motor vehicle or pedestrian accidents. It can also damage snow plowing equipment. Placement of snow from driveways onto ditch culverts will also cause freezing and water backup, which potentially causes road erosion.

If a violation of this statute is brought to the attention of the town board, the property owner will be notified by registered letter that the practice must be discontinued. If the practice continues and consequential damages result, the property owner will be assessed the cost of remediation.

We appreciate your cooperation in making our roads safe for everyone.

- Watab Township BoardDecember 1, 2011

Any complaints regarding the maintenance of Watab Township roads 
should be addressed to the Township Board Supervisors and NOT to the operators of maintenance equipment.  Supervisors will take care of any corrective measures that are deemed necessary.