Minutes for 2017 Meetings will be posted here in PDF format 
as they are approved by the Town Board

January Regular Meeting
Planning Meeting
Board of Audit
February Regular Meeting
February 28th Public Hearing
March Regular Meeting
March Annual Meeting
April Regular Meeting
April Board of Equalization
April Special Board Meeting on BNSF Proposal for 95th St Railroad Crossing
May Regular Meeting
May 9 Public Input on 85th Street
May 15 Emergency Services Committee
June Regular Meeting
June 13 Emergency Services Committee
June 27 Emergency Services Committee

July Regular Meeting
July 18 Emergency Services Committee
July 26 Special Meeting on 95th Street Easement
August 1 Regular Meeting
August 8 Emergency Services Committee 
August 8 Special Meeting
August 19 Emergency Services Committee Tour
August 21 Special Meeting
August 22 Special Meeting
August 29 Emergency Services Committee 
September 5 Regular Meeting
September 19 Emergency Services Committee
October 3 Regular Meeting
October 17 Emergency Services Committee
October 30 Emergency Services Committee
November Regular Meeting
November 14 9am Information Meeting
November 14 7pm Information Meeting
November 21 Mapping Meeting
December Regular Meeting
July Recessed Annual Meeting